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  1. It can be divided into the following four categories:

    1. Those who engage in construction work but do not have a certificate
    In the construction industry, there is such a group of people. Always promoted, and at the grassroots level or fixed positions, the time of time in the construction industry accounts for a lot of employees. The reason is that they do not have professional certificates in their hands. The starting point certificate -there is no qualification certificate for the secondary construction division, which greatly limits their re -position development and laid a hidden danger for their work. After all, it is engaged in this industry without a certificate. "I have no license." These people must obtain a second -level builder certificate as soon as possible to give their career more room for development.
    2. Those who have the intention to change jobs and switch to the construction industry
    The development of society for a long time, and as long as the society is developing, the construction industry will not decline. For this reason, many other industry workers are aware of it. The sustainability of the construction industry has a intention to change jobs.
    The people must pass the second -level builder. Because the Second Certificate is a must -have and a stepping stalls in the construction industry, especially friends with relevant work experience, this is your only weight.
    3. College students who have just graduated engineering related majors
    . As a college student graduated from engineering -related majors, when they just graduated into the construction industry, they not only have the leadership of the old predecessors, but also maintain a more active study. Willing, this time is the most suitable for obtaining the second construction certificate. Besides, just entered an industry, a piece of white paper is waiting for you to wave. At this time, you do n’t consider when you will wait for the future. Get a certificate of early super -older.
    4. Update building knowledge and want to continuously improve them
    This construction policy changes, friends who are in the architectural circle must have a deep understanding. The Siku One Platform, the scope of practice, the social security certificate, etc. Only people who continue to learn and update the knowledge system can keep up with the era and maintain leading advantages. Test two is also a good choice. On the one hand, it urges yourself to learn, and on the one hand, understanding industry trends.

  2. Reasons 1: The employment prospects of the first and second -level construction divisions will be better and better
    In data according to data: there are more than 100,000 construction enterprises in my country, more than 36 million employees, and the construction of such huge teams There are only about hundreds of thousands of builders of the qualification certificate of the division. They are far from keeping the market demand and are still in short supply. At the moment, the employment prospects of the builder will get better and better, the market value will become higher and higher, and the future development of the construction industry will be inseparable from the majority of builders. Of course, it is undeniable that the new policy has come out. Since the beginning of the year, the blowout status of the builder's needs may be cooled temporarily, but it will slowly show its value. Because the prospects of the first and secondary builders are still very good.
    Reason 2: The implementation of the new version of the qualification standards, the demand for the construction artist increases
    The Ministry of Housing and Urban -Rural Development will implement the "Qualification Standards for Construction Enterprises" from January 1, 2015, re -interpreted the construction engineering project in the construction enterprise qualifications The project manager, that is, the role of the builder in it, and use the number of builders to evaluate the qualification standards of construction enterprises. Therefore, the demand for the builder is still very short.
    Reasons 3: The construction industry has huge development potential. The market space in the construction industry is huge
    The domestic infrastructure investment will continue to maintain a high level, and the demand for complementary internal and external complementary needs. The construction of new urbanization is accelerated. It is expected that to the end of the "Twelfth Five -Year Plan", my country's urbanization rate will exceed 51%. The rapid development of urbanization, the urban population has increased sharply, and urban transportation construction will become a major task of China's development in the next few years. China's urbanization is in the stage of accelerated development. During the longer period of the future, the level of urbanization will still maintain a higher growth rate. While promoting urban transportation construction, urban municipal construction will definitely enter a new round of outbreak. The construction of various public facilities and careers such as urban roads, drainage, and bridges will require a large number of talents. This will inevitably create more employment opportunities for the construction, design, decoration, and management of the Chinese construction industry.
    Reason 4: The income of the construction division is very considerable

  3. All construction enterprises need
    The secondary construction engineers are professional. Construction engineering, highway engineering, water conservancy and hydropower engineering, municipal public engineering, mining engineering and mechanical and electrical engineering
    Building and construction enterprises need to build a professional construction engineer.
    The highway construction enterprise requires highway professional builders. Municipal engineering companies need municipal builders. Project managers and technical leaders generally need to have a construction aurora.

  4. The construction division certificate is the qualification certificate of the construction industry. After having a construction engineer certificate, you can serve as the construction of construction project construction managers, can engage in a series of construction activities such as roads and houses, and engage in laws!
    The hand -to -hand, I hope to help you!

  5. Project manager engaged in engineering projects.
    The construction division certificate is an access certificate for engineering project managers. If you want to undertake the engineering project, you must hold the construction division certificate, while other occupations do not require the certificate.

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