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  1. Give you a template for reference

    Ip work summary

    In 20xx, I am a safety officer at the construction site, and I am fully responsible for the safety management work in front of the project department. Looking back at 20xx in 20xx Although there are some achievements in the work of the year, there are some shortcomings. Now I will make a brief summary of the work of 20xx:

    . In terms of ideology

    in daily life in daily life During the work, I always insist that the spirit of security documents issued by the company as my own guide. Finally, the safety work is finally the first place. The action is strictly implemented in accordance with the relevant safety production regulations and regulations, fulfilling the responsibilities and obligations of a security officer, and participating in the regular safety production coordination meeting held by the project department on time. In addition, in addition to leisure, study related safety production materials through the Internet, collect various security cases, and strive to improve their level and business. Resolutely obey the arrangement of the project manager at work and do all the work. On major issues, adhere to principles, distinguish between right and wrong, and perform the duties of a security officer better.

    . In terms of work

    In full implementation of the spirit and requirements of the superior door documents, take the creation of work as a deed
    , and implement special rectification as a channel. There have been obvious improvements in the construction of security and civilization.
    It reviewed the work over the past few years, mainly the following aspects:

    1. Strengthen the organization and leadership, do a good job of preventing early prevention in advance. We will start from improving the responsibility system for safety production, implementing safety production, civilized workers
    work responsibility, clear goals and strong measures, and timely analysis of problems existing in safety production and civilization construction, and communicate and coordinate to make management make management The intensity has been strengthened; on the other hand, all the managers of the project department and the construction team have formed a management system for interoperability. In addition, the project manager and group company attach great importance to production safety. Pay close attention to.

    2. Increased publicity and publicity, enhance safety awareness In order to effectively enhance the safety production and civilized construction awareness of all employees, according to the actual situation of our construction site, we regularly carried out the "Safety Production Coordination Association "Inspection of safety and civilization construction"
    and other special meetings, and actively use slogans, banners, blackboard newspapers and other methods to vigorously publicize the production of safety production slogans and civilized construction awards. Workers in the construction of the field must pass the third -level education of production safety to ensure that special operators must hold their certificates, strive to improve the ability of workers to self -defense and self -rescue, and continuously increase safety production and education. Essence

    3, carry out special inspections to eliminate quality and safety hazards. Since this year, while strengthening the daily supervision and management work, we carried out special inspections on Sunday safety production and civilized construction every Sunday. On Monday morning safety conferences, in the summer prevention and fire prevention measures in summer, the project department actively arranged for duty personnel. Carefully carry out self -examination and self -correction, and find that hidden dangers are eliminated immediately. The follow -up and inspection of the implementation of the rectification of each construction team, and strived to eliminate the hidden dangers of the accident in the bud.

    4. Increase the management of workers 'dormitory and improve the environment of workers' dormitory. Due to the difficulty of management and safety hazards of workers 'dormitory, our project department has worked hard in dormitory management. Workers' dormitories generally have poor dormitory sanitary environment. The electric wires are chaotic and privately used in illegal electrical appliances such as rice cookers and electric furnaces. In order to overcome the above problems, the project department has conducted multiple inspections to increase the management of work dormitory, and requires the construction team to send a special person to clean the public areas of the living area every day, take dynamic management methods for the hygiene of workers' dormitory, and conduct irregular dormitory hygiene inspections , And specifically allocate responsibilities on each team. After multiple inspections and rectifications, the dormitory situation has been greatly improved. We will continue to increase the management of workers' dormitories, manage the dormitory of the workers, and create a good living environment for workers.

    . The insufficient existence at work and the direction of future efforts

    in 20xx, although I am dedicated in my work and earnestly fulfill my duties within my own division of labor. The land has completed the tasks arranged by the leadership, but there are also the following shortcomings, mainly:

    1. problems existing in safety production and civilization construction: some safety materials are incomplete; materials at the construction site are relatively stacked in the construction site. Confinement;
    The electric chaos at the construction site; the supervision of the construction site is not strict, the standard is not high, only the request can be found, and the hidden safety hazards are buried;

    2. In normal work, the enthusiasm of professional knowledge learning is insufficient, and the content of related drawings, documents, construction measures is incomplete and understands;

    3, the work of work is insufficient, and often occur on small issues on a small problem. Essence The 20xx year is about to end. Although this year, I did some work in terms of safety production and civilized construction management, achieved certain results, and accumulated some experience, but there are still many problems. With
    2015 The arrival of the year, I will definitely strengthen targeted measures, open up work ideas, innovate management models, summarize the insufficient foundation of experience, highlight the implementation, and strive to achieve better work in future work.

  2. 1. Summary of the construction of the safety production system
    The implementation of the safety production responsibility system of the project department, the signing of the safety production responsibility letter, the formulation and modification of the production safety management system and operating procedures.
    2. The development of the safety education training work
    It to write the development of safety training and education, you must use data to speak. Not only can it be clear at a glance, but also make the work summary more convincing.
    For example: the total training of XX in the whole year, the cumulative number of trainers XXX people, the admission education training rate reaches 100%; of which XXX special education XX times and XXXXX special education XX, which truly achieves all safety education staff.

    3. Explain the status of safety inspection and hidden danger inspection

    The safety inspection and hidden danger inspection and governance is an important task for our security members. It is important to reflect the work summary.
    4. Summary of safety activities
    A safety activities are an important activity for construction units throughout the year.
    5. Substance safety input costs
    This production expenses are funds invested in order to ensure safety production. When summarizing the work, the safety officer can mention it.
    6. Future plan, improvement measures solution
    The purpose of work summary is to better work in the future. Therefore You make suggestions to facilitate better work.

  3. Time passed, and my three -month trial period was over in a blink of an eye. This is a precious experience in my life, and I have left a deep memory for me. During this time, the leaders gave me enough tolerance, support and help to me, so that I fully felt their "Hainan Baichuan" minds, and felt that the engineer "how can you see the rainbow" of the engineer "how can you see the rainbow" and experience it. In the difficult and firmness of the engineer as a pioneer. While respecting them, I was surprised to have the opportunity to become a part of the engineering industry.
    Is when I first came to the company, although I graduated from civil engineering, I did not have the actual contact engineering industry, so I do n’t know much about construction, because the theoretical knowledge and actual work have a lot of great work in actual work. Differences, so how to actually understand the meaning of the project during the probation period, understand the specific steps of construction, and pay attention to various matters, how to deal with various personnel engaged in the project has become my top priority.
    . As soon as I arrived at the construction site, I felt very confused. I don't know how to start and where to do it. Under the guidance of the project manager and the construction supervisor, I slowly knew what I should do and what I can do. Here I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the leaders and colleagues who helped me. I have summarized my personal work as follows:
    1. I have met all the leaders and the staff of each construction team. I have positive contact with them. In the project, I know the specific construction steps of these projects.
    2. After the efforts of my daily construction site, I understand the matters that should be paid attention to in the construction of the project (such as the precautions such as reinforcement and pouring concrete). Materials and so on
    . Because I usually help do some information, I am familiar with the general working procedures of the data staff, work content, and cultivating a careful and serious work attitude. At the same time, I also exposed to knowledge in budget and settlement, and I will strive to be able to deal with these problems independently.
    4. On the construction site, I not only learned the knowledge of civil construction. I also have a certain understanding of the knowledge of interior decoration, hydropower installation, etc. I can successfully operate the operator and the whole station instruments, which can independently calculate the amount of engineering for the construction team.
    6. Other aspects, I met many friends and colleagues when I came to Jiuzhai construction site. I will ask them some work -related knowledge after leisure. Although sometimes I can not get satisfactory answers, I think I think Getting along well with them, I will try my best to help them if they need it.
    7. I also have many shortcomings in my work. For example, sometimes it is not enough to take the initiative. Since this project just contacts this project, it is not very complete for some details. Better
    The above is the achievements and deficiencies I have achieved in the past three months, but I know that there is still a big difference between the requirements of the company and the leader. In the future work, I will work harder The company and leaders are satisfied. In the usual free time I will review theoretical and cultural knowledge, and strive to get the relevant qualification certificates such as the construction engineer earlier. I believe that the theory and practice will definitely make me successful. I will fully play my personal director and contribute to the company, thank you!

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