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  1. 1. Operation of stores
    It is understood that because of the particularity of the lighting industry, a lighting industry operator often needs two stores to combine, so you must control the early investment of the store. In this way, the price can be lowered, so that the investment in the store when building a store can be greatly reduced.
    In the rural lighting shop, the sales positioning must be accurate. It cannot be positioned too high, because it is determined according to the consumption level of rural areas.
    . Site
    Like investing in other businesses, the location of the lighting shop is the key. The business of the lighting store is very important, but it is not as good as the people like a clothing store, because consumers will go to a relatively concentrated place when the lighting shop is needed when the light is needed, not shopping, not shopping. I bought. Therefore, the location should be targeted and open the store in a densely intensive place. Although the competition is large, it can also ensure sufficient source of customers.
    . The choice of supply
    . After the market reshuffle in previous years, the operation of the lamp market has formed a relatively stable pattern. For novices who have just started to operate lamps stores, in order to break through in fierce market competition, we must be good at finding "blank dots" in the market. Products, you should take a shot. "Like the currently hot LED light, there are
    'green health lamps', 'oxygen bar lamp' and other new concept lamps. In retail stores, there must be one or two brands to attract consumers in the early stage. Good brands can not only drive the sales of other products, but also increase popularity. If you want to worry more, you can also choose to be a specialty store for a manufacturer. "The staff said that the more expensive the lamps are operating in the county seat, the higher the profit, but the price is too high, and the sales volume will go down.
    . The operation method
    A generally considers the personal demand. And strength. The advantage of agency joining is simple, but the threshold is high and the price is more expensive. Generally, large brands invest in 100,000. Small brands are cheap, but it does not have any effect. The benefits of their own purchase lies in their flexibility. You can freely grasp the business products and intensity, and facilitate the adjustment of the market, but the operation is cumbersome.
    . The store decoration
    is the saying goes
    "people rely on clothes". In different environments and different colors, the visual effects will be completely different. If the background color of the store decoration is too close to the color of the light, it looks like the lights and the background are mixed. The beauty of the light itself is greatly reduced. On the contrary, the exquisite and ingenious store design can fully reflect the characteristics of the lights itself, make it more perfect, and achieve the effect of complementary and icing on the cake.
    The height of the ceiling should not be less than 2.8 meters; (2) the decoration of the store should not be too bright, do not have too much natural light; (3) the installation position of the lamps on the ceiling and wall surface should be fully considered; (4) the decoration color should be There is a main color, no more than 2 types of supplement. The color is too much and too complicated to play a negative effect of the noise; (5) the layout of the store should be reasonable. Occupy a significant position, other products are done around them, using a few small lights with corners and column surfaces.
    6. Intimate services to retain customers
    everyone knows that if you want to help you linery you It is not difficult, but it is not easy for this person to help you. So in the lighting industry, if you can turn disposable consumers into a return customer, and make him a living advertisement, introduce relatives and friends around you. Help you, this is very successful. Chinese franchise is the first school club

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