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  1. The Chinese name of SQE is the supplier quality engineer, which may belong to the Ministry of Quality and may also belong to the procurement department.
    The normal factory, a small factory must have the Quality Department, and the Quality Department manager is a very important post. He has a quality management team facing the supplier, called the supplier quality engineer (SQE- ENGINEER) It belongs to a small branch of the factory quality department, which is the most primitive SQE. SQE's leadership is called SQM, and it can also be concurrently appointed by the Quality Department manager.
    , the supplier quality engineer, there is a fixed "supplier" in front, yes. So, who is the main thing about management suppliers? By the way, the purchase department. Therefore, the procurement department also has SQE. We will see in large companies that, in the inside of the procurement department, in addition to Source and the two small departments, there are third ministers, and they are the SQE team of the procurement department. The quality team in the procurement department also has a leader, called the supplier quality manager, referred to as SQM for short. In fact, the quality of the supplier quality in the quality department of the factory, also known as SQM.
    Therefore, when you encounter the position of SQE or SQM, you still ask each other directly. It is a procurement department or a manufacturing department.

  2. Supply of commodity quality engineers.
    QE is the supply of quality engineers of commodities. Its job responsibilities are responsible for the quality review and counseling of the supplier on -site. Responsible for the performance assessment of the supplier and annual review. Responsible for the supplier's quality abnormal tracking treatment. Carry out special quality improvement work, formulate quality and technical regulations and supervise implementation. Research and develop inspection technology, inspection methods, and inspection instruments and equipment.
    SQE's recruitment requires that age is over 18 years old and college degree or above. Have related work experience of supplier management and quality management. Have good communication ability and problem analysis and solution ability.

  3. I don’t know, I just sit on the SQE, there are all good or bad, I hope that the experts who understand it, point out one or two

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