Why do people say that food packaging bags can be recycled, but some people say it is other garbage?

5 thoughts on “Why do people say that food packaging bags can be recycled, but some people say it is other garbage?”

  1. Hello, as a PE film manufacturer, it has been 30 years in the packaging industry, which can answer this question well.

    The food packaging bags are generally made of plastic. The key to recycling lies in the material of this kind of plastic. There are some recyclables. Other garbage that cannot be recycled. Take me as an example. The latest environmentally friendly packaging PE film is a composite structure of a single material. It truly realizes the recovery rate of 100%. Pollution, real recyclable packaging.
    This summary: At present, there are many kinds of food packaging bags on the market. Whether it can be recycled is made by what materials it is, and non -recycling is also classified as harmful garbage or other garbage.
    The hope to help you, hope to adopt.

  2. If the packaging bag is a degradable material, such as degradable plastic or paper, it is recyclable.
    If the packaging bag is ordinary, non -degraded plastic, it is other non -recyclable other garbage.

  3. Some food packaging can be recycled, and part of the part cannot be recycled.
    In January 2020, "Opinions on Further Strengthening Plastic Pollution Governance" in January 2020, if you involve a few products, you must pay attention:
    Buk of plastic products that are prohibited from production and sales
    prohibited production prohibited production prohibited production And the ultra -thin plastic shopping bag with a thickness of less than 0.025 mm and a polyethylene agricultural film with a thickness of less than 0.01 mm. It is forbidden to manufacture plastic products with medical waste. Fully prohibit waste plastic imports. By the end of 2020, the production and sales of disposable foam plastic tableware and disposable plastic cotton swabs are prohibited; daily chemical products containing micro -beads are prohibited. By the end of 2022, the sale of daily chemical products containing micro -beads.

  4. Food safety common sense

    . The problem of food safety should be paid attention to in middle school students

    . Buy in a regular store, do not buy the "three -none" food around the campus and streets.

    . Buy foods produced by regular manufacturers, try to choose brands with better credibility.

    . Check the product label carefully. The food label must be marked: product name, ingredient table, net content,
    factory name, factory address, shelf life, product standard number, etc. Do not buy products with irregular labels.

    . Whether food is suitable for yourself.

    . Do not blindly follow the advertisement. The publicity of advertising does not represent science and is a manifestation of the interests of merchants.

    . How to distinguish the shelf life and preservation period of food

    (best edible period)
    R n The duration of the quality
    , food can still be eaten within a certain period of time.

    The savings period (recommended last consumption date) is the expected termination of consumption
    during the storage conditions indicated by the indicator signed, and it is not suitable for food that exceeds the stored period.

    . How to properly buy drinks

    . It is necessary to see the label marking,
    logo, production date, quality shelf life, factory name, factory address, etc.,
    whether the ingredients in the ingredient table meet the standards of such beverages.

    . Choose the recent products that are produced. When buying carbonated drinks, try to choose products that are produced in the near future
    and are hard and difficult to deform.

    The purchase of drinks varies from person to person.
    The fruit juice drink has a certain nutritional component,
    is suitable for young
    years of drinking and children, but not drinking or drinking a lot of time for a long time.

    . What should I pay attention to when drinking milk?

    The frequently drinking milk is conducive to bone growth and development, and it has a positive promotion to improving physical fitness
    . However, if you do n’t drink it correctly, it will have a adverse effect on the body. Therefore, drinking milk
    News pay attention to the following aspects.

    . Not everyone is suitable for drinking milk. "Patients with lactose are not resistant, milk allergies, cholecystitis and pancreatic
    In patients with adenitis should not drink milk"
    In different lipids,
    The milk is divided into three types: whole fat,
    half -dehydration,
    Squal milk contains all the ingredients of milk, Suitable for children to drink.

    The milk cannot be drunk as water.
    The milk contains a lot of water,
    but because it is a high -peroxide drink,
    drinks too much or drink too much when sweating or excessive water loss, which can easily cause dehydration.

    . Drink milk in moderation. "Drinking milk normally will not cause excessive protein."
    The child for children and youth development

    . Milk should drink warm, and it should not be boiled. After boiling, the milk protein will be transformed from a high temperature effect by high temperature. Nutritional value is reduced.

    Finally, grasp the "timing" of drinking milk. "Don't drink milk on an empty stomach, don't drink cow
    milk with tea", drink milk in the morning, you should eat some starch -rich grain foods at the same time.

    five, ten "garbage" food and its harm

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