Is it suitable for boys to do tattoo?

With the development of the times, people's views on traditional craftsmanship are becoming more and more indifferent, and tattoo in China is suitable for women.

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  1. Love beauty is the common characteristic of everyone. Does anyone have never opposed love? Today with high -speed development. The tattoo artist has become an irreplaceable occupation. Boys actually have a unique feeling for beauty. Boys can also create more beauties. Boys are not difficult to learn tattoo. Even more advantages than girls. Because boys' thinking is rigorous. Strong logic. Cognitive and creativity are unique. How to show women's charm and special resolution. It can be seen that boys are more suitable for learning contact. Boys' maintenance is a very good way out. The future is even wider than girls. If you really have ideas, you must have the courage to learn tattoo. Take out men's spirit. Don't hesitate as girls. Such an indecisive person can easily lose their direction. So miss a lot of opportunities for development.

  2. Men's eyebrows, it sounds obedient, is it a bit of a girl's gun? This is the first impression of many people, and makeup and nails are even more abandoned. People look down on, but they become more sunny by making tattoos, so they must be said.
    Eyebrows represent a person's energy and temperament. This is the same whether men and women are the same. Good -looking eyebrows can better reflect a person's good temperament cultivation, and more sunny, let others make others more sunny, let others make others more sunny. When I saw it, I felt very comfortable, and on the contrary, the eyebrows of a person were messy, and others looked very uncomfortable. The nineteenth mandarin tattoo artist took you to find out what benefits for men's eyebrows.
    The eyebrow shape suitable for men
    The face shape is suitable for flat eyebrows
    The eyebrow shape of flat eyebrows is relatively large, belonging to the natural and straight shape, Without edges, it is very suitable for many men with long faces.
    The face shape is suitable for sword eyebrows
    The so -called sword eyebrows are eyebrows, the angle is relatively obvious, the end of the eyebrows is in the direction of the horns, and the combination of men with a round face shape and flat -faced man. Not so rounded, it will look more comfortable.
    The face shape is ellipse or rounded, suitable for edges and corners
    The eyebrow peaks are relatively prominent, but there is no obvious rising. It feels that the face is an oval or round man, which is appropriate.
    What are the benefits of men's eyebrows
    Eyebrows are like hair, a messy appearance, others look uncomfortable, and they will feel uncomfortable, and the eyebrows are delicate. Others will be better to you, and it will be more handy to do things.
    This eyebrows are ready, and you will feel refreshing and comfortable, more confident, and more imposing, a person who is dressed and a person who is not very dressed. It is self -evident that if you want to get the favor of the opposite sex, this is a real bonus project.

  3. In recent years, the tattoo industry has been very popular, and the prospects are very optimistic. Many people want to join this industry and share a share. But as boys, because I almost did not see boys doing this line, they felt that they were generally girls who were engaged in the tattoo industry. Few boys learned the embroidered eyebrows and the like. So this question: Can boys learn tattoo?

    The problem does not have to be tangled at all. There is no division of men and women at all, but there are more women practitioners. We see that in today's popular fashion world, most of them are men. What we don't know is that there are many special tattoo studios in first -tier cities, which are all carried out by men. No matter how limited to gender issues, and becoming a ability that everyone must have. Therefore, boys can learn tattoo.

    can boys learn tattoo

    The advantages of boys to learn tattoo: boys actually have a unique feeling for beauty, and boys are easier to grasp and shape more Beauty. Boys' rigorous thinking, strong logic, cognitive and creation can have a unique nature, and have a special resolution of how to show the charm of women. From this we can see that boys are more suitable for learning tattoo.

    This Prospects for learning tattooing: There are many specialty tattoo studios in first -tier cities, all of which are carried out by men. And generally a tattoo project charges ranging from hundreds to thousands of, and there are dozens of technical tattoo artists who are free people in various markets. If the income of old -fashioned embroiders with more than 5 years of experience is generally between 5,000 and 30,000 yuan, and work hours are free. Isn't such a market and short and fast project, isn't it the profit of tattooing?

    has said so much, have you let go of your concerns and prepare to devote himself to the tattoo industry. In fact, no matter boys and girls, it is the key to learning skills, so it is also important to choose a tattoo training course that suits you.

  4. For many people, tattoo is a woman's patent, and many tattoo artists are also women. So, do you have no men to do tattoo artists? Of course, most men in this industry do better than women.

    Of course, things are rare. Although men do tattoo artists, most of the tattoo elite talents I have seen are men. In the current tattoo market, there are more and more male tattoo artists. In fact, compared to women, men have more advantages in the tattoo industry, and men are more suitable for tattoo than women.

    Why do you say that? Because men give people a sense of stable and reliable, they will learn faster for professional learning. And women want to be appreciated by men, so men's tattoos can capture this.
    mir with heterosexual vision to make customers more confident. For the times, the times have changed, and new technologies and new techniques are innovative by men. No matter what industry is no longer a gender profession. And now the tattoo agencies are more willing to find a male tattooist to do tattoo, so it is a very correct choice for men to make tattoos now.

  5. As a men's tattooist, do your relatives and friends support your career?
    As long as you do one thing seriously, my family will support it. My mother is in her hometown, and her life is bland. I want to start a business through tattooing to give my family better living conditions. But my friends around me asked why a boy was engaged in the tattoo industry. In fact, I think the hair stylist, makeup artist, and many are boys. Why can't boys be tattooists? My family will naturally be proud of me!
    What industries did you have been engaged in, will you develop in the tattoo industry in the future?
    I. I used to open a nail shop before, and now the nail shop has transformed it to open tattoo and nails comprehensive shops, because I think the nails are too single, and the customer group is relatively low -end. I am now in Yuexiu District, Guangzhou After renting a store, we are renovating, and it will be opened for a while. Hey, what name is good for me to help me want to get on the store?

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