2 thoughts on “Is Shanghai logistics recruitment information reliable?”

  1. Can't generalize. Some are true. However, some recruitment fraud information illegally collects the money of job seekers under the guise of logistics. (There are also illegal collection under the guise of other industries.)
    The teach you a simple recruitment, for example, we see on the website: Shanghai XX logistics company recruits Ten thousand! There must be fraud. You don't want to think about, how much value you can bring to this company first? Do you really think you can pick up money? right? Instead, the salary of 5,000 or within is that it is more real and is in line with the logistics industry.
    The method of identifying is to search for the "Shanghai XX Logistics Company" you searched in Baidu to see how? If you are all recruitment information, (there is no other job introduction.) I advise you not to go, why? Because the post he posted is mainly recruitment, specializing in some young people who have no experience and simply hook. Do you understand?
    It, some logistics recruitment information is real, and wages will not be too "surprising". You can search for his company's company webpage to look at the size of the company, the development of business, the company's address, and so on.
    Remember: In a regular logistics company, your work ability determines your salary. It is completely possible!
    I wish you good luck! Intersection Intersection

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