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  1. Auto sales skills and words I. Introduction and display
    Introduction and display are a very important stage. Because of the two stages in the previous, on the one hand, making friends, on the other hand, understanding the other party's needs and expectations. At this time, the salesperson must decide what method, process, and methods of displaying the car to truly move each other's heart.
    This is a result of a diagnosis. Sophisticated salesperson may use a different set of introductions and display methods for each different quasi -customers. At least, the focus of introduction and display cannot be the same.
    The personalization and display of the personalization
    The customer customers who go to the exhibition hall, regardless of his identity and role, are a separate individual. He has a special personality, preferences, shopping habits, and even a person's tone, tone, gesture, and clothing exudes special purchase guidelines or signals. Experienced salesperson will use these characteristics to handle this critical contact process in different ways, attitudes, and methods.
    The method of introduction and display
    Introduction and display focus: performance and convenience; comfort and enjoyment; economy and money saving; status and identity; quality and safety.
    During the process, try to avoid the terms of too many automotive industries, unless the other party is an expert; try to explain the characteristics of equipment, performance, and parts through use, benefits, convenience, and benefits. The best way to make customers experience itself.
    The introduction and display of the precautions
    recognized the needs and expectations of customers; pay attention to the experience of perception; the atmosphere and customer participation are important; pay attention to the understanding of customers; give customers the time of digestion information; right The environment and the opponent's response are sensitive.
    Introduction to display conclusion
    The introduction in the process of automobile marketing is an important link. Your display should not only tell customers what your product is, how, but also tell your customers. Your product can be Meet his needs.
    The customers who buy a car are not just to buy a car, especially when the car is high. You can't make yourself a car expert too much, which will hurt customers; you can't perform ignorance than customers, otherwise you can't sell the car.
    . Test driving test ride
    Theoretically, test drive is the best way. In some developed countries, even allowed customers to take the car home to test the car. Return to the company because the only experience of driving the car is the best persuasion. A small journey is about 15 minutes to 30 minutes. Driven by quasi -customers. The test drive explained by the sales staff is the most common (only the sales staff drove, and the quasi -customers observe the test.)
    In the premise of the relatively lack of consumer awareness and loyalty for car brands, almost all car dealers will test drive as a daily and important marketing project. This can also be called a dynamic marketing. It has given personality to the cold machine of the car, allowing car culture to spread in the interaction of human car.
    The Chinese auto companies today use test drive as a eye -catching gimmick, and also talk about special test drives without promoting car marketing. In fact, this is the problem of positioning itself, and the second is that their so -called test drive and marketing test driving are not the same concept.
    The test driving on marketing means that after completing a series of marketing steps, it has not achieved substantial progress, or whether the customer's purchase and certain doubts have not completely dispeld it. The problem, which contributes the success of marketing. And some dealers only use the test drive as a slogan, and customers who have not communicated at all are used as a test drive to produce sales. This is just imaginative, and it is also misunderstanding and misuse of test drive.
    The test driving test
    does not encourage this method. In the following situations, it is best to avoid test drive or test drive: This is when the customer was fully persuaded when he was introduced and displayed, decided to buy, and did not put forward this requirement; because this is to avoid extinct branches.
    . Financial services
    I financial services for automobile financial services are financial activities that integrate funds in the production, circulation and consumption links of automobiles, mainly include fundraising, credit use, mortgage discounting, securities issuance and transactions, and related related Insurance, investment activities. From a global perspective, 70%of private car sales are through financing, and 30%are cash purchases. The proportion of car purchase by the United States accounted for 80%-85%, 70%in Germany, and India 60%-70%. my country's auto financial services lag far behind developed countries.
    It this article discusses car marketing, which mainly discusses the competitiveness of financial services in automobile consumption. Now simply discuss from two aspects:
    The financial services for car purchase
    It in the advanced purchase environment, the more important financial services are. Especially the company's commercial vehicle, or the self -employed vehicle, good financial services can win the confidence of customers and reach transactions. There are generally three aspects:
    The understanding of customers 'financial status
    The understanding of customers' financial status and borrowing needs, and making reasonable arrangements and help for customers. At the same time, understanding customers also include previous lending or leasing experience.
    Introduction to various financial services
    The introduce customers to the current various financial lending, installment payment, and lease content and pros and disadvantages for the other party for choice.
    The financial services
    The expenses and installment methods for projects such as boarding, road taxes, road taxes, insurance and other projects.
    The new service
    used cars have become more and more concerned. Some car dealers also launched the new business of the car without dismissive. The old -fashioned service can reduce the pressure of customers when purchasing the new car and strengthen his good impression of sales staff. Used to change the new business to strengthen the competitive advantage:
    The customer participation
    During the valuation process, let the owner participate in the whole process, and let him familiarize the content of the second -hand car price reference manual.
    Evaluation service
    Themids assessment, functional testing and test drive by the technicians of our factory.
    Reasonable recommendations
    Themaker provides opinions about the function or part of the urgent need of maintenance.
    The perfect valuation
    It a complete valuation form. The general reference price, the actual actual price of the car, and the adjustment of the number of driving, record it completely, immediately make a decision on the purchase price of the used car and notify the customer.
    The auto finance service conclusion
    automotive financial services have become a pillar of the automotive industry internationally, but China's auto financial services are still childhood. Regardless of laws and regulations, or lack of practical experience. And a series of cheating cars and fraudulent loans have made the weak automotive financial service market worse.
    The second -hand car business is even more chaotic. It is really difficult to make the business "full". The incomplete legal and policies, the incomplete market development, and the incomplete car talents have all performed in the second -hand car market.
    4. Objection treatment
    The objection processing is the process of fully answering customer questions and dissatisfaction. In the process of deciding, customers generally raise objections. If you cannot handle the objection to satisfy the customer, it will be difficult to achieve sales.
    Why do customers raise objections?
    is the customer's dissatisfaction product, brand, dealer, sales staff service attitude, etc.;
    Explain that guarantee or manufacturer's guarantee does not trust;
    The tentative sales staff to confirm whether it is deceived;
    The excuses for bargaining;
    Unintentional purchase;
    other reasons.
    On how to cope with the customer's objection?
    The method of cope with general objections: first identify the real content of the objection, and separate the motivation of the objection: find out the differences and eliminate doubts and misunderstandings; then make an explanation of explanation , Persects to achieve consensus.
    The contentment of the argument
    does not resolve the objection raised by the customer, and Gu Zuo said that he will not get the result of the sales. The content of the customer's objection is generally unilateral, and you don't need to turn a big bend to solve it. Therefore, the objection to the customer must be straightforward, instead of the corner of the corner that a lot of customers do not want to listen.
    C determination of the motivation of objection
    The customer has objections to the product. He does not have a certain purpose, but may not be a problem with the product or the seller himself. Only by distinguishing the motivation of customer objection can you do targeted work and deal with and solve their objection. The objection may be an excuse, a complaint, a opinion that may be reserved, the means of bargaining, or it may be a real opposition.
    If the customer's objection is an excuse for buying, then you should deeply do not buy the customer, instead of staying on the processing and explanation of the objection.
    If the customer's objection is complaining, then you must think about what the customer wants. At this time, the complaints are often not the problem of the product itself, but the service itself you and customers can feel.
    If the customer's objection is to retain opinions, you better communicate more with the customer.
    If the customer's complaint is a means of bargaining, then you must grasp the bottom line of both parties. You can only make customers feel that in this round of negotiations to win, and you are actually successful, this is the best way.
    If the customer's complaint is really opposition, then you only use your sincerity and product essence and service to move him. Sales staff often spoke their products into the ceiling, and at the same time, the opponent is vulnerable. Once such a person is hit by a customer, it will be chaotic, and then fight with the customer. As a result, the customer is Run.
    In the differences between the two parties
    The so -called differences are that the customer does not admit that what you say is true or correct.
    First of all, it is necessary to admit that you are not all right, which can ensure that you do not teach customers as a teacher;
    I. R n Third, you have reasonable to put forward your thoughts, not the correct answer.
    The method of solving the solution
    How to solve the problem of the two parties is a game between a salesperson and the customer. Sales personnel's dependence is not an enterprise, a product, or a service, but respecting, understanding, and recognition.
    The objection processing
    E every transaction is achieved, customers will raise some objections. Perhaps the objection does not seem to have a essential impact on the result, but if the objection is not solved reasonably and satisfactory, it often leads to the failure of sales. Objury processing according to the four -step mode:
    The first step: the content of the argument of the objection — directly the answer to the customer's objection.
    The motivation to determine the objection -deepen the motivation of psychological understanding of customers.
    3: Find the differences between the two parties -setting up the dilemma of the customer at the place.
    The fourth step: propose solutions -respecting customers to propose reasonable methods.

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