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  1. 1. Find online LCD LCD display factory
    21st century is the era of network informationization. Any industry, any company will do Internet marketing. Therefore, it is not difficult to find a few LCD LCD display factories online. The advantage is that there are no regional restrictions. You can find high -quality LCD LCD display factories nationwide. From the Internet, you can understand the basic information of the manufacturer, and you can conduct early project negotiations with the LCD LCD display factory.
    . On -site inspection of the LCD LCD display factory
    has the first step in online consultation, and the second step can be conducted on the spot. Generally, the scale of the LCD LCD display factory, including the workshop, There are several production equipment, how many people have employees, followed by business management capabilities, and the most important quality control. These can be reviewed through the field inspection team LCD LCD display factory. Enter the ranks of alternative suppliers.
    . Comprehensive assessment of LCD LCD display factory
    This through the early online consultation and offline on -site assessment. Evaluation, one or two LCD LCD display factories are selected as the core supplier to proof and purchase. What are the comprehensive assessments? The scale of LCD LCD display factory, we choose the size of the LCD LCD display factory, not too large, and not too small. It is too small to cooperate and the service attitude is not good. Comprehensive assessment and prices are needed to consider carefully.
    In the trilogy of the LCD LCD display factory, presumably it will help you choose the LCD LCD display factory. It is not difficult to find a reliable LCD LCD display factory. The so -called real gold is not afraid of fire.
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  2. The CAD display can actually be separated from a high, and it is not all that the display effects of the screen are the same. Try to choose some big brands, better.

  3. Whether it is the OLED screen or the LCD screen, it is an important milestone in the history of human display technology development. The advantages of the OLED screen are clear, but the disadvantages are also very fatal. The LCD screen seems to be slightly tidy, but it is more eye -catching and the future is relatively bright. At present, the production of small OLED screens on the market is basically a Samsung monopoly, and many smart machine manufacturers, including Apple, have laid out the development of Micro-LED panels.

  4. First of all, starting from the application of the product
    LCD color screen is a type of LCD LCD display, and its applications are widely used. Among them, commercial advertisements are basically applied to LCD color display, and some vehicle LCD display screens , Medical LCD display, monitoring, security, etc.

    The analysis of size requirements
    LCD display on which instrument! How big the screen is needed! When selecting the type, the most critical is the size, and the appropriate LCD screen should be selected according to product needs.

    It three -from product output value to select
    . If the LCD LCD display is installed on the device, this output value is relatively large. The product positioning is high -end, and the quality of good quality can be selected. The quality of good quality LCD screens is also better.

  5. Our company is the display of Xinhui Kaishi Technology. Personally, the quality is very good. There will be no water ripples or something, and the price is more reasonable.

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