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  1. Do you have to choose in these three answers? I think that if you want to answer: try to communicate when both of them are calm. First of all, the wisdom of the manager must be emphasized, and the characteristics of his creativity or uniqueness must be emphasized. The second is to explain your own views, and the argument must fully get a written and official thing. If the problem is still not solved, then the leaders of the positions with a stronger level of the manager can communicate, so the so -called cannot be hanged on a tree. Sometimes the Vietnamese report is still okay. After all, not all for yourself.

  2. 1. What is the most important thing for you?
    The implementation of team goals. (This is the quality that all companies want employees to own)

    2, why is willing to work for the company?
    Because I think I can achieve common development with your company. (Impained the benefits that I might bring to the company)

    3. Why do you think the company wants to hire you?
    Because I think my ability and personality are completely suitable for your position of your company.

    4. If we hire you, how long will you stay?
    I said it, I want to develop with your company. Of course, I believe that this development is sustainable, and I don't want to lose this development opportunity. (Consider the question of loyalty, so the answer is relatively willing, and vowed to be completely useless in front of strangers)

    5. In your opinion, what kind of environment will we plan for your career Intersection
    I have a relatively long -term career planning goal, but whether it is the recent goal or the medium and long -term goals, the environment of your company is exactly in line with my plan. I believe it will be able to achieve myself with the help of your company. planning. (Look at the planning of you
    , if you know some of the specific situation of the company, you can also pat the horse by the way, but you can't overpower)

    6, what are your advantages?
    The advantage is that you don't like to say more, like to do more. (Every boss likes down -to -earth instead of an exaggerated employee)

    7, what is your biggest weakness? Friendly reminder: I might as well criticize my own criticism.
    1: My shortcomings are that my heart is relatively soft, and I am always not good at resigned from others. (Reflect that you are happy)
    2: I did n’t pay much attention to communicating with people in the past. I think that as long as the technology is good, but with the age of age and taking
    The people who touch more, I think I think Communicating with people is also very important. I am working hard to improve my communication ability

    8, what do you like to do?
    : I often go to play basketball, like outdoor sports, listen to music and watch movies

    9, what is your expectations for salary?
    : I hope to give a reasonable salary according to the situation of your company and the local software industry and my ability.

    10. Have you understood our company?
    11. Essence Essence Essence

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