How to open a nail shop without experience? There are detailed entrepreneurial guidelines here

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  1. This people came out to learn nail art, and they were running their own businesses, but they were suffering from entrepreneurial Xiaobai. They had no experience in shop operations. I don't know where to start.
    If you are also in such a confusion, you may wish to take a good look at this nail shop's entrepreneurial strategy, full of dry goods!
    . Understanding customer needs
    Nail shop entrepreneurship. First of all, you must understand the market. You need to use reverse thinking to think about what aspects will consumers pay attention to when choosing a manicure store.
    This here a list of consumer psychological psychology that is currently more reliable:
    1. The professional level of nail shops
    2. The service level of nail clerks
    3 3 The decoration environment of nail shops
    4. The ability and fame of the manicurist
    and the way customers choose the nail shop are mainly in these aspects:
    . Through their own detailed understanding and personal experience
    2. Introduction to the nail art master
    3. Through the introduction of a friend
    4. Watching magazines, advertising, TV
    There is a chance to have a huge market.
    . Store site selection lease
    Way your nail shop is opened? There are two issues involved here, one is the ability to pay, and the other is the condition of the lease.
    . For example, small and medium -sized nail shops, the required space is small and can be located in high -rent areas with prosperous flow of people and developed commercial developments. High amount of rent.
    The leases, there are two types of fixed prices and percentage. The fixed price is unchanged. The percentage is similar to the shareholders system, and the rent is low. It is recommended to book a lease period for 1 to 2 years.
    three, nail tools
    "If you want to do good things, you must first benefit its instrument". There are two types of tools required by the Beauty Armor Store, one is consumables and the other is hardware.
    Cefing supplies include: base oil, nail polish, softening, bleaching agent, nail oil diluent, nail essence, brightening oil, nail skin soft agent, polished sponge, polishing block, No. 100 scholata strip, 180 180 Number policing strip, foot sand plate, sand rod, nail sand, nail shear, fingering bowl, finger skin softener, fingerprint stick, nail massage oil, polished nail polish series, phototherapy series, crystal, crystal series, crystal series, crystal series Series, jewelry series, painting series, nail special pens, etc.
    The hardware includes: nails, nail seats, nail lights, nail machines, etc.
    Note! Professional products are as important as professional nail technology. Especially for high -end nail shops, do not just want to be cheap for a while and lose long -term benefits.
    . The procedures and documents
    The documents required to apply for the Kaimei A store are:
    1. Business license, go to the Industry and Commerce Bureau to handle it.
    2. Health permits, go to the Health Bureau for handling.
    3. Tax registration certificate, go to the local tax and national tax department.
    4. Fire protection permits, go to the public security organs fire institution.
    5. Reserve
    The reserve includes nail training fees, nail art costs, store decoration fees, and handling various procedures.
    The products required to buy stores, such as bottom glue, nail polish, phototherapy machines, etc. Do not enter too much goods in the early stage. If the nail store is opened in small and medium -sized stores, it is not recommended to buy too many high -end products. You can choose a small amount of high -end nail polish for rushing to the facade.
    6. The formation of the Nail Division Team
    This must be cautious in the recruitment of nail art divisions! The reason is that although there are currently many nail art masters, there are very few really trained by regular schools. They do not have a systematic learning nail knowledge and have not been trained by service consciousness.
    Igly, it is recommended to recruit experienced nail artists as the manager; if you are the head of the store, it is recommended to go to the professional nail mechanism for further management capabilities.
    Seven. Store operation and management
    In recent years, nail shops have sprung up all streets and alleys. How to stand out from many nail shops is the operation management. Here are some of the operating skills:
    1. Technology is in place. Do not repeat this at this point.
    2. Select the site. The choice of stores must first meet the entertainment concentration. The second is the traffic. It is best to choose a place with a large number of people, such as blocks or shopping malls.
    3. Packaging image, nail shop is related to the United States, decoration should not be too casual. Moreover, the audience of the nail shop is important for women. It is recommended to design a beautiful image and unique decoration style according to the girl's love.
    4. Channel publicity. Using various self -media platforms and beautiful packaging images, the storefronts make the store into a net red punching land.
    5. Customers are God. The meticulous service will make customers feel intimacy and earn industry reputation.
    6. Promotional activities. To make a discount promotion on the early stages of opening and holidays, customers will swarm.
    7. Introduce beauty projects. Most of the girls who come to nails pay attention to personal maintenance. They can push a hand -care project when doing nails for customers; in the hot summer, you can push your feet for customers to be a feet. Most of the customers in the nail shop in the business district of the office building are the office workers who just sit in front of the computer for a day, and can push them shoulder and neck care for them.

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