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  1. With the development of science and technology, marketing plans have changed. As an important basis for making decisions, marketing plans are becoming more and more valued. For this reason, I will organize the marketing model related content of the clothing industry for everyone, welcome to see.
    The marketing model of the clothing industry
    . The type of clothing promotion plan

    With the different clothing promotion purposes, the clothing promotion plan has different types of different types

    (1) Annual clothing promotion plan

    In general, in order to create the atmosphere and dynamic atmosphere of the store, the annual planning is based on the planning of the year, and the annual clothing promotion plan is planned. Main focus:

    1. Combined with the marketing strategy of the year

    The stores are the most intimate contact with consumers. To launch different theme marketing strategies each year, consumers can establish consumers' awareness of brand image. Therefore, the annual clothing promotion plan combines marketing strategies, which will make the brand image stronger. Marketing strategies can also make resources more concentrated and have continuity. For example, the theme of the annual marketing communication strategy of a casual clothing store is "Community Life Partner". The clothing promotion activities organized by the community are the main target group, showing the belief of caring and common life in the community. Therefore Activities to condense community emotions and increase the favorability of community consumers for the store.

    . Considering the performance gap between the off -peak season

    Any brand will almost have the characteristics of the season trend, and there will be different ratio of performance. Therefore, the annual operating plan should be considered. This feature, of course, the planning of clothing promotion activities must consider the impact of the off -peak season. In addition to delaying the decline in performance in the off -season clothing promotion activities, it can also try to use image clothing promotion activities to increase the recognition of brand image. Promotional activities are usually aimed at the main goal of performance due to fierce competition.

    3. The fusion of the characteristics of the festival

    Nakes include national holidays and non -national holidays, such as National Day, such as National Day, such as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Father Grand festivals, in addition, the traditional Chinese customs order cannot be ignored.

    4. Annual clothing promotion calendar

    annual clothing promotion calendar is based on the annual marketing plan as the strategy starting point, and the whole year's clothing promotion activities are used to do calendar. Expressing that the purpose is to make the brand fully grasp the focus of annual clothing promotion activities at a strategic point of view, and at the same time, it can also plan clothing promotion activities with integrated marketing strategies.

    (2) Theme clothing promotion plan

    The so -called theme clothing promotion plan refers to a specific purpose or a project clothing promotion plan. Anniversary celebration, specific events of society, and business district activities.

    1. The opening of the store

    The development of the new channel point and the extension of the service area of ​​the store. It will affect the performance of future store operations. Therefore, the store will usually be matched with clothing promotions during the opening of the store to attract people and stimulate the desire to buy. The store's management depends on the maintenance of customers, so customer information is very important. Therefore, the clothing promotion activities during the opening period must be worried here. It may be possible to use the opening of clothing promotion to leave customer information as the basis for the future business district.

    2. Anniversary celebration

    Since the store has the opening, of course, there is also an anniversary. Therefore, the anniversary clothing promotion activities have become the most commonly speculated topics. Although the anniversary is available, if you can add a little more creativity and use more snacks, you can still get out of the stereotypes and create a new topic.

    3. Specific social events

    In addition to sales, specialty stores are also at the same level. , Must maintain sensitivity from time to time. You can usually be used as a topic of chatting when you contact customers, and you can closer to each other to establish emotions. When an event occurs, you can also organize clothing promotion activities. Improve performance.

    4. Business district activities

    The business of retail stores is regional, and the masters of business district customers are the most fundamental way. , Still cannot get rid of the basic action of working in the business district, so the business district activities will inevitably become the focus of future regional operations.

    (3) The clothing promotion plan that compensates for the performance gap

    The performance is the most important channel for specialty stores to maintain profits. Personalized daily is to ensure the achievement of performance. Therefore, the monthly unit, the weekly or the day -to -day unit should set up an early warning point. In order to achieve the goal effectively and accurately, the "clothing promotion question bank" should be established on weekdays, and it can come in handy in the case of a situation. As for the establishment of the warning point, it will be different due to the characteristics of various formats and specialty stores. It may be based on the normal performance trend as the reference value; a store accumulates performance at 60%of the performance at 6 pm on the day. In this way, the reference value of the establishment of early warning points with the characteristics of specialty stores has greatly helps the achievements of performance. Of course, the establishment of early warning points cannot be unchanged. It is necessary to refer to various factors at any time to meet the benefits of the time.

    (4) Factory clothing promotion plan

    The operation itself is dynamic. Under the fierce competition of the market, the specialty store must be prepared at any time. The booming, the acceleration of competition can be expected. Consumers have been shrouded in the temptation of clothing promotion for a long time. Competitors' clothing promotion activities are likely to cause our customers to lose, reduce performance, and necessary confrontation clothing promotion activities therefore The emergence, due to confrontational clothing promotional activities, is usually relatively urgent, and can be used for a short time. If you can establish a "clothing promotion question bank" on weekdays, you can use it immediately when facing the strain.

    . The clothing promotion plan plan

    In the strategic thinking of the above stage, the next step is to formulate the clothing promotion plan. R n
    (1) Target objects

    The clothing promotion activities held for consumers in order to formulate the most suitable clothing promotion techniques.

    (2) Theme

    The theme settings must be creative and topic. If you can create export words or slogans, you can have both advertising effects.

    (3) inducement

    The causes refer to the parts obtained by consumers, such as gifts, discounts, etc. Cost.

    (4) Participation in conditions

    The participation conditions are defined which consumers can participate, and how to participate in this clothing promotional activity, for example, the purchase amount can participate in the draw.

    (5) During the event

    The setting of the duration of clothing during the event, according to past experience and consumption behavior characteristics, determine the appropriate activity period during the length and shortness.

    (6) The use of media use

    Im media use refers to the transmission of clothing promotions to consumers through a pipeline transmitted by information. Because the information is accurate and realized immediately For consumers, the number of visitors during clothing promotion will have a considerable impact, so it is necessary to carefully evaluate and choose the media.
    The marketing model of the clothing industry 2
    The analysis of current sales environment and sales prospects is currently in the market in Shandong and even the country. There is no clothing brand with "gold" as a sales point. In the process, the unique 18K gold button should be the main promotional point to highlight the brand personality. In the brand's major clothing market, the personality of this brand is difficult to be cloned by other companies in the short term. Therefore, it is foreseeable that for a period of time, the gold button will be exclusively in the clothing market. Fortunately, similar competitors. This has created more loose conditions for the early start of the gold button clothing.

    The main target target consumer group faced by the target consumer and product market positioning gold buttons is the upper class with higher income, including: government, procuratorate, courts, judicial departments officials, industry and commerce, taxes, taxes , Staff of Law Firm, high -level managers of real estate, engineering departments, medical equipment and other enterprises. Gold button products, should be positioned as a symbol of wealth, identity and status, while at the same time, it is elegant and Confucian. Through marketing, when our consumers wear gold button clothing, others can see the clothing brand, and naturally associate with the noble status and status, so that the wearer has a pride of wearing gold ornaments.

    This sales strategy

    This to promote the market smoothly with strong advertising to promote the market, which is accurately determined by the product in the high -level market, highlighting the characteristics of the product. The main consumer group is the focus of the product's marketing. Establish a first -level channel to enter consumers with low cost.

    The product strategy

    Gold button as a high -end clothing market product. While paying attention to its own quality, it should also pay attention to the first -level after -sales service of the product. Every consumer will have the better idea that the better the product is, the better the product. Rough packaging, this will reduce the value of the product in the minds of consumers. It is best to use high -end hard paper or wooden packaging, and indicate the brand of the product in the significant position of the packaging, and establish the product image. At the same time, through the packaging, we should see the 18K gold button on the clothing to improve the intuitive cognitive level of consumers.

    The after -sales service

    is very important for the sales of any product. Sales should establish a comprehensive after -sales service mechanism to record consumer information for each set of clothing. And actively contact consumers with the second and second month after the after -sales low, and ask the suggestions and suggestions. Consumers have a absolute trust in the brand, and the first thing that consumers and relatives and friends think of are gold button clothing when buying similar products.

    The price strategy

    Since the product uses 18K gold as a button material, it is destined to take a high -priced clothing. However, we can use this high price as a propaganda method as one of the main signs of this product different from other similar products.

    In view of the consumer power of the product target, most of them will not care about the slight fluctuations of the product price in such a high price, so there is no need to use frequent small price reductions or discount measures. Gel the company's standardization and professionalism. Sales channels adopt the simplest first-level sales channels of manufacturers-seller-consumer-consumers, which will reduce the participation of middlemen and make products simple and rapidly reach consumers.

    The initial period of product sales

    The standard brand store model, establishing brand awareness in the public, and receiving telephone or fax ordering. With the expansion of business, a geographical agent can be set up. Before the opening of the standard store, we should pay attention to the training of the sales staff. In the sales of the clothing industry, the sales staff's explanation of consumers is very important. The seller should make the seller clarify the various characteristics of the gold button products in order to ensure that consumers can accurately obtain it accurately. Enterprise and product information.

    The reward mechanism of the seller

    The reward exceeds a certain amount by proportion to make its personal interests linked to the company's interests and increase its enthusiasm. Advertising publicity advertising should obey the company's overall publicity strategy, and based on the principle of establishing product image and company image. Advertising should pay attention to two aspects of propaganda. One must be wearing the products of the gold button below, and the other is to call agents from various places. When selecting products, it is necessary to highlight the characteristics of "gold". The media should adopt the "Qilu Evening News" and "Jinan Times" with a large amount of distribution in Jinan as the carrier to carry out a large number of publicity before and after the opening of the standard store. At the same time, it should also pay attention to the use of white -collar workers to often watch advertisements from magazines such as fashion and automobiles for publicity.
    The marketing model of the clothing industry three
    It friends who do e -commerce talk to the author about the current promotional methods of several major e -commerce platforms, it means that this is the point. Compared with the giants, although everyone's promotional method They are all the same, but as each other's media resources or major platform advertisements are put on, we are facing pressure as small e -commerce, but the author believes that the e -commerce developed in the vertical field has been obtained The other benefit is that users are more accurate, but this business is not big.

    The above -mentioned aspects of the above aspects are several aspects we can see. Therefore, from the perspective of the current double twelve e -commerce promotion, the promotion method of large e -commerce needs to be further. Anatomy and reference, this article mainly analyzes the double twelve promotional schemes, mainly taking Senmiao.com as an example.

    . Brand centralized promotion increases platform influence

    1. Choosing the top domestic brand vendors for category cooperation, controlling the number of users who promote the promotion, and can drive the sales of other products.

    . The combination of the main product and other auxiliary, such as the combination of shoes and socks, increase the amount of customer order.

    3. The brand needs to be promoted for a targeted copy after choice. By sending the main product directly to consumers, it can play a role in promoting.

    . Free collection or red envelope reward strategy

    free is a business model. 360 has won the income of online advertising through the free strategy. Tencent has won users through free strategies. The product is launched according to the user's attributes, so free seems to be a eternal business model, because this model can best attract consumers' attention, e -commerce can use this method during promotion, such as Double Eleven, such as Double Eleven's ones. Tmall's various red envelopes and returned gifts are based on this.

    The analysis examples of Moriwang's double twelve promotional model also have this time, for example:

    Seduction 1: 3 yuan cash, register, and immediately get the account.

    Igly, 2: Send 100, there is no restriction in the audience.

    Igam 3: The audience is 10 % off, and the ultra -low price has come to Double 12.

    If 4: 10 products for the audience, host, building, software, etc.

    The above three schemes have related cases that are almost except the first type of Double Eleven. These three schemes are for the following considerations. On the one hand, how is it? Get more users, such as a user just want to buy something, and suddenly see how much money can be saved when you see registration, which stimulates its registration.

    . Another aspect is for small and medium -sized users. The purchase of users in this area is not high. Therefore, how much is the issue of reducing freight and how much gifts are generally concerned. The number of users in this regard is the largest.

    It aspect how many folds the audience are referring to the 50 % discount promotion of Tmall's mainstream, including the above -mentioned Vipshop we mentioned to be aimed for a certain product, so All three schemes are circulated and are very targeted.

    If in the above three marketing solutions, we can see that it includes various promotional methods. From the perspective of marketing perspective solutions, there are still several common methods. At present In the way, the emergence of various creative solutions is to get more orders and develop more customers.

    The above -mentioned waves of crazy promotion models are common cycle models. By catching disinfection costs, more gifts will be obtained, and prizes will be continuously improved.

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