5 thoughts on “Is the wood business easy to do now?”

  1. Not good, it's not good to make wood now. I think that the country now advocates a low -carbon economy and environmental protection. Do you still have to run to do wood business. Did you just come out to start a business? Intersection If you have huge funds, there are many woods, relationships, knowledge, experience, and great grasp. It can be done, if not, or lack of any, it is recommended to think twice.

  2. Whether a business model adapts to the development of your area, you must investigate the market demand and trend in depth, combine local consumption and your own ability to determine your investment project, and you must not blindly invest blindly. Doing the market is to do trends. To do it, you can do those industries with fast investment, strong plasticity, large market potential, and developable industries. Judging from the current situation of the Chinese market, the animation industry is extremely promising. I do n’t know if you know. The animation industry is a hot industry in China. More and more young people have joined the fans. Earn. You can access the official website of Aadongman in detail.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, you can find a stable buyer, you can do everything. There are three kinds of people who have to deal with wood business, first, wood suppliers. Second, wood buyer. 3. Government departments (mainly Forestry Bureau) If you acquire woods that have not yet been raised by forest farmers, especially consider the cost of mortar, the cost of transporting from the mountain to the highway, and the cost costs involved in the logging certificate. It is possible to account for one -third to half of your total cost, or even higher. Second, there must be a stable buyer. Because wood has its own characteristics, if the acquired wood does not find the buyer in time, then the storage of wood requires a large area of ​​land, which increases the cost to a certain extent. Very large, there may be a large area of ​​decay. However, now the furniture industry and the artificial board industry have a large demand for wood, and general sales are not problems.nFinally, the government department. Here mainly refers to the Forestry Bureau, and also includes traffic police. Generally speaking, in normal handling of a logging certificate, transportation certificate, and transportation of the load of transportation, that is to say, it does not cut off, not overdue, unlicensed transportation, transportation without transportation, no overload overload exceeding oversupply highnI hope my answer is helpful to you, I wish you a happy lifen1 morenBleak

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