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  1. 35 -year -old people can choose to do self -media.
    In some people can cook, and the color and fragrance are all. You can take it on the Internet, and you can become a web celebrity after a long time. Some people take pictures of cute pets and cute babies at home, and then published on the Internet to get traffic and click -through rates. Of course, you can also open a small store in Taobao to sell your favorite products.
    With the advent of the Internet era, 35 -year -old people are more suitable for self -media and opening small shops on Taobao.

  2. 1、室内设计rnrnrn室内设计是根据建筑物的使用性质、所处环境和相应标准,运用物质技术手段和建筑设计原理,创造功能合理、满足人们物质和Indoor environment that needs spiritual life.
    2, e -commerce operations

    The e -commerce career planning, detailed interpretation of the store opening process, focusing on combing the flow conversion rate of wireless operations, and focusing on e -commerce operations in all aspects to instance Guidance application operation

    3, chef

    Cooking schools or places where they are engaged in catering services directly.

    4, driving school coach

    The use of multimedia teaching equipment, car driving simulator, interactive teaching magnetic board, driving training timing management system, examination automation system and other teaching methods for theoretical teaching activities; use various motorized teaching vehicles and coaching venues 2. Public roads and transportation facilities carry out actual driving teaching activities; formulate and organize teaching plans, teach motor vehicle driving knowledge, teach driving skills, and improve the level of training teaching management. rnrnrn5、汽车美容rnrnrn汽车美容主要包括:车漆保养,内饰保养,电镀加工保养,皮革塑料保养,轮胎、 Wheel warranty, windshield maintenance, chassis maintenance, engine appearance maintenance, etc.

    6, manicurist

    Nail art occupation definition: according to the customer's hand type, armor type, skin texture, clothing color and requirements, right Persons with disinfection, cleaning, care, maintenance, and modification of the hands and feet.

  3. When I was young, I always felt that I had time, had the opportunity, the poorest, and never died. Until now, I will find that time is slow, and now it is no longer young, and the opportunity is getting more and more slim. In the current Internet company, there are very few front -line employees who are over 35 years old. Many companies do not recruit people over 35 years old. What is even more terrible is that some new media work does not recruit over 25 years old. Because the 25 -year -old is not said to the 35 -year -old, even if it is 30 -year -old, the articles written are very different.

  4. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello! I am glad to answer for younQuestion 35 -year -old without an academic job to do worknAnswer 1. Sales. Sales are not limited to age. No matter what kind of people can do sales, they do not need technology and education. As long as you are good at dealing with others, especially dealing with strangers. To put it simply, as long as the skin is thick.nThere are many types of sales work on the market. From the simplest sales mobile phones, various electronic products, to unseen virtual products, such as online training courses. In order to consider the problems from the perspective of consumers, we can feel the same, and in the end they can do sales. Although the basic salary of the sales industry is generally not high, as long as it has strong ability and excellent performance, the salary is not capped. For middle -aged people over 35 years of age, sales can no longer be appropriate.n2. For people over 35 years old, if you are unemployed and want to get employment, you can do online car drivers, because driving is already a basic life skill for modern people. drive. Pay attention to making online car contracting. The choice of platforms is best to choose some regular online car platforms for cooperation, but the service attitude of the online car rental must be good. This can accumulate your credibility. Of course, it will increase. income.nQuestion want to do a simple jobnAnswer the wholesale work of barrels of pure water. Many companies now book barrels of pure water. Generally, they are sent by special barrel water companies, but some places will undertake the pure water from barrel water companies, and directly do wholesale, wholesale, wholesale, wholesale, wholesale, wholesale, wholesale, wholesale, wholesale, wholesale The price is cheaper than the direct order, because in order to save money, many companies will directly book barrels of pure water through wholesale channels. This is a small business. It does not require any capital or technology. Or the company's one -year pure water supply.nOr you can engage in takeaway or cargo sorting work, and the income treatment is also good. It is difficult that you are willing to eat this suffering. The advantage of this job is that it is not necessary to contact people and entertainment. As long as you are willing to run the list and work down to work, the grades will not be too bad, and the monthly income can generally reach about 5,000.nThere is also a job that is not too tired, but a little bit of work, that is the hospital accompaniment. It is mainly to look at the elderly, such as the infusion, no liquid to help the doctor, regularly turn over, wipe back, and so on.nQuestion factory worknAnswer, you can go to the mold factory and electronic factory clothing factory to find them. There must be positions suitable for you.nQuestion now that there is an epidemic to find a job therenAnswer your area where there is an epidemic in your area?nThen you can wait until the epidemic is not so serious and then find itnEven if it is an epidemic, the factory still has to worknMore 13nBleak

  5. In fact, it is a minority who can go to the management post, and even if you reach the management post, the situation is more embarrassing. They are difficult to adapt to the rapid changes in the industry and the rapid development of the company. Most bosses will not give too much test and error time and opportunity. If they cannot be profitable in a short time, they are likely to leave.

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