1 thought on “How to enter the dubbing industry?”

  1. 1. Participate in dubbing training courses. The dubbing training class has professional teaching resources and environment, which can help you enrich your professional knowledge about dubbing. In addition, if you are a non -dubbing major but want to enter this industry, if you have the conditions, you can consider participating in the dubbing training course for systematic comprehensive ability quality training and improvement.
    2, recruitment of the dubbing studio. Some dubbing studios will issue recruitment information from relevant personnel from time to time, which are online or offline. If you want to enter the dubbing industry, you can first consider the job recruitment released by the dubbing studio.
    3, pay attention to the industry market, collect more useful information. If you want to enter the dubbing industry, you should figure out the development of the industry, scenario, rules, and so on. In this regard, we must take the initiative to pay attention to the industry's market and actively collect information that is useful to enter the industry.
    4. Part -time job related to dubbing. Before entering the dubbing industry, you can try to engage in part -time dubbing -related jobs. One is to enrich my understanding of the voice of the dubbing, accumulate my own dubbing work experience, and the other is to make some pocket money for yourself.
    5. Each industry is responsible for recruitment staff, and you can first try to find a way to consult a work person in the dubbing industry. These groups can be inside or outside the circle, first try to understand the entrance.

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