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  1. There are three types of options:
    1, laser printers, divided into two types of black color. Black is currently about 800-1500 yuan, with fast advantages and convenient use and economy.
    2, inkjet printers, synonymous troubles, most of this printer is a bad enterprise. Basically, all means on the ink cartridge and set up various obstacles to extract user money. The disadvantage is that the original ink box is expensive and easy to be bad. The price of households is around 200-500 yuan. Professional photos are expensive.
    3, needle printer, mostly used for organs, bank printing documents, etc. Advantages: Printing economy, not easy to break, convenient maintenance. Disadvantages: Poor printing effect, slow speed, and expensive printer.

  2. According to your work needs:
    The printing amount is not large, and the cost is low. Choose inkjet allocation machines, such as Epson M300, Canon MP259;
    Requirements, optional entry -level laser printers, such as HP1020, Canon 3000 and the like;
    has a large printing amount and a large number of copies. It can choose A3 all -in -one machines, such as Miner 163V, Zhendan AD166;
    Mainly printed ticket categories (such as invoices, receipts, delivery orders, value -added tax tickets, etc.), and ordinary needle printers, such as Epson 1600K, Epson 735K, Yingmei 300K and the like

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I have seen your question. I am sorting out the answer, please wait a while ~nHello, 1. Needle -type office printer -type office printer is generally suitable for banks, hospitals, hotels and catering industries, so we should pay attention when choosing a printer, do not choose blindly, and choose according to our own needs. The needle printer is to write paper by the 24 stitches in the print head, so as to form a font. The more the number of needles, the better the quality of the printing. 2. The standard for the quality of inkjet office printer evaluation inkjet office printer is DPI, so everyone should pay attention when buying inkjet printers. DPI is the number of inkjet printer itself shows the number of inkjet printers in the range of each inch. The higher the DPI value when the monochrome prints, the better the printing effect. It is mainly used for the printing of image text. Generally, there are more office and home use. 3. Laser office printer Laser office printer adopts electronic imaging technology. The advantages of high printing quality, fast speed, low noise, low use cost, and large print load, occupying the mainstream position of office printing equipment. It can be distinguished from the printed speed. The printing speed is below 30ppm, 40-120PPM, and 130-300PPMs are vulgar, medium-speed and high-speed laser printers, respectively.nThe above is a printer suitable for office use. You can choose according to your needs.nI hope my answer is helpful to you ❤️nQuestion laser three -in -one printer, HP, which economy is affordablenAnswer Hello, wait a minuten1. HP Laser Jet 1020 Plus A4 HP's black and white laser printer is a desktop printer. It is very convenient to use. The advantages are the characteristics of zero preheating, small volume, convenient installation, economic durability, less energy consumption, etc. Applicable to our family and office. 2. HP M401D A4 HP M401D A4 This laser printer's printing speed is not said, and it is also far ahead compared to other styles. It can print 33 pages per minute. In addition, this printer memory has 128MB. The advantage of this printer is to reduce costs, improve work efficiency, and save time.nBoth of these are finenHow much is the price?nAnswer 1. HP Laser Jet 1020 Plus A4 This laser printer is about 1,000 yuan/setn2. The price of the HP M401D A4 printer is about 1,600 yuan per unit. (Price for reference only)nAre you expensive?nThe answer is not expensive, these two are economically affordable for you.nAsk questions, thank you! I gonna go seenAnswer um is not welcomenMore 13nBleak

  4. "HP 1319F printing copy scanning fax 2100 yuan HP 1213NF printing copy scanning fax 2100 yuan HP 1216NF printing and scanning fax 2300 yuan can be selected. The characteristics of HP machines are compact, simple, compact, convenient maintenance, low failure rate. Consumables are relative Other brands are affordable.

  5. If the laser printer is hp, it depends on your office requirements. You can check the
    -needle printer EPSON. (Such as DataMax, Citizen)

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