1 thought on “How to issue a group announcement and how to issue a group announcement”

  1. 1. Entering your own group, there are groups with group owners. WeChat group announcement can only be released by the permissions of the group owner. After all, the WeChat group has not yet set the function of administrators.

    2. Click to enter the WeChat group you created.

    . In the WeChat group chat interface, click the avatar icon in the upper right corner. This should be used frequently for group owners, because adding deletion of group members will be used.

    4. In the WeChat group settings, a group announcement option is added, and you can click to enter.

    5. The current WeChat group announcement is relatively simple. You can only publish text announcements. There is no picture function.

    6. After completing the group announcement, click to release.

    7. Under the group announcement, it is no longer blank, but the text announcement just released.

    8. All members of the WeChat group announcement conference notice, all members will receive the announcement news, you can see that the message is sent by@所有.

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