1 thought on “Is there a lot of expired cosmetics for recycling merchants?”

  1. No merchant will recycle, only garbage is recycled, because expired cosmetics are very harmful to the human body, and merchants will not recycle such things.

    The only glass bottle plastic bottle can only be sold as waste products. If anyone accepts it, changes to a label or something, it is illegal to sell it, or it should be treated as a garbage.
    The use of expired cosmetics:
    Towing water: The toner of the toner contains alcohol, which can be used to clean the mirror, dresser, dining table, tile, range hood, etc.; Leather bags, leather sofas, etc. There will always be a few expired cosmetics in a woman's cosmetic bag. It is a pity to throw away, and I will continue to use it to hurt the skin. If the texture of cosmetics has not changed (mildew, thinner, water out of water), the color has not changed, and there is no unpleasant smell, it can be reused.
    ECG: Nutrition nails, hair care. Use a small piece of cotton pad to dip the lotion and wrap it on the nails. After 15 minutes, remove it, which can promote the growth and shiny of the nails. After shampooing, apply the lotion on the ends of the hair to prevent split and soft hair.
    Cream: In addition to rubbing your hands and rubbing your feet, you can replace the hair protection on the ends of the hair; it is also very good for care for the leather goods. Apply the expiration cream on leather wallets, leather bags, leather shoes, leather sofa, which has the function of maintaining leather, and is suitable for leather products of various colors. It should be noted that do not use white effects.
    The toxicity of cosmetics:
    421 chemicals disabled in cosmetics components, and more than 300 types of chemicals used. Some substances have strong toxicity, mutagneity, carcinogenicity, teratogenicity, or obvious damage to the skin and mucous membranes, or have special, special, raw cosmetics that do not want to have biological activity.

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