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  1. I am more clear about recruiting a beauticians, because my sister is operating a beauty salon, and many websites have been recruited. No matter how well -known, it is not ideal. Sometimes the talent in the big comprehensive website does not want to want to. Those who are engaged in the beauty industry, but in general, in the end, my sister said that it is indeed reliable in a Merrasson.com. It can solve certain problems and hope to help you.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, recruiting a beautician, you can recruit directly from the BOSS. The specific operation is as follows, I hope to treat you. The first step is to help: "" Open the boss direct hire. Step 2: Click my at the bottom right, and then click the button in the upper right corner. Step 3: Choose to switch identity. Step 4: Choose to switch to BOSS identity. Enter company information. Step 5: Enter the input to publish the recruitment information. Of course, you can also use May 8 to open it. Click on the small plus number below in May 8 and click the recruitment. Then publish the information. wish you a happy lifenI have used questions,nIs there any other platform?nAnswer Ganji.comnWorry -freenZhilian RecruitmentnAsk questions, thank younThe answer is not polite, please give me a praisen6 morenBleak

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