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  1. Since 2012, the first smart glasses launched by Google have opened the door to the smart wearable device market. In 2015, a large number of smart wearable devices suitable for ordinary consumers, especially smart bracelets and smart watches. Take care of people of all ages.
    The wearable smart devices are useful. Wearable technology has always attracted much attention in the international computer academic community, but due to the complexity of technology, many related equipment only stays in the conceptual field. Let ’s talk about the four key technologies of wearable intelligent devices
    . Human -machine interaction technology
    human machine interaction technology refers to the input and output equipment through computer Computer dialogue technology. In the era of the Internet of Things, the control center of "everything" is human, and the "communication" method between people "machines" will also change. Adhering to the principle of invincible people in the world, the direct and convenient human -computer interaction will come into being, such as the birth of AI voice interaction technology. Although the current AI technology is not very mature, it has also achieved certain achievements. Of course, AI voice interaction is not the ultimate direction of human -computer interaction. The highest state of laziness is need not even say that the concept of brainwave interaction technology is proposed. The thinking communication between equipment, Xiaobian's life is invisible, after all, people who stay up late and supper will not live too long. Related articles: "What are the more common intelligent wearable devices?"
    . Virtual display technology
    The era of the Internet of Things, smart devices will no longer need screens. To be precise, the display method will be in the way of displaying the way. The "light" screen displayed in any space is no longer the LED display screen. The virtual screen will become a carrier for obtaining information in any space and a visual supplement between the communication between the "machine". Perhaps the "light" screen is needed in the future. VR is directly used, that is, virtual reality technology. It is a computer simulation system that can create and experience the virtual world. It uses a computer to generate an analog environment. It is a multi -source information. The fusion, interactive three -dimensional dynamic view and system simulation of physical behaviors immerse users into the environment.
    . Cloud platform and artificial intelligence
    In the Internet of Things era, PC or smartphones will not be able to meet the processing of huge data with the bearer Internet era. The cloud platform transfer to the back -end, but the massive data on the clouds only rely on the current program operations and capture is difficult to meet the development needs of the Internet of Things era. Therefore, artificial intelligence technology with self -computing and judgment ability will inevitably become become it. The next key technology.
    4. Wireless communication and charging technology
    The general communication is 4G network. In the future, there will be 5G, 6G and other technologies with better communication rates and more communication efficiency. In the era of the Internet of Things, when intelligent wearable devices are used in every wireless communication, equipment charging technology is also very important. At present It affects the beauty of the product. As a result, some manufacturers began to produce smart wearable products with wireless charging. Some people think that if the wireless charging technology can be integrated with the wireless communication technology and the wireless charging is performed while realizing data exchange, it will be bad. People will enjoy wireless communication and wireless charging anywhere in any environment. You don't have to worry about the device that cannot be connected to the Internet and the power is insufficient.
    These technologies are not only key technologies for the development of the wearable intelligent equipment industry, but also the key addition of the Internet of Things. It determines the development of the smart industry and promotes the leap from the era of the Internet to the Internet of Things. Essence Although there are many technologies that have not yet been realized, we have to believe that excellent scientists in the international computer academia, and believe that the real IoT era is coming soon.

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