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  1. Summary of school grain and grain and savings (7 universal)
    Inadvertently, an event is over. I believe it is full of gratitude and memories. Essence So what should the activity summary be included? The following is the summary of the school food love festival activities (7 articles). For reference only, let's take a look.

    The school of school grain love and grain and savings activities. The theme of the publicity week has achieved good educational results. The summary is as follows:
    1. Throsty deployment, carefully organize
    to effectively carry out the promotion of the world's food day and food love and grain promotion week. The overall ideas, themes, time, and content of the World Food Day and Grain Love Family Family Publicity Week are clarified. According to the actual situation of the students, the departments of each study have formulated the implementation plan of the World Food Day and Grain Love Family Family Family Family Family. They have generally improved the awareness of the activities of the activities, rich content, and colorful contents of teachers and students. The German Education Department compiled related propaganda materials such as "actively responding to climate change to promote the reduction of grain loss and efficiency", and recommended related WeChat public accounts.
    . The activity is in place, and the effectiveness is achieved
    It's in place in the food love and grain and grain activities and implementation to the action, the Erhai School carried out four activities. The first is to conscientiously carry out centralized publicity activities of World Grain Day and create a good atmosphere of public opinion. Through the state's speeches, windows, Dahai Scenic Line Broadcasting Station, "Erhai Campus Daily", electronic screens, canteen announcements, and slogans, etc., they have galloping the positive energy of grain and grain, making the publicity activities colorful. The second is to hold the theme class "Cherish Grain and Start with Me". Each class organizes students to watch the science popularization videos of grain festivals, experience grain production, acquisition, transportation, processing, and inspection and testing, talk about harvesting, voting, and accepting grain and grain -saving education. The third is to organize the "saving one grain and family action" activities. Collect the tips of family grain saving, reward the ease of ease of ease and grain -saving effects, and use broadcasting publicity and promotion to share the method of saving, guide teachers and students, parents and parents to save food and love food. rise. Fourth, the "CD -ROM Action, starting from each meal" activity was carried out at the accommodation student. Through the "scientific diet and farewell waste" discussion activities, more than 100 "CD Regulations" were collected. At the same time, strengthen the duty of the cafeteria, select ten students from the accommodation students to take turns to duty, specifically check the CD -ROM operation, and evaluate the excellent dormitory of grain -saving dormitory and grain -saving balders.
    In these activities, teachers and students have enhanced the awareness of grain -saving grain and saving, and learned some common sense of grain -saving, and actively promoted grain reduction and efficiency with their own actual actions.
    The school grain and grain and savings activities Summary 2 October 16 is "World Food Day". In order to further enhance the awareness of young pioneers, strengthen the understanding of my country's food status, and develop a good habit of cherishing food and saving food, when the "World Food Day" arrives, the schools of Jinxiang County have organized "saving resources and health of resources Life allows us to cherish the theme educational activities of the food.
    In XX County New Town Experimental School Primary School, the school's brigade issued a initiative to the young pioneers of the school, and vigorously promoted the significance of cherishing food through the Red Scarf Broadcasting Station. Starting from small things, starting from self, and using actual actions to build a "saving campus" together; and call on the majority of young members to carry out the "small hand to pull the big hand" activity to drive the family to actively participate in grain and grain and savings, thereby creating importance in the whole society to pay attention to the attention of the whole society Grain and cherish the strong atmosphere of food.
    In the theme activities of "Save Grain Starting from Me", the brigade counselor and teacher led everyone to watch the promotional video of grain -saving, and introduced the origin of "World Food Day". The story, let the players understand the process of sowing a grain of rice from sowing to harvesting, and experience the difficulty of grain; and by showing the danger of life facing some of the countries in the world, further enhance children's sense of responsibility and waste of waste and waste. Evergreen. During the period, the school also held a "grain and grain -saving" hand -copy newspaper, disk painting, and bean plastic painting activities. In the process of collecting materials, conceived design, and writing painting The emotions of farmers, the difficulty of the hard -to -come grain of each grain, greatly stimulated their conservation style, and expressed that they continued to adhere to the "CD -ROM action" and persevere.
    In activities, the team members solemnly wrote their names on the banner of "saving and healthy life of resources" to show the determination of "saving food against waste".
    Stidum for school food love and grain and savings activities 3 October 16 is the world food day. XX Elementary School held a "food -saving food and food security" activities.
    The school first organized a special lecture on the science knowledge of grain love festivals to publicize and explain my country's food safety situation and food supply status, so that students have a long -term understanding of ideas. Then, with the theme of "Grain and Grain and Grain", the class meeting was carried out. By telling the typical story of "Grain Love and Grain", watching "Grain Family Grain and Family" promotes short videos, so that students realize that their existing conditions are in the case of comparison. What a superior, thus conservation and implementation.
    In after the meeting, the school organized the "food and grain and grain, the CD -ROM action" to shoot the activity. Transplant the "rejection of waste, the CD -ROM action" advocated by the country to the campus. During the meal of the students, there are leftovers and leftovers at the table and after the meal. And let students take "love food and grain, start with me" home. Share the "Grain Love Family Grain and Grain" publicity Week, and drive the family to join the "grain and grain" operation together.
    In this promotional activity, our school selected a "grain and grain and grain class" and seven "stars of grain and grain". Diligence and frugality are the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation. Through this activity, students of our school must develop good quality of unwavering food, cherish food, and save food. To save, we must always remember it in our hearts and save it. We must prove it by action. Let us curb the waste on the tip of the tongue, save together, and let us act together.
    In October 13th to 19th of the year of school love grain and grain and savings activities. From October 13th to 19th, the Food Bureau of the XX District and the Autonomous Region Agricultural Department, Youth League Committee, and Women's Federation jointly organized the 20xx World Grain Day and Grain Love Family Family Publicity Week activities Essence During the entire activity week, a total of 1,400 obligations of the World Food Day and Grain Emerald and Grain and Family Grain and Food and Family were organized. The expected effect has enhanced the understanding of urban and rural residents' understanding of the knowledge of world food and food love and food festivals. The activity situation is summarized as follows:
    (1) Department linkage, the theme is clear.
    The event was co -organized by the Grain Bureau of the Autonomous Region, the Agricultural Department, the Youth League Committee, and the Women's Federation. The departments strengthened mutual communication and coordination, supported each other, and laid a good foundation for the successful success of the event. This event closely focuses on the theme of "family agriculture -supporting the world, caring for the earth" and "saving a grain of grains, we are in action", highlighting the knowledge of food -related knowledge, and clinging to the hot issues of the theme of the times and the public's attention.
    (2) The preparation is sufficient and the task is in place.
    In order to organize this propaganda activity, the Grain Bureau of the Grain Bureau of the Grain Region carefully planned the office of the Food Day and Grain Love Family Grain and Family Family Family Family Grain and Food and Family Grain and Food and Food and Family. Give strong support and cooperation. Based on the actual situation, the two departments carefully prepared, each work clarified the responsible personnel and the completion time, and provided effective guarantee for the smooth publicity of the promotional week activities.
    (3) Publicity in place in place, with a wide range of social impacts.
    MX Satellite TV, XX Evening News, XX TV Station and various places, states, and municipal news media have been interviewed and reported in a timely manner. There are more than 10 TV news in various places, and 9 newspapers are published. The Grain Bureau of the Grain Bureau of the Autonomous Region, the Government of the Agricultural Department of the Autonomous Region, the Communist Youth League website, and the Women's Internet of Things Website also reported a positive and enthusiastic response among the people of all ethnic groups in the region.
    The school grain and grain and savings activities summarized 5 XX Food Safety Office, County Food Bureau, County Market Supervision Bureau, County Agricultural Committee, Education Bureau, Science and Technology Bureau and other departments, and carried out 20xx "World Grain Day" and national grain love Grain saving promotion week activity. The main activities are:
    On October 16, "World Food Day", multi -departments of XX launched publicity activities in Liu Bang Square, put more than 20 publicity boards, and distributed more than 3,000 publicity materials to the masses on the spot to be the masses. Provide on -site consulting services for grain and oil knowledge, preach the public knowledge such as grain -saving loss, food and oil nutrition and health, etc. to the public, and carry out the signature activity of "love grain and grain, starting from me, starting from now", and advocate that you start from now, from yourself, from yourself. Starting, save every grain of food, and develop a good style of diligence and thrift. At the same time, with the County Education Bureau, I issued the "Food and Food and Family, starting from me, starting from now", from now on the proposal ", the blackboard of each school class replaced the content of grain and grain. Posted the poster of "World Food Day" to the communities to guide the public scientific consumption and healthy consumption.
    Manally use the WeChat public account, government website, community propaganda bar, WeChat group, county television station, posting publicity poster, etc. to widely publicize the theme Highlights. And combined with the concentrated visits of "100, Thousands, Thousands", mobilize the county's grain purchase and sales enterprises to act, hanging "food and food and savings safety, excellent grain and good prices to increase revenue", "saving food, starting from me, from now on, from now on, from now on, from now on After doing more than 50, and through the distribution of brochures, leaflets, and on -site consultation, we will popularize the knowledge of grain and grain and festivals to the masses.
    XX's relevant departments will continue to carry out publicity activities in communities, rural areas, schools, entering schools, cafeterias, and factories to guide and drive the public to actively participate, widely publicize the scientific knowledge of grain and grain, and popularize the "good grain and oil in China "The series of standards and quality control, multi -level, multi -angle publicity and reporting" food love and grain -saving star "in the links of grain production, circulation and consumption, calling on everyone to establish a correct concept of food. Develop a good fashion of living in peace, apologizing for the crime, cherish food such as gold, and grain saving, mobilize the whole society to participate together, reduce the waste of food losses, let the grain -saving and food, promote high -quality food production, ensure the safety of national food safety The concept is deeply rooted in people's hearts.
    The summary of school food love and grain and savings activities 6 seconds, carry out "cherish food, start from me" theme class meeting. Through the knowledge of the real objects, listening to explanation, etc., the knowledge of grain crops such as rice, corn, etc., so that students can understand that "hard work, diligence and thrift" is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. From now on, start from me to save every capsule. Food, resistance and opposition to waste of food, and develop a good fashion for diligence and thrift.
    Third, distribute the promotional information of "Love a grain of rice and cherish a drop of sweat" to parents, so that parents also understand the significance of the promotion of food and grain.
    Fourth, through the form of "small hand holding big hands", "Carey with me on campus, I will bring home" activity; call on all students to do "grain -saving Guardian", starting from me to supervise my parents When family members love food, save food, give full play to the role of children's "small grain propagandists", pass the awareness of cherishing food and saving food to parents, and drive families to participate in the construction of social society.
    In a series of activities, not only let the children understand the various methods of grain saving in life, but also extend the classrooms of environmental education to the family. The words "cherish food" are deeply rooted in the children's hearts Essence
    The school food love and grain and savings activities summary 7 October 16 is World Food Day. Last week was the National Grain Family Family Publicity Week. In the moral, XX Kindergarten in Linxiang District carried out a series of educational activities with the theme of "cherishing food and starting from me", so that children can understand that "one porridge and one meal is not easy" from an early age, and cultivated them. quality.
    During the series of educational activities, at the flag -raising ceremony, the teacher introduced the origin of the "World Food Day" to the children, carried out food love food and food and waste of publicity and educational activities to children; Caiyuan, observing the growth of plants, labor, etc. to understand the hardships of food; the small class carried out the "Big Rooster and Leak Mouth" activity to educate young children to eat and chew slowly, and do not sprinkle rice. Activities, through intuitive and vivid educational methods to watch videos, conversations, paintings, etc. make children more deeply understand the importance of food and cherish food; to understand the various uses of grain through craftsmanship, printing, etc. Introduce food love food and food to parents, and encourage young children to not pick food, no meals, and leaky rice at home.
    The event is based on the actual level of young children at different ages. It attaches importance to the feelings and experiences of the children, and effectively takes root in the minds of children. Through the development of a series of activities, the children know how to cherish and save food. There are obvious progress in daily life, and the activities have been well received by parents.

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