Big cities "accompanying divisions": 60 % of young customers, what do this profession make money?

4 thoughts on “Big cities "accompanying divisions": 60 % of young customers, what do this profession make money?”

  1. This profession makes money by helping customers line up, sending medical records, and accompanied by inspection. It is a very difficult thing to see a doctor in my country, especially in the big city. You have to wait for the first half of the day. Some expert numbers also need to ask the ox to do it. Some people do n’t know how to register at all, so it ’s more convenient to find a clinicist. Experienced accompany the clinic running in the hospital every day. People can choose the best department through your body uncomfortable. There are also some elderly people who are sick at home, and young people work outside. There is no time to accompany the elderly to see a doctor. At this time, they can help their family members by calling. So sometimes this profession really helps to help Many consultants.
    The clinician is always a new type of industry. Many people have bias in the industry and believe that he is an ox. I don't recognize this. In my impression, many people will bring relatives or friends when they go to see a doctor, but some young people are not reliable friends around, and their families have no time to accompany themselves. In this case, they need one urgent need The name companion helps. So don't have too much opinion on the industry. It can't help you help others. Any occupation can exist for a long time, which must be meaningful. At present, the industry is in the early stages. I believe that as more and more people join, everyone will be more recognized.
    does not have a threshold in this industry and do not need a qualification certificate, so it may be more chaotic. Everyone must be vigilant when choosing to prevent being deceived. If you want to engage in the industry, it is recommended to be familiar with the internal environment of the hospital and understand which diseases are mainly treated in each department. If you do n’t understand anything, you will go as a companion. This will not only be complained, but also may be kicked out by the hospital. As my country's population aging continues to intensify, I believe that more people will need the help of the occupation in the future. The general income of this profession is good. At first, you need to hone it. Do not rush to achieve success.

  2. Relying on time and energy, and familiarity with the hospital, this occupation must largely relieve the patient's mental stress

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