The talk show actor was exposed to the sky -high income. How much does Li birthday have been drawn in 1 hour?

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  1. It is said that Li's birthday has been drawn at least half. It can be seen how huge profits this industry is in the industry. Before seeing the entertainment industry's daily salary of hundreds of millions, it was enough to shock us. The celebrities who have been exploded with sky -high income are Hulan. Perhaps many people do not know much about Hulan, but he is indeed a celebrity who talks show. Holand is not breathless with some stalks and speaking on the show. The style has received the attention of a lot of people. Although Hulan’s talk show is good, it is also loved by many people, but the cost of 5 million per hour is really scary. It can be said that Li Xuan is the real beneficiary behind.
    of course, the program does not know when the show is loved and sought after. When it comes to the talk show program, many people will think of the program "Tonight Talk Show". This is the earliest. At that time, Li Xuan and others were just a person who wrote paragraphs in the show group. Later, this show was rising after the suspension of the show due to various reasons. Many people like it, Li Xuan himself has successfully made a circle because of this show. What follows is that more and more people have begun to enter the circle of talk show shows. There are more and more talk shows. I also like such programs, but they are more resistant to some entertainment variety shows.
    Because many talk show actors are not familiar actors, everyone will naturally not feel how high their income will be, but this time the media revealed that the income of Hulan's income did cause the news of the hourly charging. There is a big sensation. This is even more shocking than the news of the price income of the entertainment industry before. Everyone knows that under the influence of the salary limit order, many stars in the entertainment industry have lowered a lot. The income of the actor in the lower mouth show is so high, which is really puzzling.
    The people also feel exaggerated for the behavior of the talk show actor. After the exposure of the sky -high income of Hulan, the village price income also involved Li Xuan. After all, most of the talk show actors became popular from Li Xuan's program. These The income of the talk show actor can be so high. How much Li Xuan can draw from it, which has attracted the attention of many people. I have to say that Li Xuan is indeed at the top of the wind. Once this person is rich, it is easy There were various problems, and the divorce of Li Xuan and the black tail sauce had already been searched. This time, Li Xuan attracted a lot of attention because of the fine of vulgar advertisements. Actors' sky -high income issues have also been questioned by everyone.
    In Li's birthday is at least half of it
    The news said that Li Xuan has to be at least half of it, but this is just rumors on the Internet. As for how much Li Xuan really draws, we are not clear, but according to Li Li Judging from the current value of the birthday, it must be not low in the middle. After all, the income of the talk show actor is so high. Li Xuan as the founder of the show is naturally not low. In fact It is not the point. The point is why the income of the talk show actor can be higher than the income of the entertainment stars. This is a truly puzzling place.
    Mulan fees are charged at hours
    Perhaps many people are not very familiar with Hulan, because if the audience who do not watch the talk show program usually is really unfamiliar with Hulan, because Hulan is participating in participating Before the talk show, it was indeed an amateur, but it is undeniable that Hulan is indeed a very talented person. Although it is not good, it is also a real turtle, and Hulan's professional ability is still very strong, so should be a time when the professional ability of Hulan is very strong. Many people learned that when Hulan's appearance fee was calculated as an hour, some people still felt that he deserves such treatment. Although everyone said that the news of the Holan appearance fee was a little shocked, it didn't seem to be disgusted.
    I birthday is the biggest beneficiary
    It people say that the biggest beneficiary behind the high income of talk show actors is Li Xuan. It is relatively high, and the talk show shows is also considered to be a fire. Although Li Xuan is not high, Li Xuan is really talented, and also has a business mind. On the one hand, I hope that you can see a more exciting talk show, on the other hand, to improve the quality of your show, and more importantly to increase your income.
    The talk show actor is charged at hours of charges
    . Although it is a well -known talk show actor, the sky -high price income is really incredible, and it is also very envious. For us, we Ordinary people may not make this number in a lifetime, but the talk show actor can do it in just a few hours. This is very ironic. This may also be the reason why so many people have to enter the talk show. The income is not lower than the stars in the entertainment industry, and it is not necessary to expose themselves at all. I do n’t know how you evaluate the issue of the talk show actor on the spot fee?

  2. The talk show actor who has been burst into the sky is Hulan, but this is a rumor. Hulan has already rumored. Since it is a rumor, it means that the cost of 5 million hours is completely nonsense. There is no way to talk about this matter.
    The event review some pictures of netizens showed a picture of the performance cost of the suspected talk show actor Hulan. The picture caused heated discussion among netizens. The fee is about 3-5 million yuan. " Many netizens are very shocked about such a high -time salary. Is the appearance fee of a talk show actor really so high? In response, Xiaoguo Culture also responded immediately, saying that the sky -high price appearance fee of Lan commercial cooperation was a rumor, and he did not know that there was such a high appearance fee.
    Clashing, many netizens also ridiculed in the comment area: "Can't make rumors our little raccoon" "Hulan: When is I so valuable?"
    Netizens have not believed that Hulan will really have such a high salary. Such appearance fees are still unlikely to a talk show actor. Before Hulan was a talk show actor, he was doing finance and insurance. He could not find that he could not find his appearance. He actually had a high degree and was a senior student who graduated from Columbia University. As he has performed more and more times, his experience is becoming more and more abundant, and the content of Hulan's performance is becoming more and more natural, which has attracted everyone's love and support.
    The is very strict due to the rectification of sky -high price payments, and everyone is very sensitive to the hourly salary mentioned by netizens. It is also understandable that the discussion is also understandable. There is a long way to go.
    The development of the talk show industry in recent years has become more and more accepted by everyone. There are also many variety shows broadcast on the form of talk shows. Except for the "Tucao Conference" of Smile and Goose Factory In addition to "Talk Show Conference", Mango also released a female star talk show of "Listening to Sister". The small art form of talk show is also slowly familiar with everyone, and the talk show actor will also occupy the industry's benefits.
    Mulan, Pangbo, Yang Yan, Wang Mian, etc. all attract a large number of fans with their own stage charm. Since there is traffic, it will naturally invite business invitations.

  3. There was a discussion and investigation on the income of talk show actors on the Internet. I wonder if everyone is concerned? According to the interface news report, the average appearance fee of the talk show actor Hulan is 300-5 million, is it unexpected?
    This show actor's sky -high price income in the past few years, the development of the talk show, the development of the industry is just like God. Essence This group of language humor can always cause netizens to have various talk show actors who think about life, and they can often see them on hot search. Even Li Xueqin, an Internet celebrity, rely on cross -border to participate in the "Talk Show Conference" countless fans, and became a variety show that everyone loves.
    Many people feel that the talk show actor is not mixed. After all, it is a variety show coffee, especially the newcomer who has the talk show last year's talk show. Essence However, it was surprising that in recent days, the price of 5 million talks was reported in a period of 5 million. Following a small flow of 160 million pieces of flowers, netizens once again shocked to make money in the entertainment industry, even if the talk show was the same.
    Grocked the 5 million talk show actor is the Hulan that everyone loves very much. As a top -level talk show actor in Xiaoguo Culture, Hulan has developed very well in recent years. His manuscript is not only funny and advanced, just like the "consumption concept" of hot search recently. This time Hu Lan was invited to explain the financial management industry in a live broadcast. As a result, more than 400,000 people sucked powder in just one hour. According to the online news, the live broadcast fee was as high as 5 million yuan.
    Hulan is worth this price? Some netizens think that the talk show is creative. Can you talk about each time? You can live when you see others high in income. Others can be red at once. Some people think that other talk show actors are not clear, but Hulan's appearance fee is worth it because they participated in the fund live broadcast.
    . Hu Lan just graduated from Columbia University. The majors and financial industries he are studying are opposed to the financial industry. It is reasonable. Moreover, the talk show actor is not like a film and television actor. There are good jobs like this every day. It is not good to see their tax.
    How is Li's birthday? As one of the founders of Smile Culture, Li Xuan will naturally share money, but we do n’t know how much it is. When it comes to talk shows, in fact, Li Xuan and Chi Zi can be said to be a very early batch. In fact, the contract fee of 30 million is actually paid with the contract with Swordsman Culture. In fact, he also pays it, and the pool is just an employee. It is not like Li Xuan. It is one of the founders of Xiaoguo Culture. The scope of the pool's activity is only on the show "Tucao Conference", and this show has only become popular in recent years! The income is evident!
    It's income, not to mention. With the comprehensive network of "Tucao Conference", he has successfully made a circle and participated in many variety shows. Although the small eyes are not good, it is quite funny and there are many stalks. Coupled with the identity of the boss, the development is really good in recent years!

  4. The "Talk Show Conference" organized by Li Xuan has improved the quality of life of the talk show actor, and has greatly improved their value. Among the 5 -meter appearance fee, half of the fees of 5 million will enter Li ’s pocket. But Li Xuan is really rich.

  5. Li Xuan will take half of the cost, this is also very high, and 50%of them are drawn. This behavior is relatively excessive.

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