2 thoughts on “What are the names of creative foot bath shops?”

  1. 1. Tianya Haijiao
    The word of Tianya Haijiao is far -reaching in terms of meaning, which means that the chain stores of the store are attributed to the end of the horizon and sea corners, which is quite successful. Insert.
    2, nourishing Changle
    As soon as you see this name, everyone will think of the idiom "contentment", which illustrates the remembrance of the name and is conducive to communication; The attitude of life is linked to reflect the concept advocated by the operator.
    3, the embankment of thousands of miles
    has a way of "a thousand miles began under the foot, and the dyke of thousands of miles was destroyed by the ant hole." Here we have to take this name The health of the foot is very necessary, and the name is clear at a glance.
    4, satisfaction
    Then this name is because there are a lot of desires in modern people's lives, which can achieve a state of satisfaction. The meaning of relaxation; the second is the effect of "relaxing your body and mind, relieving fatigue, and relieving stress". I believe that guests will smile after hearing the name and understand the interest.
    5, Ailian said
    In Chinese culture, the most beautiful feet are called "Jin Lian", and this name originated from the ancient Zhou Dunyi "Love Lotus" in the Song Dynasty. The famous sentences of dyeing, 涟 涟 but not demon "are all eternal, and women and children are well known; the meaning of them is even more profound. Essence

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenThe answer to your question has been received, and you are in the editor and answer, please wait a minute ~nQuestion?nAnswer Yumei, Yu Fengxuan, Yuzu Hall, Yuhua Die, Footnal, Foot Kangyuan, Zhong Ai Hall, Sumitet, Changshou Le, Yuezu Palace, Yazhu Pavilion, etc.nIs there any question?nAnswer Shuiyunxuan's foot bath, contentment of health and leisure clubs, lives, Lanxin Pavilion, Wanda River foot bath, Xinlongmen Yuzu, Football, rich life, Boyuan foot therapy shop, Bita Sea Health, Saiyue Footbath , Brother has a footbath, full bath, Kowloon foot bath, night beach foot bath, Kangle foot roadnAre there any two words?nAnswer to the toe garden Dingli Foot, Jiawangjiao Kajin Emin Pavilion Golden Foot Three Elements Shangliu Hongfu Paintang Shuxiang referring to the family foot enjoy the bath Huang Yongquan rich Daoxiantang Yishu Cao Fangkang point to the elegant fullnessnQuestion Wen Ya rhyme. Thank you.nThe elegant rhyme. Thank you.nIs there two words?nIs there two words?nAnswer 回 禧 濯 濯 回nJialan stepped up the waves, Zhenyan YujiaonAsk the names of small shops that have heard of these names.nAnswer Wen Yan Qinle, Mei Jun Zhao Li Jing, Ran Feiman Yiyan RuyinThank you very much for your consultation. I hope my answer can help you. If you have any needs in the future, you can consult me. I will definitely answer it for you. I wish you a happy life.nMore 14nBleak

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