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  1. In studying, work, and even life, the most unfamiliar thing about everyone is poetry. Poetry can naturally be touched by language. So what kind of poetry is a good poetry? The following is the "Dream Reality" poem that I collected and organized. It is for reference only. I hope to help everyone.
    "Dream Reality" Poetry 1 There is no ideal portrait,
    in spring, get yellow in autumn,
    The summary for life,
    Can't mention hope.
    The people without ideal are flowing water,
    Why can't I hear its singing?
    The it turned out to be the real sediment
    has gradually stained and turned into a dirty pond.
    The portrait without the ideal is empty house
    without the owner. Audio.
    So open, life is shouting:
    let a elves invade his heart from the evil far away

    The ideal is a maze, according to its logic
    The more you go to your destination, the more you go.
    Oh, ideal, how beautiful,
    , but when it flows into the reality ice cave,
    What you see is the wasteland in the north,
    Follow the family.
    "I am the most reasonable idea,
    I I am on the solid soil,"
    but the reality is a sinister sellow sand,
    "I pointed out the noble road,
    . My bright light can shine your fog,"
    Mremia, how many people dedicate to her,
    This wisdom finally comes from doubt.
    is there no doubt? Then follow her,
    . I do n’t know where to catch the ghost fire.
    "Dream Reality" Poetry 2 (1)
    This when night is quiet,
    I slowly read it,
    The history of China,
    thousands of years, for thousands of years,
    What scenes of magical legends,
    in front of my eyes ......
    When ancient times,

    Pan Gu Kaitian,

    exaggerate the father every day,
    Dream ...
    has surpassed
    for thousands of years,
    a thin long line,
    letting the kite fly Get up,
    The long howl,
    to fly!
    The higher the better, the farther the better, the farther the better, but
    , but the descendants of Huaxia,
    This hopeful hope ...
    from God to God,
    From the number of
    countdown to the second,
    The fly from China,
    my motherland!
    How after how many years of vicissitudes,
    how many historical turmoil has been experienced,
    has remembering the mushroom cloud,
    Make up,
    I remember the satellites transmitted to the Oriental Red music,
    The land on the land of Shenzhou,
    once again evoked our memory ... ...
    On the sky from God,
    flying out of the earth,
    to the vast and boundless space,
    Look at the docking of
    of God Ten and Tiangong,
    The prestige of astronauts in space,
    countless times,
    demonstrated the dream rhyme of the strong science and technology country,
    (seven )
    today's world,
    The male heroes,
    poverty and wealth parallel,
    Wake up during death ...
    The everything about everything,
    scenes and scenes,
    to make many people dreaming,
    let us excite us, let us excite,
    Our motherland,
    is rising,
    created harmony,
    builds beautiful,
    dreams and reality,
    will come true every day ...
    "Dream Reality" Poetry 3 What kind of blood is the bloodline
    This flowing with two distinct colors
    n The floating clouds floating in my heart
    Is will not dry up
    This lush trees on the shore
    The collision of fresh and moisturizing color
    meets the stone in the water
    The leaves drifting on the water are the failed tears
    The splashing water is the laughter of the round stone
    The stone is reality and cruel Singing judge
    This wrapped in white clothing wrapped my soul and body
    The warm lips kissing green dreams
    deep into the depths of dreams
    Facing this angular cold judge
    The central center of the cloud
    since then my heart has become soft
    Release the fullness of love
    , although we can't be in military uniforms, the horizontal sword immediately
    is also a white warrior
    bravely fighting, defending life
    Green Dream
    In my blood
    singing the glory of life
    The road of life
    must write the movement of
    Poetry 4 "Dreams and Reality"
    In the clouds floating in the distance
    did you ask me softly
    ? Remember the colorful dreams of childhood
    I did not answer
    those high -rise buildings are open
    those cars are weak
    those neon lights replaced the night
    those you and me n will eventually become high -rise snacks
    The moment I bowed my head
    Sighing: Those dreams
    just hidden it in my heart
    Occasionally it will dream
    -looking for my heart Little Demon
    "Dream Reality" Poetry 5 We once took our dreams to wander,
    We have loved and hate,
    we also laughed and cried,
    Life I have tasted the sweet and sour bitterness,
    is just, who can understand our loneliness?
    This, who can understand our loneliness?
    Slowly, our wandering has become rootless duckweed, drifting and zero seas,
    gradually, our dreams are lost at the crossroads and lost the sea,
    Is after the dream and reality are severely friction,
    what should we do?
    When we are still in the school,
    Make the wanderer,
    that means freedom, unrestrained, sea wide sky,
    We are always envious of envy With those children who are wandering between cities,
    bring a beautiful longing fantasy,
    It a day we can do so happily.
    R N gave up the fastest shortcut from the grassroots to the elite class,
    only after we took a beautiful dream to wander,
    life is not so simple,
    This life is not a stray life is not the life of stray is not So beautiful,
    The premise of stray is a sufficient material foundation,
    and we have to run in the troubles of three meals a day,
    Then I understand that
    The stray is too heavy for you and me,
    The tender arms still cannot support the sky above our heads.
    Once there was one time Occasionally, on the wandering road (railway station), he met a boy who was less than 16 years old,
    . He told me that he would be a chef after he was a chef and apprentice,
    I asked what his dream was ,
    He said he does not yearn for a life of 3,000 yuan a month,
    is yearning for a life of 3,000 yuan in salary for others,
    I laughed, and I laughed deeply.
    is the laughter that I am not as good as a child,
    still laughing at him is still too naive?
    I don't know, I don't want to know,
    , but I know that in the face of severe reality,
    is mature regardless of age,
    n will not know,
    The only time that can tell us the answer.
    The I talked to him for a long time,
    n and I silently listened, remember, and thought,
    Most of their hotels were working there,
    Actually ,
    Perhaps today he is your colleague,
    tomorrow you will find that he has wandered to other places or cities,
    n This is the most authentic portrayal of our post -90s generation,
    because when we are used to wandering, we will find that
    changes to time and space can change too much,
    not we do not understand Love,
    is just this reality makes love shallow,
    Perhaps it is called a brother and brother today,
    tomorrow he went to other places to contact slowly,
    because of distance It is impossible to avoid,
    Perhaps you are paired with her today,
    will be scattered due to the different pursuit of personality differences and values ​​tomorrow. Who is,
    Because everyone is used to like it,
    is tired of going to the north of the north,
    The reality is just.
    and dreaming is even more dispensable,
    I we know that only enjoying it in time,
    because no one knows where will it go tomorrow,
    for the sake of What should people who struggle and struggle to talk about dreams? rn   触使我们的四处的漂泊的原因有很多,rn   也许是这个城市呆久呆厌倦了,rn   这个城市没有带给我们想要一切所以选择离开;r N Perhaps I just want to walk around in a young man,
    The cities with too many coastal cities, but we can't finish it;
    Perhaps it is injured and wants to escape the city,
    leaves away It is the best choice for the wounds;
    may be longing for dreams,
    It the next city. Life may be more exciting;
    maybe a partner who played from childhood to big The summoning,
    to go away with a fiery heart ..
    too much may let us keep floating and walking,
    When will it stop?
    Perhaps one day I will be tired,
    The body and mind is so tired that I can't move anymore,
    maybe the true love that I find,
    R n, but we know that the end of the wandering is farther than our dream,
    This may be a fate for us after 90.
    n The reality allows us to have no way to choose from,
    We have no choice,
    Is continue to wander, continue to wait ...
    "Dream Reality" Psalm 6 We have two worlds
    , one is dream
    The other is reality
    The wings of dreams are always light
    The endless happiness and satisfaction
    I we can control the brisk wings
    Traveling, letting you sing
    The footsteps of reality are always cruel
    The endless pain and troubles
    We can only slow down heavy footsteps
    Low Yin
    The people wandering in dreams and reality
    In I do n’t know if it is dreaming to create reality
    or the real destroyed dream
    Although I don't know where it will be stiff
    , I still take the first step
    The no one for him
    just want to find a little warmth
    to melt the cold heart

    I search for footprint
    although there is a series of deep footprints behind me
    , I do n’t know what my
    has no purpose
    R n to continuing my footsteps
    The tomorrow should be bright
    I I surely
    yesterday and today I should be the rainbow after the wind and rain n It is brilliant
    I firmly believe
    yesterday and today I was on the way
    The most beautiful
    The tomorrow should be my appearance
    n Yesterday and today I am prepared
    Y every moment in my life
    "Dream Reality" Psalm 7 An old mythical,
    Millennium spread;
    a beautiful one Dreams,
    Wanai Dai continued extension ...
    Today, I finally came!
    This shoulder the heavy support of Yan Huang's descendants,
    The greetings of his father and fellow,
    In the power of the Long March Rocket,
    Feil over space and go to Guanghan.
    From then on, myths are no longer mysterious,
    Is no longer difficult to circle,
    The immortals are no longer lonely,
    The sky palace is no longer far away.
    At present, it is just the first step in the journey of thousands of miles,
    will be good in the future.
    Is will send the messenger of a real person,
    to meet the long -lost distant ancestors.
    , at the same time, take off the genetic cinnamon trees and white rabbits,
    mu's varieties to improve,
    This to thrive and reproduce from generation to generation on the month,
    Bed to the world.
    , we will install a computer for Sister E and Gang,
    through the remote interstellar communication line,
    We contact and chat online.
    , don't think that this is a new round of dreams,
    The wisdom of Chinese children will definitely achieve it.
    In we open our arms and welcome a better future
    to hug a brighter tomorrow!
    HTML format dream and reality
    -Dedicated to "Chang'e No. 1" and its behind -the -scenes hero
    "Dream Reality" Psalm 8 One Dream is too hot
    A bundle of reality I saw the cold
    The jar used for chemistry
    The blending the two into oil
    又 又
    The empty body
    n Meeting the balance with noble
    Dreaming stands on the side of the mirror
    A man with a face and whole body
    only person who shows snow -sized eyes
    stands there
    The reality Standing on the side of the mirror
    . I did n’t wear anything
    I only wear a black eye mask
    Standing here
    I am at that person
    The bowl of the bowl and the wool
    has no sound on the side of the mirror
    This on the side of the mirror
    This my body is very painful and loud n Shiwu body
    The people are so good to poison
    The reality condenses into a dog tail grass
    Dreaming to fade into a kapok in the yellow land
    Show Ai
    This Kapok looked back with his arrogant face
    . However, it is pity and pity that
    how to get higher and dependent on the dog's tail grass
    One of them
    "Dream Reality" Poetry 9 Remember us that day?
    Do you remember the original dream?
    Im still remember us who were young and unscrupulous?
    These three years
    This experienced lost
    Conneys and failure
    will always bite without abandoning
    Perhaps we will be separated tomorrow
    Today we will be We have always been together
    The eternal seven (3) eighth (3) 9 (3)
    Eternal us
    Many people have said that they can become friends
    The fate is deep or shallow
    Intermittently continuing
    These three years
    It people have left some people. n Here
    The doomed separation
    Perhaps in the future, a certain place will encounter
    The I hope you at that time
    Vaguely remember that we were young and we lost. Friendship
    How can we clear the years in three years
    The bitter period
    It dreams need to be done
    Please believe
    The brothers who are not afraid of death behind you
    The life price of life is more valuable. N Farewell, my junior high school
    farer, my little friendship
    mart again, let's parting again!
    When friendship becomes commemorative, only what we can embrace is memories. …
    "Dream Reality" Poetry 10 I want to enjoy the sunset quietly on the hillside of Yu Meiren
    The floating corner of the distance.
    I want to put down all the work in my hand,
    This ride on my bicycle,
    The shuttle on the tree -lined avenue.
    I want to go on the avenue of happiness on the avenue of happiness on the afternoon of the afternoon,
    This, singing happily.
    I want to take advantage of the first rays of sunshine after the rain
    to see the rainbow in the sky
    and the clouds in the wind
    I want to be in my spare time
    , Read poetry
    The flowers filled with beautiful flowers in front of my window
    and the sun coffee accompany me
    I want to come to a journey that talks and go
    The outside world
    has perceived the soul once more
    . For the current me
    , only in front of my desk
    R n Because I do n’t have enough time at this time
    , let ’s put down your fantasies
    continue to work, don’t think about

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