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  1. Tuo Pu is a well -known domestic brand that focuses on rotating mop fields. It is the largest and most professional rotating mop brand in China. It has many types of rotating mops. There are many types of products, and many people are not unfamiliar. So, how is Tuotong Rotating Morration? How to disassemble the Tuotong Pu Rotating Morning? Also, what is the price of Taku Pu Rotating Morning Trailer? Below, you can see the editor of Tu Butu to see Tuo Pu Rotating Rotating Rotating Rotary The market reputation, disassembly method and price introduction of the mop.

    How to the Tuotong Pujian mop?
    Tongpu rotating mop, which was manufactured by Wuyi Top Park Plastic Industry Co., Ltd., which was established in 2000. Modern enterprise manufacturing and sales. Tuo Pu Xian has become the leader of China's rotating mop industry. It is a leading position in the industry in terms of technology research and development, production scale, quality control, product design, number of categories, and sales scale. Tuo Pu's rotating mop also has the advantages of free -hand washing, free -to -hand twist, free rotation of 360 -degree free rotation, mopping windows, durable quality, clever design, fashionable appearance and other advantages. The largest and most professional rotating mop brand in China.

    How to disassemble the Puchu rotating mop?
    This to remove the rotating mop. First, step on the cloth plate and try to get closer to the edge of the mop disc. Secondly, rotating the mop pole to the direction of the screws into the position of the foot, and holding it in the opposite direction, which can be separated from the cloth plate. This step is very important. The third is to place the new cloth plate on the ground and the head discs on the head discs. Finally, press down, and remove the tight sound. When installing, the mop disc is connected to the cloth plate, and step on the feet lightly. After hearing the "click" sound, the installation is completed.

    This Pujian rotating mop price introduction
    Tongpu rotating mop, the effort and hard -to -winding port L006 belongs to the Top Park Wing series, the barrel is equipped with a "windfire wheel" and a folding lever. Only You need to pull it gently, you can follow the barrel, you can follow, you don't need to trailer the barrel, no need to run back and forth. This product has Top Pu "fast Li Jie" cleaning to help patented technology, and the hand pressure is very easy. Suitable for the crowd is the elderly, pregnant women, and a small force. The reference price is 229 yuan. The super -durable Hummer X5 uses a patented "Hummer" drive system. The pedal and base connection device are all made of wide and thick aluminum alloy instead of plastic materials. The pedal has TPR silicone, which can effectively and non -slip. In addition, the source of intelligent maintenance system is adopted, built -in pump pressure device and lubricant, which is very convenient for maintenance. The mop rod is made of full stainless steel, which is more durable. Suitable for the crowd is a crowd pursuing quality life. The reference price is 499 yuan. (The price comes from the Internet, for reference only)

    This Tuo Pu rotating mop to buy Book
    The creativity of Chinese people is always extensive and profound. I saw it. Today, after experiencing a long development of the mop industry, it has finally ushered in the birth of "another housework revolution after washing machine" -the birth of the rotating mop.
    The rotating mop not only has the magical cleaning effect of "one drag, cleaning without trace", but also its unique "free -to -hand washing free -to -hand twist" function brings the gospel to the majority of love women. When housework is clean, we no longer need to contact those dirty water and mop heads, and we no longer need to reach into the cold water in the cold and bone cold water in winter. We don't have to soak their fingers swell, crack or even frostbite because of the hand washing mop. Every time you drag the ground, just press the mop head in a cleaning barrel or dehydration basket gently (of course, the mm with a small strength can also be used in the mode of hand pressure and pedal). When washing or dried, the dirty mop immediately became dry and clean.

    If you are still upset, trouble, and tired of mopping, if you don't like housework, then the "rotating mop brand choice "Buy Book" hopes to help you:
    Tuotong is the largest manufacturer in the rotating mop industry. It is also the only professional manufacturer who only does a rotating mop. It has more than 50 patent technologies including invention patents. At present At least half of the rotating mop products on the market are imitated Top Pu. Top Park's quality, technology, appearance and human refinement function is the best. There are more than 50 products, and the price is between 150-600 yuan. It is very suitable for the pursuit of comprehensive factors such as appearance, quality, function, brand and other comprehensive factors Young consumers.

    It this shows that Tuotong's rotating mop is well -known in the field of rotating mop, and its reputation on the market is also better, which belongs to domestic famous brand products. However, the price of Tuotu Rotating Morning is more expensive than the average mop, which is about a few hundred yuan. In addition, there are many products in Tuotong's rotating mop, and the price is also different. Moreover, the disassembly of Tuo Pu's rotating mop is not difficult. However, the editor of Tuba Rabbit suggested that if you want to buy Tuotong Rotating Mop, it is better to go to the specialty store or the official website.
    The above is the relevant content about Tuo Pu Rotating Morque, I hope it can be helpful to everyone!

  2. The Tuotong brand is called David. Their quality is relatively poor. The mop received by it is not a small accessory or a haircut. The workmanship is poor. The quality control ability is extremely poor. I don't know if they have quality control staff. It is an important problem to buy two or three times. Like less, the most angry is equivalent to two short pounds and less. It can be seen that their quality control system is too weak, quality control personnel have poor quality awareness or there is no control method. I won't buy it next time.

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