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  1. When formulating a marketing strategy, there are three types of marketing strategies that can be optional, dense strategies, integrated development strategies, and multi -keratinized strategies. Here are detailed explanations.
    1. The dense strategy
    The dense strategy refers to the development direction of enterprises by digging its operating potential on the basis of existing products and markets, so as to obtain a higher market share.
    The intensive strategy is suitable for existing products or markets and profit space. The specific strategies are as follows: the following three types.
    ① market penetration strategy refers to the use of existing products to seek greater development in existing markets. For example, encourage existing consumers to buy more, attract consumers who originally purchased competitors to buy, and persuade consumers who have not purchased.
    ② market development strategy, that is, develop new markets with existing products, implement regional diversification, find new customer bases, and develop new purposes.
    ③ Product development strategy refers to the development of new products in the original market and improve and improve the original products. At the same time, the development of products that are supplemented by the original product or new products that have nothing to do with the original product.
    2. Integrated development strategy
    The integrated development strategy refers to the development strategy of corporate development by establishing or buying business -related business -related businesses. According to the relationship between the new businesses and the original business, the integrated development strategy can be divided into front -oriented and integrated strategies, back -to -integrated strategies and horizontal integration strategies.
    ① The front -oriented integration strategy refers to a development strategy that is controlled by the distributor or retailer or strengthened its control. The most effective way is franchise.
    ②The integrated strategy, refers to the strategy of obtaining development by obtaining the ownership of the supplier or strengthening its control. This strategy is more suitable for conditions such as too high supply costs, unreliable suppliers, or suppliers cannot guarantee supply.
    ③ horizontal integration strategy refers to the strategy of obtaining the ownership of competitive enterprises or strengthening its control to obtain corporate development. Consolidation, mergers, acquisitions, receiving, etc. are the most commonly used ways.
    3. Multiproving strategy
    Muctive strategy is the use of existing resources and advantages to use various methods of capital operations to invest and develop marketing strategies for other businesses in different industries.
    ct on a multi -keratinized strategy, that is, an enterprise increases new businesses related to the original business.
    ② Horizontal multi -keratinized strategy. That is, companies produce different products in the same field as their original products.
    ③ Comprehensive multi -keratinized strategy, that is, new businesses that have nothing to do with the development of the enterprise are completely unrelated to the original business.
    The specific analysis of these strategic types is shown in Table 10.

  2. What is a marketing strategy?

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