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  1. First of all, you must know first, what can you or your company help the customer? What benefits, benefits, and how much benefits can be brought to customers, where is it? Who is your opponent? What are their characteristics? At the same time, what benefits can you bring more than your peers? Third, what is your target customer? For example, you are advertising in that aspect. Your customer may be that industry and so on. Then, use all methods to tell your customer group with better ability. Let your target customers know you (and your company). Divide key customers, potential customers, that is, levels. Also, for your key customers, understand what your customers need, the point is there. Know your opponent at the same time. Do you know that you have a hundred battles. Finally, you can work for your key customers and tell them what you need. Do better than your peers, fortunately there. Be able to say specific performance. Note: Pay special attention to. To understand the needs of customers and focus, you are not necessarily the best in the same industry, but you must help customers solve the best, most time -saving, and better one in the problem.

  2. Finding customer expansion through Baidu Advertising Alliance or finding some resources through relationships. This is a faster way

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer kiss, hello, there are many ways to find customers. There are several suggestions below:n1. Don't completely rely on network information. Some people say that finding customers just searches on the Internet. We oppose the way of searching for customers in the Internet. This is because many of our potential customers themselves have not entered the online media, and online information is often accurate.n2. Look at traditional advertisements. This is the most commonly used strategy. Generally, customers with more advertisements in newspapers, magazines, radio, and television are warm. Wallets are relatively warm and can be considered to be tracked first.n3. The main patriarch of online advertising to invest online advertising is generally above the intermediate customer. It is easier to receive new concepts. You can focus on it.nI hope my answer can help younIf you are still satisfied with my service, please give me a praise, thank you n4 morenBleak

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