5 thoughts on “I am fifty years old, what job to go out to find”

  1. It's 50 years old. If you go out to find a job, unless you have a skill, there is no skills, then you can only work hard. If you have a skill, you can play your strengths, it is relatively easy, otherwise it is easy a little.

  2. The work of garden greening may be too young. Generally, it takes more than sixty, and you may not be able to ask. The hotels like the older. What do you like to do and what kind of money to make money and physical strength and time, you all inquire about making a choice.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenThe first type of answer is to do building materials contracting sites. Generally, middle -aged people of 50 years of age will accumulate a little connection and funds. If there is a building material project, you can try to invest. Also soon. The second is to open an online red shop. Now young people like to go to the online celebrity store consumption. As long as the famous halls make money, it is very simple. The third type is to open a supermarket in the town. Generally speaking, it will not be able to keep up with the middle -aged and mental energy. It is easy to manage if you open a supermarket, and it is not very consuming. The fourth type of stall sells pancake pancakes is delicious tongue everywhere. It is highly respected by the majority of diners. For 50 -year -old people, selling pancakes is also a good choice. And making pancake technology is simple and easy to learn, easy to get started, and not much investment at the same time. For everyone, it is a good choice. It seems that in last year, there was no news report. A aunt who sold pancakes was not bad money. She entered tens of thousands of monthly and bought a house. For the fifth type of glasses shop, for the 50 -year -old people at hand, they can choose to open a glasses shop. After all, when electronic products are constantly emerging, people have excessive eyes and myopia people are constantly. It is very large. It is often available to run a glasses shop at school or near shopping malls, etc., and often has market demand, and the investment is not very large. Generally, one or two hundred thousand can open a store.

  4. I am very embarrassed at this age. It is difficult to find the technology or management work that I have worked as before, and almost all of them were stuck in age.
    The age, usually children work, relatively less pressure. As long as it is not too tired, the salary is also possible. The most important thing is that life has rhythm and regularity, which is conducive to physical and mental health?
    What is cleaning, what housekeeping, security guards, waiters, hostels, etc. It will be all right

  5. Now that you are transferred to a relatively hot market, such as the current West Point Baked Coffee. It is relatively easy to start with these industries, and it is relatively easy to find a job. Moreover, the salary is relatively high, and the study time is relatively short. You can find a job quickly after getting started. Also, it is easy to finish the baking West to start a business. I am a boss a lot better than working for others. And it will not be eliminated in a short time, and it is relatively easy to work

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