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  1. Of course, you can say a few importantly with you, 1. You can change your avatar 2. You can speed up QQ upgrade 3. You can light up the membership logo and QQ dazzling bell 4. You can spend the internal test number of the gun. 5. You can create 4 groups 6. Friends clone

  2. [Benefits and functions of members]: [1] QQ members can open, members dazzling, book logos, red QQ nicknames, VIP levels to buy beautiful numbers; Calone QQ friends, numbers lost mobile phones to recover; [3] mobile phone redesigned passwords, network hard disks (128/256M), network album (1G), QQ mailbox (3-6G); [4] custom avatar replace The latest QQ versions and various general numbers that cannot be experienced, and other functions; [5] free of charge: toro, news, speed; [1] New regulations for membership upgrade: [2] Members have accelerated upgrade functions: [VIP1: 2 hours = 1.1 days vip2: 2 hours = 1.2 days] [VIP3: 2 hours = 1.3 days VIP4: 2 hours = 1.4 days] [vip5: 2 hours = 1.5 days VIP6: 2 hours = 1.6 days]

  3. Red name ranking super pretty card QQ grade accelerated filtering advertising VIP mailbox privileged member avatar member emoji member dazzling membership card membership card member music weekly member close friend 1,000 network hard disk 128m-1.5G network album 1g QQ mailbox 3-6g

  4. QQ members are the distinguished VIP services provided by Asia's first -class Internet company Tencent. Powerful membership privileges comprehensively improve your quality of online life, let you play QQ and become a real Internet pioneer! All wonderful functional privileges (38 items) I. Respecting and exclusive functional privileges: 1. More noble: Red names rank in front super pretty card QQ level accelerated filtering advertising forum privilege replies notification VIP mailbox privileges 2. Cool: Member: Member: Member: Member: Member: Member: Member: Member Avatar Member Magic Emoticon Member Dazzling Member Card Member Card Member Music Weekly Graffiti Emoticon 3. More powerful: Member Group Super Privilege Member Friends Friends Lie (1000) Network Hard Disk (128M-1.5G) network album (1g) QQ mailbox (3-6g ) Member VIP server login 4. More freedom: File transit station offline document emoji Morning chat recording roaming mail mobile phone notification enhancement version of friends online mobile phone notification, offline message mobile phone notification mobile phone setting avatar mobile phone setting light bell network memo network collection clip 5, More secure: Super security protection password Modify the mobile phone notification of the mobile phone to set the password consideration to be awarded a friend cloned appeal to fast response 6. More affordable: recharge Q coin account 8.8 % off high -end group payment 50 % 7, more intimate: customer service phone first access access Online Customer Service Priority Response II. Wonderful and rich activity privileges: Prefer to experience: First time experience Tencent's related product theme activities: rich and colorful theme activities discount: Members buy Tencent service n multi -discount number to buy: super pretty, super pretty, super pretty, The number of numbers will be given you three, the higher the level, the stronger the function. The more exciting the activity of the QQ member, the more the 7th anniversary of the QQ member, we have prepared a special gift for QQ members: "QQ member QQ level accelerate upgrade privilege", " With more flexible QQ, etc., the level growth system, faster QQ level growth rate, allow you to get the first to experience the pleasure of accelerating and enjoy the Supreme QQ member VIP privilege! VIP1 = 1.1/Day VIP2 = 1.2/Day VIP3 = 1.3/Day VIP4 = 1.4/Day VIP5 = 1.5/Day VIP6 = 1.6/Day

  5. 1. Functional privileges of honor and exclusiveness: 1. More noble: red name ranking super pretty card QQ level qq qq qq qq qq qq qq qq qq qq baste -filtering advertising forum privilege replies notification VIP mailbox privileges 1 2. Cool Member Card Member Music Weekly Graffiti Emoticon 3. More powerful: Member Group Super Privilege Member Secret Friend Friends Lie (1000) network hard disk (128m-1.5G) network album (1g) QQ mailbox (3-6G) member VIP server login 4. 4. More freedom: File Modification Station Offline Documents File Emoticons Man Tour Chat Record Roaming Mail Mobile Phone Notification Enhancement Edition Friends Online Mobile Phone Notification Mobile Phone Set the avatar mobile phone setting the light bell network memorandum network collection clip 5, more secure protection password modification Mobile phone notification mobile phone redesign Carelessness, prompting friends cloning 6. More affordable: recharge the Q coin account for 8.8 % off high -end group payment 50 % off, wonderful and rich activity privilege: Preferred experience: first experience Tencent's related product theme activities: content Various and colorful theme activities discount: Members buy Tencent Service N multi -discount number to buy: Super beautiful QQ number will send you three, higher levels, the stronger the function, the more exciting the event, the 7th anniversary of the QQ member In the same way, we have prepared special gifts for QQ members: "QQ member QQ level accelerate upgrade privileges", use a more flexible QQ level growth system, faster QQ level growth rate, allow you Supreme QQ member VIP privilege! From November 29, 2007, starting at 12:00 noon, the QQ level of QQ members will be accelerated without changing the original calculation method. On the basis of obtaining the corresponding QQ level growth through the accumulation of active days, QQ member users can also increase their daily online duration based on the membership level, thereby accumulating more active days and getting higher QQ levels. The accumulation method of "active days": On the same day (0: 00-23: 59), the use of QQ was 2 hours (and more than 2 hours). Depending on the VIP level, QQ member users can accumulate at most of their active days for 1.6 days. (View detailed active days cumulative method) On the same day (0: 00-23: 59) Use QQ from 0.5 hours to 2 hours to accumulate 0.5 days for its active days. On the same day (0: 00-23: 59) using QQ below 0.5 hours, it is not accumulated for its accumulated active days. QQ membership VIP level online (including 2 hours and above) can accumulate active days VIP1 2 hours, 1.1 days VIP2 2 hours, 1.2 hours, 2 hours, 1.3 days, 2 hours, 1.4 days, VIP5 2 hours 1. 5 -day VIP6 2 hours 1.6 days Member growth system currently includes 6 stages. VIP1 is used to VIP6 respectively. The specific growth stage depends on the "growth value" of members. Growth value 0 600 1800 3600 6000 10800 2. The growth value calculation formula is as follows: S = S0 5T1 10T2 12T3 - 5T4 s: growth value (minimum is 0, the next day shows changes in growth value.) S0: One -time feedback Growth value (in order to thank the majority of old member users for their consistent support and love, Tencent's growth value returned to the old members at one time when the membership growth system was launched in 2006-9-7 Broadband) Cumulative number of days T2: Q coin payment method (such as personal accounts, QQ cards, telephone opening, gifts from others, etc.) Cumulative number of days T3: online banking payment method (such as online banking, Tenpay) Cumulative number of days T4: s: s: s: s: s: s: s: s: s: s: s: s > 0 cumulative number of non -member days (this value is reduced by 5, S = 0 is not cumulative) for example: Xiao Zhang obtained a one -time feedback growth value of 900 when the membership growth system was launched, and used it within 110 days. For 30 days of mobile phones, personal accounts and online banks, and for 20 days of discontinuation, his growth value s = 900 5 × 30 10 × 30 12 × 30 - 5 × 20 = 1610. Note: 1) S0 = Cumulative number of membership days × 10 in the past year (2005-9-1 to 2006-8-31); 2) T1, T2, T3, and T4 have been calculated from the day of the growth system; T2, T3 cannot accumulate at the same time. If the user uses multiple payment methods to open members (for example, before the broadband prepaid payment expires, a pre -paid payment and online banking prepaid fee renewal) is given priority to T3. , Finally, T1; 4) The growth rate of each payment method above is specific as follows: Payment method growth speed remarks: mobile phone, small spiritual, broadband 5 q coin payment method: for example, QQ card, 168 message telephone opening After the user given 5 5 (additional preferential preferential gifts) users to replace the payment method, the new growth rate will begin to be displayed after 24 hours. Online banking payment method: online banking, Tenpay 5 7 (promotional additional preferential gift) Use mobile phones, small Lingtong, broadband to open a 5 -point growth value QQVIP2 for 120 days QQVIP3, 360 days QQVIP4, 720 days QQVIP5 takes 1200 days, it takes 1200 days. QQVIP6 requires 2160 angels to use personal accounts, QQ cards, 168 audio telephone members and other people to give away 10 -point growth value QQVIP2. QQVIP3 takes 180 days QQVIP4. QQVIP5 takes 600 days QQVIP6. 1080 Angels use online banking and wealth. Putong to open a member to grow at 12 o'clock every day QQVIP2 takes 50 days of QQVIP3. It takes 150 days of QQVIP4 to take 300 days QQVIP5. 500 days QQVIP6 takes 900 angels to increase the annual increase of 15 o'clock per day of QQVIP2. QQVIP4 is 120 days QQVIP5. 400 days QQVIP6 takes 720 days

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