3 thoughts on “How to develop anime group”

  1. It is normal for less than 200 people to develop to YY. It is normal for 4 people to have wheat. In a way, YY is not as common as Tencent. No one will install Tencent. Use, except for some, just like me.
    Igly, the QQ group is done first and then consider YY. Is the LZ unified vest initially stipulated or after? Generally speaking, it is difficult to succeed if the vest is unified. People with formatting group cards can be unified if they are at least twice the non -formatting person. If it is basically a non -formatting persuasion LZ, it is better to be free. At least the group must be expanded to about 500 people. It is not easy to unify the number of groups, and the two groups of people are easy to overlap. Simply open a high -level group or concentrate everyone (of course that kind of thing requires conditions) Then get some resources PS. Ps a few pictures in the anime group to promote it immediately. Everyone is iron, and then yy should be able to succeed

  2. -Don't unify the vest ~! Many do not like uniform vests! Intersection Why not be so restrained
    The people who play less games do not want to go to YY ~ I am one!
    yy, let's develop another

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