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  1. Wang Laoji brand positioning strategy

    brand interpretation
    . Herbal tea is a "medicine tea" made of Chinese herbal medicine and has the functions of clearing heat and moisturizing. Among the many old -fashioned herbal tea, Wang Laoji is the most famous. Wang Laoji herbal tea was invented during the Qing Dao Guang years. It has been recognized as the ancestor of the herbal tea and is known as the "medicine tea king". In modern times, Wang Laoji Herbal Tea has spread throughout the world with the Chinese footprints.
    The early 1950s Due to political reasons, Wang Laoji Medicine was divided into two branches: one was collected by the government into state -owned enterprises and developed into Wang Laoji Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (formerly Yangcheng Pharmaceutical). (State Chinese Medicine); another descendant of the Wang family brought to Hong Kong. In mainland China, Wang Laoji's brand Gui Wang Laoji Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is owned by the country and regions outside China outside China. Jiaduobao is a Hong Kong -owned company located in Dongguan. It is provided by the descendants of the Wang family of Hong Kong. It is exclusively produced and operated by Wang Laoji Pharmaceuticals in the mainland.
    Prior to 2002, from the surface, the red cans Wang Laoji (hereinafter referred to as the Red Wang Laoji) is a brand that lives a good life, with stable sales, good profitability, and relatively fixed consumer groups The sales performance of the red king Laoji beverage has been maintained at more than 100 million yuan for several consecutive years. After developing to this scale, Gado Bao's management found that to make the enterprise bigger and go to the country, they must overcome a series of problems. They must overcome a series of problems. Even some of the original advantages have become the reason for the continued growth of enterprises.
    The core problem of all these problems is that the company has to face a realistic problem -red king Laoji is sold "herbal tea", or is it a "drink" to sell?
    The actual difficulty performance 1: The existing Guangdong and southern Zhejiang consumers have a cognitive chaos on the red king Laoji
    In Guangdong, traditional herbal tea (such as granules, own pots, herbal tea shops, etc.) Consumers are generally taken as "medicine", so they do not need to drink it frequently. And "Wang Laoji", a brand with a history of hundreds of years, is the reputation of herbal tea. It can be described as her herbal tea think of Wang Laoji, and when Wang Laoji, he thinks of herbal tea. Therefore, the red king Laoji is affected by the brand name, and it cannot allow Cantonese to accept it as a drink that can be consumed frequently, and the sales volume is greatly limited.
    . On the other hand, the red king Laoji formula produced by Jiaduobao is derived from the descendants of the king of Hong Kong. It is a national -approved food -based product. Great differences, and the taste is sweet. According to the traditional concept of "good medicine and bitter mouth" in China, Cantonese consumers naturally feel that their "fire" has insufficient medicine. When the demand for "fire" is needed, it is better to go to the herbal tea shop or cook at home. So for consumers, in herbal tea, which is most particular about "efficacy", it is not a good choice.
    In the Guangdong area, the red king Laoji has the brand of the ancestor of herbal tea, Wang Laoji, but has a drink of beverage, which makes consumers feel that "it seems to be herbal tea, and it seems to be a drink."
    and in the other main sales area of ​​Jiaduobao, South Zhejiang, mainly Wenzhou, Taizhou, and Lishui. Consumers are compared with "Red Wang Laoji" with Master Kang Tea and Wangzi Milk. Drink taboos. In addition, there are many local Chinese in the country. After being driven by their guidance, the Red Wang Laoji quickly became the best -selling product in the local area. The company was worried that the red king Laoji may become a hurry and fashion, just like the coconut coconut juice in the southern Zhejiang in the southern Zhejiang. Soon it was replaced by new fashionable products, and it disappeared on the streets and alleys overnight.
    Faced with these chaotic cognitions of consumers, companies urgently need to provide a strong guidance through advertising methods, clarify the core value of Red Wang Laoji, and distinguish between competitors.
    The actual difficulty performance 2: Red Wang Laoji cannot get out of Guangdong and southern Zhejiang.
    Ip outside the two Guangxi, people do not have the concept of herbal tea, and even the consumers say "Herbal tea is blooming white?", "We do not drink han tea, make hot tea." The concept of educating herbal tea is obviously amazing. Moreover, the demand for consumers in the Mainland has been filled, and most of them are solved by taking drugs such as beef and detoxifying tablets.
    The is difficult to make herbal tea. If you look at the entire beverage industry, carbonated beverages represented by Coca -Cola and Pepsi, and tea drinks and fruit juice drinks represented by Master Kang and unified are in the leading position of the unbearable market.
    , and the red king Laoji is made of "honeysuckle, licorice, chrysanthemum, etc." herbaceous plants. It has a light Chinese medicine flavor. For drinks that are above the taste, there are indeed no obstacles. In addition If Jiaduobao cannot distinguish the red king Laoji and competitors, it will never go out of the shadow of the beverage industry.
    This this makes the red king Laoji face an extremely embarrassing situation: neither adheres to the two places nor can it be promoted nationwide.
    The actual difficulty performance 3: Corporate publicity concept is blurred.
    A Jiaotao Company is unwilling to promote it with "herbal tea" to limit its sales, but the promotion of "beverages" has not found a suitable separation. Therefore, it has to be aggressive in advertising. Many people have seen such an advertisement: A very cute little boy continued to pinch the refrigerator door with his butt to open a can of Wang Laoji in order to open the refrigerator. The advertisement is "healthy family, always with each other". Obviously, this advertisement does not reflect the unique value of the red king Laoji.
    In the promotion of the red king Laoji a few years ago, consumers do not know why they buy it, and the company does not know how to sell it. In such a state, the red king Laoji actually spent several years. This phenomenon is that the external reason is that the Chinese market is not yet mature, and there are many market gaps; the internal reason is that the product itself has an irreplaceableness itself, which can just fill this position. In China, such a group of small and medium -sized enterprises can make a lot of money. But after developing to a certain scale, if you want to grow up, you must figure out a question: Why do consumers buy my product?
    Re -positioning
    The end of the end of the year, Gado found the Chengmei Consultant Company. The original intention was to make a advertising film for the red king Laoji. , Safe sales.
    The preliminary study of Chengmei Sutra found that the sales problem of red Wang Laoji is not solved through simple advertisements -this problem is currently particularly typical in Chinese companies: when the sales are blocked, the most common measures are the most common measures is that the most common measures are the most common measures. For advertising movies, it is either to be completely unrecognizable, or hurry up with a new advertisement of "great creativity" -the first problem to solve is the brand positioning.
    . Although the red king Laoji has been sold for 7 years, its brand has never been positioned by the system, and even the company cannot answer what the red king Laoji is, let alone consumers, why do you buy it at all? This is the Red Wang Laoji The brand positioning problem, this fundamental problem does not solve, and what kind of "creative" advertising films are made. As the advertising master David Ogway said: The effect of an advertising movement depends more on the positioning of your product, not how you write advertising (creativity). After a round of in -depth communication, Jiaduobao finally accepted the suggestion and decided to suspend the filming of the advertisement. He commissioned Chengmei to first position the red king Laoji.
    The formulation of brand positioning is mainly to understand the consumer's cognition (rather than demand), and put forward different claims from competitors. Because each brand is based on the analysis of consumer demand, and everyone's conclusions and practices are similar, so it does not make the red king Laoji forming differences in line with the needs of consumers. Specifically, the formulation of brand positioning is to conduct comprehensive research on consumers 'minds, and study consumers' cognition of products, red kings, competitors, and advantages and disadvantages.
    Because consumer cognition is almost unchanged, brand positioning can only be conflicted with consumer cognition. If people have a clear view of the Red Wang Laoji in their minds, it is best not to try to offend or challenge. Just as consumers think that Moutai cannot be a good "whiskey". Therefore, the brand positioning of Red Wang Laoji cannot conflict with the existing cognition of consumers in Guangdong and southern Zhejiang, so that the existing sales can be stabilized and the opportunity to create survival and expansion for enterprises.
    It, in order to understand the consumer's cognition, the research will start from the information transmitted by the Red Wang Laoji and competitors in the market to clarify the approximate positions that they may exist in the consumer's mind, as well as their advantages and weaknesses. When Chengmei researchers was collecting second -hand data, expert interviews were interviewed with dealers in the internal and two places. In the process of studying, it was found that "the red king Laoji has the brand of the ancestor of herbal tea, Wang Laoji, but it has a drink of beverage." This is equivalent to a product with a contradictory identity. And Gado does not know the consumer's cognition and purchase motivation. For example, the company once believed that the purchase of southern Zhejiang consumers was mainly because of "high -end" and "the" good character festive ". Faced with this reality, the company decided to lead by Cheng Mei to introduce market survey companies to help understand the cognition of consumers.
    Due to the clear purpose of the survey, it was soon discovered in the "consumer behavior" research that consumers in Guangdong drinking red Wang Laoji are barbecue, mountaineering and other activities. "," It's not too serious to get angry, there is no need to drink Huang Zhenlong "(Huang Zhenlong is the representative of the herbal tea shop. It represents the strong product effect and has the effect of removing dampness and fire).
    In southern Zhejiang, drinking occasions are mainly concentrated in "going out, gathering, and family". In the process of understanding the local food culture, the researchers discovered that consumers' concerns about "getting angry" than Guangdong than Guangdong than Guangdong Over time, the discussion meeting on the table, Mei Mihuan, Coca -Cola, no one asked, and was said to be a dangerous goods for "getting angry" (follow -up research on the following follow -up studies also confirmed this, and found that Coke was in Wenzhou and other places in Wenzhou and other places. Sales have always been low, and the last two music almost give up the market, and generally do not advertise). And when they evaluated the Red Wang Laoji, they often talked about "not getting angry". Maybe there is no scientific basis for these concepts, but this is the concept of consumers in southern Zhejiang. This is the "only fact" that requires attention to research.
    The awareness and purchase of consumer consumers show that consumers do not have a "treatment" requirements for the red king, but instead buy it as a functional drink. If you want to reduce the occurrence of fire when you taste barbecue, you may use drugs, such as beef and yellow to solve the poison tablets and traditional herbal tea.
    Hessically studying consumers' views on competitors, they found that the direct competitors of the red Wang Laoji, such as chrysanthemum tea and brilliant tea due to lack of brand promotion. "The positioning of drinks. And cola, tea beverages, juice drinks, water, etc. obviously do not have the function of "preventing fire", just indirect competition.
    , at the same time, the establishment of any brand positioning must be the most capable of occupying the brand, that is, it is based on Coca -Cola saying "authentic cola" because it is the inventor of cola, researchers, researchers, researchers, and researchers. The cognition of enterprises and products itself in consumers' minds. The results showed that the "ancestor of herbal tea", mysterious Chinese herbal medicine formula, and the history of 175 years were obviously capable of occupying "drinking beverages".
    Ir's "prevention of fire" is the real motivation for consumers to buy red Wang Laoji, which is obviously conducive to consolidating and strengthening the original market. Whether it can meet the company's expectations of the new positioning "enter the national market" and become the next step of research. Through research on second -hand information and expert interviews, unanimously show that China's concept of Chinese medicine for thousands of years "clearing heat and detoxifying" in the country is widely popularized in the country. Breaking the limitations of regional brands. Cheng Mei's researcher believes: "After doing the transfer of this propaganda concept, as long as there are Chinese people, the red king Laoji can survive."
    . At this point, the research of the brand positioning is basically completed. Chengmei submitted a brand positioning research report to Jiaduobao. First of all, it is clear that the red king Laoji is competing in the "beverage" industry. Its competitors should be other beverages; their brand positioning- "drinking beverages", its unique value, its unique value It is -drinking the red king Laoji can prevent the fire and let consumers enjoy life without worry: fried, spicy food, barbecue, overnight to watch football ...
    This positioning Red Wang Laoji is from the realistic pattern. The consideration of the passage is four main benefits;
    The first, which is conducive to the promotion of the Red Wang Laoji out of Guangdong, southern Zhejiang
    because "getting angry" is a universal concept of traditional Chinese medicine in the country, and it is no longer like "Herbal Tea "It is limited to the two and Guangxi regions, which has completely removed the obstacles for the red king Laoji.
    The second, avoid the direct competition between the red king Laoji and the domestic and foreign beverage giant products, form a unique segmentation
    The three, successfully transform the disadvantage of the red king Laoji product into an advantage
    • Faint Chinese medicine Taste, successfully transformed into a powerful support for "preventing fire"
    • 3.5 yuan retail price, because of "the function of preventing the fire", no longer "highly unattainable"
    • "Wang Laoji" brand The famous and long history has become a powerful support for preventing the "authentic" of "authentic"
    . It is conducive to the cooperation between Jiaduobao Enterprise and Domestic Wang Laoji Pharmaceutical n Drinks are different from Wang Laoji Pharmaceutical's "medicine" and "herbal tea", so it can better promote the two "Wang Laoji" brands in cooperation. At present, the two companies have jointly invested in the filming of a TV series "Medicine King Laoji", which tells the founder Wang Laoji.
    Cangmei also clearly stated in the report submitted that in order to distinguish between Wang Laoji Pharmaceutical's products, Gejar Polybao is the only company in China that can produce red Wang Laoji products. Name "Red Can Wang Laoji Drink".
    It because of consumer cognition, diet is an important reason for getting angry, especially "spicy" and "fried" diet. Therefore, Chengmei also recommends that in the report submitted to maintain the original sales channels On the basis of it, we will strengthen the pioneering and pioneering restaurants and create the image of the flagship store in a batch of restaurants. Focusing on the Xiang Restaurant, Sichuan Restaurant, Hot Pot restaurant, barbecue, and so on.
    In relying on the rich experience and keen market intuition in the beverage market, Chairman Chen Hongdao, chairman of Gad Poly, accepted the suggestion of the report on the spot, and decided to immediately promote the red king Laoji based on the brand positioning.
    "innovation category" is always the first choice for brand positioning. If a brand can position itself as a different choice from a strong opponent, as long as the advertisement conveys the new product information, the effect is often amazing. Red Wang Laoji, as the first beverage to prevent fire to the market, allows people to know and accept this new drink through it. In the end, Red Wang Laoji will become a representative of beverage to prevent fire. With the growth of categories, naturally possess it. The biggest income.
    Couted the brand positioning of the Red King Geely, which clarifies the direction of marketing and promotion, and also establishes the standard of advertising. All communication activities have evaluated standards. All marketing efforts will follow this standard. , To ensure that each promotion, while promoting sales, accumulate brand value (positioning).
    In this time, you can start advertising creativity and make advertisements.
    The promotion of brand positioning
    clarified what the brand must occupy the consumer's mind, and the important job next is to promote the brand, let it truly enter the hearts of the people, let everyone know the positioning of the brand's positioning , Thus lasting and effectively affecting consumer purchase decisions.
    followed by, Cheng Mei made the promotion theme "Afraid of getting angry, drinking Wang Laoji" for the red Wang Laoji. In the first stage of advertising, the red king Laoji appeared in a relaxed, cheerful and healthy image, emphasizing positive propaganda, avoiding the negative demands of the right medicine, thereby distinguishing the red king Laoji and "traditional herbal tea".
    In order to better evoke the needs of consumers, TV advertising uses the five most popular scenes in daily life: eating hot pot, watching the ball overnight, fried food fries, barbecue and summer At the same time, when people enjoy the above activities, they drink red kings while enjoying the above activities. Combined with fashion and dynamic advertising songs, they repeatedly chant "Don't be afraid of what, enjoy life, fear of getting angry, drink Wang Laoji", prompting consumers to think of red Wang Laoji when eating hot pot and barbecue, which leads to purchase.
    The TV media of Red Wang Laoji chose to lock CCTV that covered the whole country from the beginning, and combined with the strong local media of the original sales area (Guangdong, southern Zhejiang). More than 40 million, the sales volume was immediate, and it was rapidly improved. In November of the same year, the company pursued the victory, and then bought the 2004 gold advertising period of CCTV. It is this urgent storm and rain -type way of launching that the Red Wang Laoji quickly entered people's minds in the short term, giving people a deep impression, and quickly became popular all over the country.
    2003, the total budget used by the company for the promotion of Red Wang Laoji was only 10 million yuan, which was allocated based on the actual sales of 2002. Wang Laoji's sales at that time were mainly concentrated in Shenzhen, Guangzhou and southern Zhejiang, so the amount of investment was relatively sufficient. With the first round of positioning of positioning advertisements, sales have risen rapidly, giving enterprises great confidence, so they continue to add promotion costs and rolling development. By the end of 2003, the total advertising only exceeded 40 million (excluding the cost of buying the 2004 Central Taiwan advertising period), and the annual sales reached 600 million yuan — this kind of force. Compliance in the country's market, but for the time being for enterprises with lack of strength.
    In addition to the ground promotion, in addition to the POP ads of traditional channels, in conjunction with the development of new catering channels, a large number of terminal materials are designed for catering channels, such as design and production of electronic display screens, lanterns and other catering grounds. Practical items, free gifts. In terms of the selection of communication content, fully consider that terminal advertisements should directly stimulate consumers' desire to buy, pack product packaging as the main visual elements, and focus on promoting a message: "Afraid of getting angry, drinking Wang Laoji drinks." Live prompts in catering venues are most effective. Cooperate with TV ads. It is this targeted promotion that consumers have "what" the red king Laoji, and "what use" has stronger and more intuitive cognition. At present, the catering channel industry has become one of the important sales and communication channels for Red Wang Laoji.
    In frequent consumer promotional activities, the same pay attention to the theme of "afraid of getting angry, drinking Wang Laoji". For example, the recent promotional activity, Jiaduobao held the scraping card of "The King of the Summer and the Lao Ji, the Green Water and the Green Mountains". Consumers scrape the words "The Lao Ji of the Summer Summer", which can get two local tickets to the local summer resort, and can accommodate for 2 days in the local resort for 2 days. Such a promotion not only achieves the purpose of instant promotion, but also strongly supports the brand positioning of the Red Wang Laoji's "beverage that prevents the fire".
    At the same time, in the promotional activities for middlemen, in addition to the "Gado Sales Elite Club" that continues to consolidate traditional channels, Gado also fully considers how to strengthen the development and control of catering channels and implement "hot pot hot pot hot pot Store markets and "cooperative hotels" plans, the main hot pot restaurants and restaurants are selected as "Wang Laoji sincerely cooperative stores", and funds are invested to conduct holiday promotion activities with them. Due to providing affordable benefits to the merchants, the red king Laoji quickly entered the catering channel and became the main recommendation drink. At the same time, Jiaduobao could arrange a variety of practical and effective terminal materials according to the characteristics of the scene. While increasing sales, the catering channel industry has become an important place for advertising.
    The advertising campaign of this kind of big fanfare, the appeal and intuitive "afraid of getting angry, drinking Wang Laoji", directly hit consumer needs, and timely and quickly drove sales. At the same time, with the development of the brand Cognition has gradually established a unique and long -term positioning for the brand -truly establishing a brand.
    promotion effect
    The brand positioning and dissemination of the successful brand positioning and dissemination of Red Wang Laoji brought great benefits to this 175 -year -old product with strong Lingnan characteristics: 2003 Red Wang Laoji sales compared to last year. In the same period, it increased by nearly 4 times, from more than 100 million yuan in 2002 to 600 million, and rushed out of Guangdong with a thunderbolt. In 2004, although the company continued to expand its capacity, the supply was still in short supply. The orders came like snow films. The annual sales volume exceeded 1 billion yuan.
    At the same time, KFC, a subsidiary of Pepsi, has used Wang Laoji as a special product of China and determined to be a drink for its restaurant on -site. This is the only Chinese brand in mainland China to enter KFC chain.
    In conclusion
    The great success of the red Wang Laoji, in summary, there are several aspects of Jiaduobao Company that is the key to success:
    • Captive positioning of the red king Laoji brand;
    • Advertising is in place for brand positioning, which is mainly two points: accurate advertising expression; sufficient investment to ensure that brand positioning enters consumer minds.
    • The accurate judgment of corporate decision makers and the decision -making power of the courage
    • Excellent execution, strong channel control
    • Observe force, rolling development, ensuring market promotion efforts in the region to ensure marketing efforts in the region In a relatively advantageous position.

    The lesson and experience of the "Li Ning" brand —— Seeking quietly

    IN Li Ning brand is now 12 years old. Compared with those century -old stores, it should be a child, but in these 12 years, it has also stepped from learning to gradually learning to climb mountain climbing. Being able to become the first brand of the domestic sporting goods industry, Li Ning's conclusion is that brand promotion must be quiet in movement.
    Inned impressive is that when the Spanish women's basketball team and the Chinese women's basketball team competed for 5th in August 2002, the Spanish women's basketball team was wearing "Li Ning", and the Chinese women's basketball team wore Nike. Later The basket won. After that, a news title was "
    " Li Ning "defeated" Nike ". In fact, everyone is very clear that the gap between Li Ning and Nike is very large. Nike's sales in global sales are $ 10 billion. "Li Ning" has just achieved 100 billion yuan today, not a level. However, in the rapidly growing sports goods market in China, "Li Ning" is determined to be the boss.
    "Li Ning" has spent 150 million yuan for more than ten years to do a variety of competitions. They think they have a very personality. But the results of the survey, consumers believe that "Li Ning" is like a friend with a distinctive personality around them. He feels that he is very kind and familiar, but he lacks a distinctive personality.
    This makes them feel very surprised. Li Ning has changed 8 advertisements in the past 12 years, from the earliest "hope of China's new generation" to "leaving wonderful to myself" to "I am sports I exist", "Beauty of the Beauty of Sports", "Outstanding, originated from the true nature" wait. "Li Ning "'s advertising words are so personal and often imitate by peers. The planners are also very fulfilling about this. As everyone knows, you are changing every year, and in the end, you will become omnipotent, and no one knows it.
    In fact, the innovation and changes of enterprises are not wrong. The problem is that this change must be based on the unchanged brand positioning and the clear consistency of the core value. In other words, at that time, Li Ning's advertisement was not a true understanding of the brand. They had not really thought about brand and market strategic thinking, and found the link between it connected to consumers.
    Because of the lack of a systematic consideration of sports values, they used to think that only the markets with relatively large scale can produce sufficient profits. And now it is found that there is a mature industrial chain, that is, the level of industrialization is the key to entering or not. For example, some sports participants are very large, but it does not form a mature industrial chain. Perhaps China's bicycle market lacks such a chain, so from the perspective of sports supplies, it cannot form a very high -product market. Such a market, Li Ning's products will not enter it.
    It, they also examine the value chain of sports products in four levels. The first is corporate strength. Either sports sponsorship or product development, it is not possible to do anything that is profitable. It is necessary to consider the reality of the enterprise; secondly, there must be insight into consumers. The third is the positioning of consumer insight into the brand. Li Ning started to do brand positioning in the second half of last year, and it was not completed until the end of last year; the fourth point was 1: 1: 1. For example, if you are a sponsor, you spend a yuan for sponsorship, then you have to spend a dollar to promote it. Customers who have a relationship with you.
    Wr they learned that Nike was 1: 3. For example, they spent 1 million sponsorship a new event, and he would spend 3 million to promote this event. Many domestic enterprises sponsor sports, but they found that the results were very small. In fact, they just gave money and did not promote it. However, sports marketing is an industry. It is composed of so many channels. Promote your product in this name.
    In this aspect, Li Ning did not do enough in the past. They sponsored 4 national teams, including gymnastics teams, diving teams, table tennis teams, shooting teams, etc. When they calculated the sponsorship fee, they did not consider the investment in supporting bonuses. However, at the World Cup this year, their opponent Adidas is the sponsor of the World Cup. They cannot do too much activities. For the core consumer groups, they do an event called "Music Football Charming" in five cities. Core customers who like music and like football, please come to watch the game together. Maybe they spend 10 yuan on a person. Some places can spend 20 to 30 yuan, which is much more expensive than special advertising, but they directly affect the core of the core. The crowd spreads "Li Ning" to many countries through their reputation. This is the appropriate use of marketing methods.
    The work that Li Ning's market staff must do every day is to determine what to think of "Li Ning" to see "Li Ning", find it, and then continue to establish such associations and through various means in various means The relationship between brands.
    The average growth rate of the sports goods industry is 20%, and the goal of "Li Ning" is to maintain a length of more than 35%. Because their biggest competitor Nike is 33%-35%. If they cannot exceed the industry average and cannot exceed Nike, two or three years later, they cannot guarantee that it must be the first industry.

  2. Coca-Cola Company was founded in 1892. It is currently headquartered in Atlanta, Qiaoya, USA. It is the world's largest beverage company. It has a global market share and two top three beverages in the world (Coca-Cola ranks first, the number one, the number one (Coca-Cola ranked first, Pepsi is second, low -calorie Coca -Cola third), its 2001 revenue reached $ 20,092 million, and the equity of ordinary shareholders was $ 11.351 million. Coca -Cola has 160 beverage brands in 200 countries, including soda, sports beverages, milk beverages, juice, tea and coffee. It is also the world's largest fruit juice beverage dealer (including the Minute MAID brand). It has obtained more than 40%of the market share, while Sprite is the fastest growing drink. Other brands include Root Beer of Barq, Fruitopia, and Surge Essence

    The "Coca -Cola" at the beginning of this century has been launched in Asia. It is first produced in the Philippines, sold to China for sale, and sold in cities such as Shanghai. In 1927, "Coca -Cola" was produced in Shanghai and Tianjin, and later produced in Qingdao and Guangzhou.
    In 1933, the Coca -Cola production plant in Shanghai is the largest "Coca -Cola" factory outside the United States. In 1948, it was the first factory to produce more than one million boxes outside the United States.
    . Coca -Cola returned to China in 1979 and has invested $ 1.1 billion in China. After more than ten years of development, Coca -Cola has established 23 cans in China in China, forming a production base and sales network that radiates across the country with annual sales of nearly 10 billion yuan. In the recently announced "1999 National Consumer Survey", Coca -Cola topped the list again in similar products, winning the market share, best brand, and awareness of the top three in one fell swoop.
    , although it has achieved such brilliant performance, Coca -Cola's mood today is very different from that they just entered the Chinese mainland market 20 years ago. In those years, foreign drinks that entered the Chinese market basically could not feel the pressure of Chinese beverage companies. In more than ten years, more than a dozen "Cola" drinks have appeared in various parts of China, and almost all of them disappeared silently. Today, when Coca -Cola and Pepsi have quite influential in the Chinese market, they also feel the strong competitive pressure of Chinese beverage companies in recent years. The main reason is that the brand's national characteristics produced by beverage industry companies have grown up and growing through self -improvement. In June last year, the China Beverage Industry Association solemnly launched the "top ten" of the Chinese beverage industry. These brand -name beverages are the leaders of my country's drinks, covering the main drinking category in my country, with a high reputation and market share. For example, Jianlibao, Wahaha, Coconut, Lebai, Lulu, etc. of the top ten beverages are representatives of the Chinese national beverage industry, which won the title of China's well -known trademark.
    Under the pressure of the Chinese national beverage industry, the marketing strategy of Coca -Cola Company began to change and began its process of localization in the Chinese market.
    Couko Coca -Cola has always attached importance to advertising, and its entry into the Chinese market is no exception. It invested tens of millions of yuan each year for publicity. However, Coca -Cola's advertising and brand positioning are strictly restricted. In the past, they were uniformly controlled and planned by Atlanta headquarters. Chinese consumers always see Coca -Cola's bright red colors and vibrant shapes. Coca -Cola uses the most typical American style and American personality to impress Chinese consumers. In the past ten years, advertising has basically adopted a US TV advertising version with Chinese explanation. This strategy has been adopted until 1998.
    With the booming development of Chinese national beverage brands, Coca -Cola's marketing strategy has changed significantly in 1999. Last year, the TV advertisement launched in China was the first time to shoot in China, the first time I invited China Advertising to design, and the first time I invited Chinese actors to shoot advertisements. Obviously gave up for many years of consistent American identity. In order to obtain more market share, Coca -Cola is working on China's localization. As we all know, the Coca -Cola has always adopted the unlimited market covering strategies, and the target customers are relatively wide. Since last year, Coca -Cola has concentrated the audience of advertising to young friends. The advertising picture is based on the vibrant and healthy youth image. "Vitality is always Coca -Cola" has become its latest slogan.

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