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  1. New media operations: Coordinate planning platform operation content, formulate operational strategies, data analysis summary, understanding the data and data of competitors, can seize the hotspots.
    1, copywriting planning: It can grasp the trend hotspot, have a certain text skills, typesetting, and create hotspots.
    2, WeChat public account editor clerk: mainly responsible for the operation and arrangement of public accounts, data collection. Platform promotion.
    3. Event planning: It is mainly the overall planning of the event.
    4, short video operation: responsible for the promotion of short videos, collecting data, etc.
    5, network promotion: do corresponding promotion for the platform.
    6. Network operation: Responsible for the release, maintenance and optimization of product information of the company's website or service website and e -commerce platform; information tracking of platform orders, customer service and logistics coordination; carry out product promotion activities in accordance with enterprise plans and procedures; reasonably use reasonable use Internal and external resources of the company, improve the PV, UVs, trading volume, etc. of the store.
    Extension information:
    The new media operations are a series of operating methods for product promotion, promotion and product marketing through modern mobile Internet means and WeChat, Weibo, and post bar.
    In the planned high -quality and highly disseminated content and network activities related to the brand, the news is widely or accurately pushed to customers to improve the participation and popularity, so as to make full use of the fan economy and achieve corresponding marketing goals.
    ICS is an important means to inherit human civilization and promote social and economic development. The distance between people and things has broaden the field of interpersonal communication.

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