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  1. The signboards are mainly divided into the following categories:
    It large hotels, commercial block signs
    bustling cities, specialty stores that can be seen everywhere, dazzling shopping malls, glorious K bar and hotels, each image, each image, each image, each image, each image, each image, each image, each image, each image, each image, each image, each image. Different logo cards are the rune code that they reflect their respective service features. While guiding consumers to move forward, they are more beautiful to dress these consumer venues.
    The unique identification system of the shape does not save consumers to save shopping time, add shopping fun, and also consolidate its own brand image for merchants, and improve market competitiveness.
    The signature signs of schools and stadiums
    In the vigorous development of my country's education day, the logo and sign -oriented system quietly entered the campus, library and other educational cultural institutions.
    A good signs orientation systems give people a clear and clear display and understanding the distribution of campus, reflect the harmony, standardization, and rationalization of human and nature, and play a positive role in promoting the construction of campus culture.
    The campus logo and sign -oriented orientation system are a topic in the construction of institutions today.
    The signature signs of hospitals and parking lots
    The hospital as a special industry, the requirements for identifying the guidance system are more stringent. According to the structural characteristics of the inside and outside of the hospital and the department's functions, the clinic is guided to the destination in the shortest time. This is the inevitable concept of "people -oriented and efficient service" advocating the concept of "people -oriented and efficient services".
    The identification system enters the hospital, not only shows unique functions, but also reflects the humanistic spirit of modern hospitals. Witnesses are refreshing, and it also plays the finishing touch and beautifying the environment for hospital buildings. Use three -dimensional orientation to solve the process of hospital flow, logistics, cleanliness and other processes, which can better reflect the image, history, personality, and even specialty of the hospital, presenting its affectionate corporate cultural atmosphere, establishing a good image for the hospital, comprehensively improving the hospital's fighting market for the hospital's fighting market Competitiveness.
    The real estate project site, roadside logo signs
    It to today, exquisite real estate logos have become an indispensable part of real estate real estate projects. It is also given a sense of superiority of the owner's life, which is a symbol of the identity, status and strength of the owner.
    The sign of the office building and public places
    Modern logo and signs orientation system are static symbols in the environment. Between people, daily life interaction can not be ignored. The administrative agency of the governance as the people is still the large and medium -sized enterprises, office buildings, and office venues that serve the people. Establishing a good image of the enterprise will also bring efficiency to your work.
    This, signs, signs, and tallest signs
    The main logo signs can be divided into four types.
    ① indicator signs; usually round and rectangular, white pattern in the blue background. It is used to indicate that vehicles and pedestrians are driving in the prescribed direction and place. Such as straight, left, right turn, parking, bypass, etc.
    ② Warning signs: Usually the other side triangle (or diamond), yellow (white) bottom black (red) edge, black (or dark blue) pattern. It is used to warn drivers to pay attention to the danger of existing in the road and the measures that must be taken. Such as the trailer cross port, road turning, railway entrances, easy slippery sections, maybe falling sections, uneven road surfaces, combined traffic, etc.
    ③ Banning logo: Usually round, red background, red slash black pattern. It is a sign that the vehicle is prohibited or appropriately restricted according to the streets, highways and traffic conditions. Such as prohibiting traffic, prohibiting parking, restricting speed, limit weight, restriction width, etc.
    ④The road signs: usually rectangular, blue (green) white characters and white patterns. It is used to instruct the realm of town and villages, the direction and distance of the destination, the entrances and exit of the highway, the service area, and the famous locations of the highway, etc., and have various orientations along the way. Such as the national highway number, milestone, 100 -meter pile, dividing monument, index sign, place name sign, as well as signs of highway entrances, gas stations, repair stations, parking lots, etc. The auxiliary logo is attached to the main sign to supplement the explanation. It can be divided into four types: the type of vehicle type, indication time, interval range, and distance. Auxiliary signs cannot be set up separately.

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    The signature sign can be used in shopping malls, schools, office buildings, communities, parks, scenic spots, streets, real estate, underground garage and other places.

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