4 thoughts on “What is the use of QQ group”

  1. Let everyone discuss it together, the practical value of the QQ group is very high ... including some game friends .. Family ... Guild. They will use QQ groups to communicate ... for everyone to facilitate communication together Yes. You can also build a group with real friends
    , chat together ... pass the information! Basically that's it!

  2. You can also ask questions about chatting, making friends, communicating, discussing, and not understanding. In short, it is very useful

  3. In the QQ group, you can chat with many people, so you don't need to say one by one. It is very convenient. The QQ group can also find your friends in it.

  4. The group is used to discuss hot topics with friends. There is nothing to chat. Some people will be annoying. It ’s like everyone eating together for a long time. What's more?

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