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  1. The real connections are obtained by
    The real connections are obtained by these three methods. In real life, connections are very important for everyone. Many people want to get real connections, but they can't understand the points. Next, I will take you to learn more about the real connections by these three methods.
    The real connections are 1
    1. Make yourself stronger.
    The it is the root of human connections. When you are strong, naturally someone will approach you. If you are in full bloom, the breeze is from the breeze. This is the most basic criterion for connections. Therefore, when you are still weak, the most important thing at this time is not to make connections, but to concentrate on improving your professional value. When you have a greater value, the more attractive you can get closer. Your knowledge and pattern have improved a greater improvement, so that you can point out the rivers and mountains with others. This is what everyone needs to remember, the most important way to expand the connections.
    2. Become a nobleman of others.
    The essence of human connections is mutual assistance. The reason why we need connections is because everyone cannot avoid defects. Helping others is the second important way to get connections. On the road of life, we should keep in mind this principle. To help the people around you can accumulate a lot of growth for you, it will also provide you with more friendship support for you. When you need others to help, it will become an opportunity for you to break out. Therefore, helping others is to help yourself. Successor is the whole person. Don't be in your life's help, you will gain more people's support.
    3. Carry with others and layout for your own life.
    This requires our strong insight. When you find that a person has the potential of the cattle, you can take the initiative to attack with the other party. Every cattle will have a period of unknown time. Your initiative will often make him remember. In the future, he will be impressed by you. Provide them with help, maintain interaction and communication. In this way, when the other party is developed, more returns and support will be provided.

    The real connections are the best way to expand human networks by obtaining these three methods.
    1. Ask questions before the talks.
    The start a few minutes for any local commercial group meeting is an excellent time to expand connections. The atmosphere is very casual, and the conversation is also easy. Ask the question of two to three neutrals, such as where a person works before. Another good opening is, "I am curious, where did you come from?" This is a very relaxed topic. Without any threat, it can help you find the common points of both parties.
    2. Talk to the travelers.
    The practice how to expand the connections during the trip. When you sit down, smile and say hello to your traveler. Ask the other party whether to go to a meeting or go home. Of course, you must respect the other's body language and personal space. If the other party turns around, it means that he or she wants to stay.
    3. Use a book as a prop.
    This is a proposal for anti -human connections. When you want to talk to people on a plane or train, bring a book or an e -book, and let others see it. "When you talked to someone for the first time, this shows that you have other things to do, you don't have to talk to him or her ears." If the other party is not interested, she add You can start reading immediately.
    4. Expand the connections at the conference or industry exhibition.
    Is when you have a booth, find ways to catch people to catch their attention when passing. "If the other party is also an exhibitor, ask questions such as how many exhibitions will he participate in a year or whether she or whether she or he likes this exhibition." If the other party is a visitor, you should ask more. Remember, the more you hear, the more you know others, and the more you say, you can't reach this goal. Don't be a more boy or girl.
    5. Tracking, but be cautious.
    If you participate in a meeting or industry exhibition, please consider whether you want to see a special person. Read the introduction of the speaker. Reach the other party through emails or telephones about one week in advance. But don't let yourself be too full. "You will find that time is flying away quickly," "It is very unprofessional to cancel a date at the exhibition."

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