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  1. As follows:
    1, first of all, the clear customer base must be determined
    only clear customer base can we work well. rn2,学会用客户的语言来描绘产品rn3,学会理解客户的多重身份rn4,了解客户的价值观rn5,理解客户需求背后的深层次心理需求r N6, experience the world of life like customers, and see their life world
    1) Looking like a customer (look at the product with a product -like mentality)
    2) A person who has not used the product, then look at the good and bad of this product, the simplicity of the method of use, and then record the feeling and efficiency of using the product)
    3) Thinking like a customer (from the perspective of customers Look at your products, if you are a customer, how much do you will give your own products)
    The experience the customer's life world, not the objective world. Only in this way can you see what people say like experienced sales.
    The characteristics of customer needs:

    In general, customers of service companies have the following characteristics in terms of service needs:
    The customers at all levels have recognizable population statistical characteristics. Enterprises can summarize the most significant characteristics of consumers at a certain level of consumers, different from other levels of population statistics, to accurately identify customers, and help companies understand the needs of such customers' needs, behavioral patterns and preferences.
    The customers at different levels need different levels of services and are willing to pay different prices for different service levels and quality.
    The customers at different levels have different reactions to develop the same services, and have a different impact on the profit margin of the enterprise. Higher -level customers have a stronger response to new services and are more likely to increase their purchases.
    Different drivers cause the purchase behavior of customers at different levels and affect their purchase volume. Enterprises can provide differentiated service portfolios on different levels of customers to stimulate customers to become higher -level customers.

  2. Marketing staff must know how to analyze and study. We can analyze from the following five models:
    1. The needs of clear expressions (such as customers want a beautiful down jacket)
    2, actual needs (customers want It requires a down jacket that is not very high)
    3, the needs that do not expressed (customers want to buy high -quality services in the store, such as down jacket maintenance services, warranty services, etc.)
    4, make customers happy The needs (for example, the customer wants to get a certain discount)
    5, hidden demand (for example, the customer wants to get a down jacket with a recommendation)
    only responding to the demand for clear expression may mislead consumers. It can be said that it is not enough to simply provide customers with what they want, and merchants should help customers learn so that they can realize their true needs.

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