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  1. Legal analysis: Application for the proxy point of Shentong Express, the specific operation steps are as follows:
    . Through telephone or online message, ask the investment manager to ask the investment manager for related franchise information.
    . After determining the intention of franchise, the investor can submit franchise materials directly to the headquarters and wait for the review.
    3. After the two parties have reached an agreement on the details of the contract, they can sign a contract and formally become a cooperative relationship. Investors must pay a certain franchise fee in accordance with the content of the contract.
    . With the assistance of Shentong headquarters, the investor conducted the location of the store.
    . After everything is ready, it can be opened.
    Legal basis: "Post Law of the People's Republic of China"
    Article 51 The express delivery business shall obtain the express delivery business license in accordance with the provisions of this law; Essence Foreign companies are not allowed to invest in domestic express delivery business. The domestic express delivery business refers to the express delivery business that occurred from the receipt of delivery to the delivery.
    53 Applying for express delivery business license shall be operated within the scope of provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities, and apply to postal management agencies in the provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities in the location. If the international express delivery business shall apply to the postal administration department of the State Council; the application and relevant application materials shall be submitted to the State Council's postal management department. The postal management department that accepts the application shall review it within 45 days from the date of acceptance of the application, and make a decision to be approved or not approved. For approval, the courier business license is issued; if it is not approved, the applicant will be notified in writing and explained the reason. The application for the postal management department to review the license of the express delivery business shall consider national security and other factors and solicit opinions from the relevant departments. The applicant can operate the courier business after the courier business license is registered according to law with the courier business license.

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