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  1. A complete market research plan generally includes the following aspects: 1. The requirements for survey are based on market survey goals and list the specific purpose requirements of the market survey in the survey plan. For example, the purpose of this market survey is to understand the purchase behavior and consumer preferences of a certain product. 2. The targets of the survey market survey are generally consumers, retailers, wholesalers, retailers and wholesalers are merchants who investigate products. Consumers generally use consumer groups using the product. When using consumers as an investigation object, it is necessary to notice that sometimes the buyers and users of a certain product are inconsistent. For example, the investigation of infant food should be the mother of the child. In addition, the consumption targets of some products should be mainly aimed at a specific consumer group or focusing on a certain consumer group. At this time, the investigation object should pay attention to the main consumer group of the product. For cosmetics, the investigation object mainly chooses women; for wine for wine; for wine, for wine; for wine The survey targets are mainly men. 3. The survey content of the survey is the basis for collecting data, which is serving the target of the survey. The specific investigation content can be determined according to the purpose of the market survey. For example, when investigating consumer behavior, you can list specific content items for investigation according to three aspects: consumer purchases and use. The determination of the survey content should be comprehensive, specific, clear and concise, to avoid everything, too much content, too tedious, and avoid include content that is not related to the survey. 4. The survey form survey table is the basic tool for market research. The design quality of the survey table directly affects the quality of market survey. The design survey form should pay attention to the following points (1) the design of the survey form is closely related to the theme of the survey, focusing on it, and avoiding optional problems. The question that the investigator is unwilling to answer or makes the investigator embarrassed; (3) the order of the problem in the investigation table must be clear and logical, in line with the logical order, generally can follow the question that is easy to answer, and it is difficult to answer it. It is difficult to answer. The problem is placed in the middle, and the sensitivity problem is placed at the end; the closed problem is the front, the open problem is behind; Can complete the survey table in a short period of time. 5. The regional survey area should be consistent with the scope of enterprise product sales. When a market survey in a certain city, the scope of the investigation should be the entire city. Generally, according to the population distribution of the city, the main factors such as income and cultural levels in the characteristics of people and daily are mainly considered. Several small -scale survey areas are delineated in cities. Consistent, the total sample is distributed to various areas in proportion, and visits are implemented in various areas. In this way, it can relatively reduce the scope of investigation, reduce the workload of field visits, improve the efficiency of investigation work, and reduce costs. 6. Sample extraction survey samples should be extracted in the survey object. Due to the wide range of survey objects, a sampling plan should be formulated to ensure that the extraction samples can reflect the overall situation. The number of sample extraction can be determined according to the accuracy requirements of the market survey. The higher the accuracy requirements of the market survey results, the more the number of samples should be extracted, but the higher the investigation costs. Number of samples. In the actual market survey, the number of samples for market surveys in a medium -sized scale cities. According to the requirements of the survey project, 200 to 1,000 samples can be selected. The extraction method of samples can be used for statistical sampling methods. When specific sampling, pay attention to the control of the population characteristics of the sample to ensure that the population characteristics distribution of the population of the sample is consistent with the population characteristics of the overall population. 7. In the market research of data collection and collation methods, commonly used data collection methods include survey, observation and experimental methods. Generally speaking, the previous method is suitable for descriptive research, and the latter two methods are suitable for detection research. When enterprises do market research, it is more common to adopt the investigation method, and the investigation law can be divided into interview. Telephone survey method, mailing method. Learning method and so on. These survey methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. It is suitable for different survey occasions. Enterprises can choose according to the requirements of actual research projects. The method of sorting data can generally use statistical methods. The Excel work form can be used to easily handle the survey table and obtain a large amount of statistics.

  2. Several aspects of consumer power composition, consumption habits, consumer behavior, division of consumer groups, judgment of target consumer groups, consumer psychological research, etc.

  3. It is a document based on market research, collection, records, collation, and analysis of the needs of the market and the information related to the information. In other words, it is to analyze the laws of socialist market economy, conduct in -depth and detailed investigations, and reveal the laws and nature of market operation through the current status of the market. It mainly includes the following:
    The main content includes the number and composition of product sales objects, consumer family income level, actual purchasing power, potential demand and their purchase intentions, such as increasing consumer income, changes in demand levels, Consumers' degree of commodity demand, consumer psychology, etc.

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