5 thoughts on “How to do WeChat marketing, there are several ways to do”

  1. 1. Do explosion models and make head content.
    What do we want to buy? Based on our target crowd, we think about one step forward. What will she do before buying you? Then you are based on what he will do to create a explosion to make a head content.
    . For example, a catering industry, his plan is to make a college called food, as the explosion of his entire public account. Values ​​actually say that you can understand the history of this dish, and you can say that you are a professional food.

    We we first attracts the group of people who want to be or already food. This is actually a category of the head, making explosion models, and making head content.
    2, dead products, deadly content.
    You must have such a spirit of death. Continuously iterate, every time you operate, you will have such a problem or that. You have to correct it and do it better when you do the next step and do it.
    3. Communication content through channels, cooperate with KOL to enlarge and spread.
    The WeChat marketing, KOL planning, and event marketing have occupied 40 % of the entire marketing field. If you do n’t know how to do KOL cooperation today, you do n’t know how to do event planning. Then it is difficult to make a fission for your WeChat marketing.

  2. Generally, WeChat groups are used to market, so pay attention to this management and maintenance. I will use Ride's assistant to manage and maintain, and I will formulate rules first, and then find suitable administrators from it to engage in activities and discounts to maintain the activity in the group. This is a good way

  3. If you want to play SMS marketing, first of all, a good marketing template is essential. You can click on my avatar to find
    The also refer to the professional SMS group sending platform to do it, and it is easy for personal mobile phones to send text messages. The operator is determined to intercept
    and the professional SMS group sending platform is effective, and when the base is large, the price is also very cheap, far lower than the personal mobile phone sending
    The most important thing is that it will not be intercepted by the operator.

  4. The purpose of marketing is to obtain customers. I think it is very difficult to obtain customers in a single channel now, and now it should be multi -channel. Customers should catch online and offline at the same time, and offline customer acquisition is still using traditional customer acquisition methods. And online customer acquisition can have diversity. For example, it can be obtained through the Relief Assistant, or it can also be broadcast live by a very hot short video.

  5. 1. Quickly increase the king of WeChat fans: content with personality.
    If to create a "personality content", you must first confirm the product positioning, that is, the name of the public account. For institutions and media accounts, you can use brand names. But for the personal public account, the first choice is your own name, followed by a personality name.
    2, the technology of WeChat powder: find effective channels.

    a, pull powder from Weibo. Want to do everything in the public account or QR code.
    b, the science and technology column of the portal is also effective. Those who have conditions can come.
    c, recommendation of the circle of friends.

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