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  1. Alibaba Integrity is a stall built on Alibaba. Through this stall, you can directly sell your products in Alibaba, the world's largest trading market, and promote your business and products. It is mainly used to solve the problem of network trade credit. Tailoring for the development of enterprises and providing strong services.
    The online shops that develop online marketing
    Conneys-online shops that have accumulated credit and accumulate credit
    Integrity Tong-Online Stores that support security transactions
    The integrity-online service
    Edit Integrity of this paragraph-online shops that develop online marketing
    Online marketing shops for online marketing can publish product pictures and buy and sell information, make full use of online marketing products, and enjoy various priority rights in the Alibaba market: the information ranking is high, enjoy the buyer's information, free online contact and customers Management tools, etc.
    strong brand
    The world's largest online trading market, 2005 Social Sciences report showed that Alibaba accounted for 87.2%of the B2B market; 4.87 million, fresh purchasing information is updated every two hours, only open to integrity members;
    G value effects
    each monthly additional inquiry 3.43 million; integrity members each release 1 message, with an average of information, on average You can receive 6-7 buyers' feedback!
    Alibaba has 4.87 million registered buyers, with a daily number of visits up to 39.49 million people. The purchase opportunities are available every day. Nearly 800 big buyers around the world have used Alibaba to purchase, covering more than 30 industries
    . Once a week, buying a special session and holding popular industry online procurement meetings
    This purchasing information is updated every two hours. Alibaba purchasing business opportunities are rich in freshness
    Alibaba sellers are complete, and the online small markets in the industry are present. 19751 new members are added daily. As of now, Alibaba has 9.45 million merchant users, and suppliers cover 37 industries. Alibaba is the largest source of supply in the Internet. China's regional characteristic industries have formed a distinctive industrial belt on Alibaba, and the competition is hot. The monthly supply and demand business opportunities are 16.58 million, and more than 120,000 suppliers who have been reviewed by identity have been reviewed.
    Alibaba market can also reduce transaction costs, increase sales channels, and expand customer bases; cultivate network trade experience, and lay the foundation for future e-commerce Online shops that accumulate credit
    The enterprise identity confirmation buyers' rest assured
    The enterprise identity confirmed through third -party independent institutions that corporate transactions were recorded and accumulated for a long time, so they enjoyed the advantage in the competition and became the first choice for buyers. The survey shows: 85%of buyers and 92%of sellers give priority to choosing business with integrity members!
    Corporate identity certification instructions
    Enterprise identity authentication refers to the enterprise identity authentication agency "being certified by the enterprise identity certification Whether the company is legal existence "and" whether the applicant of an enterprise identity certification is a company certification company ".
    If information of enterprise identity authentication includes company registration names · Company registered address · Applicant name · Applicant's department, applicant position
    third -party independent institutions in cooperation with Alibaba currently include: Huaxia, Shanghai Jie Sheng, Australia and the United States Consultation
    The advantages of integrity
    The integrity certification signs and ordinary members are obviously distinguished in identity. It is the buyer's trust and the first choice, so that the seller gives priority to get more orders,
    Integrity pass Sign
    The integrity index is first seen by customers. With a high integrity index, your information is given priority and let customers find you faster. There are thousands of business opportunities and integrity first. Through corporate identity authentication, certificate and honor, credit reference person, Ali activity record, member evaluation, can show their integrity and trust customers.
    Edit Integrity of this paragraph-Online shops that support security transactions
    Alipay is an online shop that supports security transactions. You can use Alipay to pay safely, and the goods and models are safe in transactions! Integrity members enjoy the full payment service commitment of Alipay at the same time. At present, the number of Alipay users exceeds 10 million people. Practice has proved that Alipay is "safe, simple, and fast", suitable for businessmen!
    Teon members can use Alipay security transactions. Alipay is an online security payment launched by Alibaba. Tools, transactions, goods and funds are safe. It also takes into account two aspects: buyers' goods are only paid when they arrive, and the seller will only be shipped when it arrives.
    Edit this paragraph of integrity-online service
    · Unique A

  2. Download address:
    eju5/setup.exe official website:
    eju5/above has detailed introduction and installation matters. You can download and try immediately. And the latest version.
    Alibaba Integrity Information Automatic
    Renewal device
    is a shared software launched by Chongqing
    Blue Ling N. R n is Alibaba Integrity
    . This software automatically manages and maintains your
    product information
    on the
    . The designated product information is automatically completed by the software, without manual intervention, and truly "liberating" your hands, so that you can focus more on business processing. Scientific and accurate release plans greatly improve your product information ranking, increase your product inquiry and product exposure rate, and improve the
    brand image
    and the benefits of corporate.
    The integrity
    The product information automatic retranser is a pure green shared software. We guarantee that the software has no plug -in, no virus, no form of advertisements, please rest assured to download and use. Because integrity product information automatic retransmission device is a single -machine version, the Alibaba's account you entered is only stored on your computer. We solemnly promise not to use your relevant information in any form to keep your information confidential. Our software and
    Ali Wangwang
    The batch reassembly function of its own: although Ali Wangwang can be re -issued in batches, it must first log in to Ali Wangwang. In this case, the ranking of information will definitely not be very advanced in the website. Our software is regularly re-issued, that is, a product information is issued every 5-10 points. This can ensure that product information is relatively high throughout the day. The cost reduces corporate promotion expenditures. Now many
    have already achieved timing retransmission through software. In this way, if you still re -send them by hand, your information must be behind them. Maybe
    In previous
    , you can't find your product information. Alibaba Integrity Information Automatic Reconncation V7.0 interface is refreshing and more user -friendly; enhance the stability and success of the list of synchronous product lists; increase the operating function of product list management classification; increase the success rate of product renewal to 100% to 100% ; Add keyword search rankings, check your key ranking at any time; add keyword search results, sorting performance forms, and always understand
    The competitors

  3. (1) What is Integrity
    March 10, 2002 Alibaba Chinese website officially launched integrity products, which is mainly used to solve the problem of network trade credit. It is tailor -made for the development of enterprises, provides strong services, and improves your chances of transaction.
    The integrity service mainly includes:
    1. Online service:
    · Unique third -party identity certification, with integrity files, winning the trust of buyers;
    · own integrity enterprise Website (that is, integrity shop), sell your products;
    · Provide powerful viewing functions, enjoy 430,000 buyers' information, increase your order; Buyers follow;
    · Management information, easy to view and manage;
    · Message feedback, buyer inquiry, immediately understand;
    · Use Alipay to handle the payment, better better way, better better way Increase the interests of both parties.
    2. offline service:
    · Exhibition: without leaving home to take you to participate in the exhibition, promote enterprises and products;
    · Training Meeting: Exchange online trade skills, share successful experience;
    · Exchange: "Chamber of Commerce Friends" community to provide your hottest industry information and discussion, teach you how to do online business online;
    · Professional service: Service staff provides you with 365 × 8 -hour professional consulting services.
    The integrity files are online credit files provided by Alibaba for online trade. It combines traditional credit certification and network The characteristics of interaction, multi -angle, timely, continuous, and dynamically demonstrated the credit situation of enterprises in the online trade process, allowing integrity companies to win more transactions by customers' favor, and expose dishonesty enterprises.
    The integrity files include the following components:
    1. Corporate identity authentication
    . Customer evaluation
    3. Certificate honor
    4. Credit reference includes credit references and and Enterprise activities in the Alibaba market

  4. On March 10, 2002, Alibaba's Chinese website officially launched integrity products, which is mainly used to solve the problem of network trade and credit. It is dedicated to the development of enterprises and provides strong services to increase your transaction opportunities by 7 times!
    The integrity service contains the following powerful service content, which increases your transaction opportunities 7 times! It includes:
    1. Online service:
    · Unique A

  5. There are two members of the Alibaba website, one is a free member, and the other is paid members, which is integrity. Integrity is 3688 yuan per year. your turn

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