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  1. What are the companies that are better in domestic software?
    1 Beijing Software Development Company Huasheng Henghui
    2 ZTE Corporation Co., Ltd.
    3 Beijing Software calls Yiwu Picker 33 Sisi Sisi Company
    4 UT Sidang Communication Co., Ltd.
    5 Haier Group Corporation
    6 Shenzhou Digital (China) Co., Ltd.
    7 Zhejiang Zhejiang University Net New Technology Co., Ltd. N10 East Soft Group Co., Ltd.
    On how to choose a reliable software development outsourcing company?
    First, first, whether the staff who is in contact with you is responsible, and whether it is given in the process of demand discussion. Comparison and valuable suggestions, if you just meet your needs, then consider it yourself.
    It, a reliable APP outsourcing development company, first see if this company has its own team, if not, there will be a phenomenon of re -transfer. The biggest problem for the transfer is the high cost, and the three -party negotiations lead to repeated communication.
    3. View the case here is a skill. You can directly check whether the company has developed an app similar to your project. If so, congratulations, this company has at least a certain amount of this type of project has a certain amount of certain projects in this type of project. In the process of development, many difficult technical problems can be avoided in the development process, and the development of APP will be smoother.
    If, the planning team of the mobile app development company must have more cross -industry knowledge. After learning the customer's company background and approximate demand, it can propose valuable planning schemes in the shortest time. At present, most APP software in the Chinese market has plagiarism. In addition to lack of creativity, it cannot meet market demand. Therefore, the planning team of an excellent APP development company must have good planning capabilities to provide customers with professional and innovative suggestions.

    Huasheng Henghui, Beijing Software Development Company, is a professional system development company. The service industry is very wide. There are also professional talents in graphic design, product design and operation, network construction and operation and maintenance, so it can provide outsourcing services for companies in many fields such as finance, apartments, services, retail, education, manufacturing, tourism, and media.
    The specific service items include application development, PLM R

  2. There are many markets in the development company. For example, South China is: Tianyu, Beijing is Yanhuang; and Pu Yuan, starting, the first batch of software rapid development platform tools such as Yan Huang came into being! But at the time, IBM, Oracle and other giants occupied the IT market share of most companies. This visual low -code development technology was relatively slow. And advantages, then give you a low -code development manufacturer:
    The first, the advantages are as follows
    The advantages of low code platform are mainly reflected in the short development cycle, low development cost, and flexible business adjustment! Compared with the traditional underlying coding software development mode, the low -code platform mainly compares the commonly used functional controls to give the common business scenarios as challenged. When developing a new business system, enterprises only need to use visual drag and drag as the main focus. Methods can be built quickly.
    The second, supplier manufacturers
    Under such a background, the first batch of software rapid development platform tools such as Tianyu, Yan Huang Yingmong, H3, Pu Yuan, and starting came into being! However, at the time, IBM, Oracle and other giants accounted for the IT market share of most companies. This visual low -code development technology was relatively slow, and the number of manufacturers also gradually increased.

    Third, how to select the appropriate supplier:
    Is from authorization, whether to support life -long
    , whether to support unlimited users
    Provided, whether to support the source code to provide
    , from the iteration of the product, it depends on whether it is rapidly consistent with the mainstream: for example, supporting localized adaptation
    does the deployment method, whether it supports the micro -service architecture
    Can you stand the safety test

  3. The well -known domestic ERP software companies include:
    1, small and medium -sized enterprises: housekeeper, Suda, etc.;
    2, those who are not involved in production management, 8MANAGE above CUHK or above;
    3, involved in involving involves It is better to manage abroad in production, such as SAP.
    The following is a large -scale enterprise management solution in 8MANAGE FAS:
    1. Open the company's front -end business, the business process is freely circulating
    Realize the standardization and standardization of business opportunities, quotes, contracts, projects, procurement processes. After logging in to the system, a series of business processes from seller's opportunities, quotation, project establishment, contract approval to procurement contract entry, process approval, procurement progress report, procurement contract inquiry, and to in -entry library management and receivable management can be The operation on the system realizes seamless links of business processes.
    2. Strengthen communication and collaboration between departments, work efficiency significantly improved
    providing a platform for collaboration to achieve coordinated office between departments, breaking the barriers of communication obstacles; And according to authority sharing, technology and after -sales departments, reduce offline handover work, realize the real -time sharing of information, and also facilitate the information in foreign office staff. At the same time, the system also provides a reminder function to be treated. When the office is expired, the person in charge of the task is automatically reminded to avoid omissions of work.
    3, real -time tracking business progress, help management scientific decision -making
    The system supports real -time update of business opportunities, and clearly display the entire sales process in the system in the system to facilitate management to master the sales progress in time. In order to make guidance. At the same time, the system also supports projects, project milestones, milestones and document uploads, notification contract receivables, milestones monitoring, statistics, project associations and other business operations. Management can monitor the implementation progress of the project in real time. And the labor cost of investment, so as to find out the problems in the project early and avoid potential risks.
    4, real -time integration of business data, the business status is clear at a glance
    From a financial perspective, the 8manage integrated management system realizes the accounting, cost, and profit of a single project to multiple projects. , Signing time and other different dimensions to analyze the profit of the project, improve the efficiency and accuracy of data statistics, and reduce the work pressure of financial personnel.
    In 8MANAG FAS, open up the project plan and progress, expense budget, human resources, procurement management, risk control, performance management, knowledge precipitation and other management processes; create a standardized business management platform to help managers understand the business conditions and provide provided providing provision Effective and timely data to support corporate decisions. Among them, in terms of human resources management, the application, approval, status inquiry, and summary of human resources will be supported to help enterprises better control human resources.

  4. EDS is very good. It is a global outsourcing company that provides technical and service outsourcing for customers from all walks of life. In 2008, he was acquired by HP and also had a office in Wuhan. There are also domestic, such as Dongsoft, Huaxin, Haihui, Bibo, Inspur, Wen Si, Da Shi, Jane Bett, etc. These software outsourcing companies are the best in China, TOP10 list. If they can enter their company, the promotion is good, and the prospects are good. After all, China's software outsourcing industry is still promising. Most of them require talents such as C and Java, and there are also students from European and American software outsourcing. European and American software outsourcing is a new major. There are 13 schools this year have settings

  5. This is also too extensive. If companies that simply do software can cover a lot, but if I only target the low -code development part, I can recommend some of them. Pu Yuan.

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