1 thought on “Is there a Didi Chuxing Company in Liuzhou, Guangxi?”

  1. From November 1st
    In registration requirements:
    1, driving age is more than 3 years, the car age is within 6 years, the driving mileage is less than 100,000 kilometers, the age of men is 22-60 years old, the age requirements of women are 22-50 years old, 22-50 years old. Essence
    2, special car: more than 3 years of driving age. Driving: More than 5 years of driving age
    3, quasi -driving models, C2, C1 and C1 above, and registered vehicles (allocated driving vehicles) are in line with the driver's quasi -driving model.
    4. The driver's background review
    three certificates test, verify the applicant's ID card, driver's license, driving certificate authentic. Crime record screening cannot be admitted through screening system screening system screening system screening system. The work will be implemented in March.
    The drug screening, psychiatric screening, applicants drugs, mental illness, and not cured, will not be admitted.
    The traffic violation records and major liability accident screening. If the applicant has 12 points for traffic violations within one year, or a major traffic liability accident within 3 years, it will not be admitted.

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