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  1. [Teaching Objective] Starting from real life, it stimulates students' desire for communication. Before the class, the student investigates the current situation of his hometown, understands the severe situation of environmental protection, and stimulates students' words. Create a communication situation and build an interactive platform. Through students watching slides and group communication, students can communicate and learn together.

    This Difficulties: Cultivate the habit of protecting the environment and establish a sense of environmental protection.

    [Teaching process]

    . Observe the picture, introduce topics

    Pictures, let students appreciate the neat and beautiful pictures (let students feel the neat beauty of the city):

    The student observation:

    Do you know these pictures, do you like these pictures Why, why, student exchanges, teachers summarize.

    Ird design intent: oral communication is a speech activity generated in a specific environment. Through the display of urban pictures with a clean and clean environment in the country, students are contacted and actively devoted to the speech scenario. Essence Various garbage appears on these pictures, and use PPT courseware to guide students to observe pictures of various garbage.

    . Homeland is homeless „)

    Division: Classmates, why,

    Life: Trees are chopped by people, humans throw garbage, pollution and pollution produced Human beings are destroyed by nature.

    Life: The Yangtze River and Yellow River are the pride of our Chinese people. How can anyone throw the garbage inside? Sheng: Such a beautiful forest slowly turned into a desert, I am really sad.

    Division: Why are you sad,

    Sheng: Some of the sea are natural disasters such as drought and floods.

    Division: To survive well, what do we have,

    : nTer import topic:

    It today we will talk about "how do we protect the environment". The desire to say, so as to lead the theme of this spoken language.

    The cooperation interactive exercise oral language

    Division: Our hometown, our earth is facing serious environmental problems, Do you want to be an environmental protection person,

    Is (loudly): Think ~

    Master: How do you prepare to protect the environment,

    Sheng: Plant more tree forests, save energy, and promote environmental protection knowledge.

    Division: Please actively come to the stage to announce their environmental protection tricks.

    Life: In public places: , Postering environmental protection slogans everywhere to let environmental protection knowledge deeply rooted in people's hearts.

    Life: Plant trees on the desert every year to make the desert become oasis soon. Waste use, turning waste into treasure, saving energy.

    teachers: classmates, you are so good, the teacher moved you ~ Let us join hands, protect the environment, beautify our homeland , Beautify our motherland ~

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