5 thoughts on “What specific knowledge should I have if I want to be a cosmetic consultant?”

  1. This is particularly difficult. I used to have a chance to be a cosmetic consultant, but the knowledge I needed was too wide, and I did not continue. To be a cosmetic consultant, you need to understand all plastic surgery projects. You can judge what cosmetic projects are suitable for the other party according to the specific situation of the customer. Not only do you have to docking customers, but also the hospital. For example, the other party is a 50 -year -old woman, with a single eyelid and a little swollen eye. How do you recommend plastic surgery projects to the other party? The buried thread is still completely cut. The price, hospital, experts, etc. must be coordinated. I think you still take your time.

  2. If you want to be a qualified cosmetic consultant, you need the following skills.
    1. You need to fully grasp the knowledge about cosmetic surgery, especially for the plastic surgery for work. You must specially understand that when the customer consults, you can give the other party a perfect answer.
    2. You need to have a patience. Customers will take the most sincere heart when consulting, and the customers they meet will also have various types, so you must have patience and need to explain to the other party carefully.

  3. If you want to be a cosmetic consultant, you have to learn some medicine. First of all, you have to understand some of the characteristics of people
    second, you have to learn psychology, only you can understand those who want to do cosmetic surgery In the hearts of people, they can give their best suggestions and opinions

  4. I feel that if you want to be a cosmetic master, you must be recognized by professional institutions.
    It last year, I accompanied my girlfriend to perform double eyelid surgery. At that time, a cosmetic institution at the time, our first requirement was to look at some of the cosmetic masters.
    Mou is a cosmetic master's certificate. If you want to mix well in the cosmetic world, then you must have such a thing. Everyone wants to get a safe and reliable surgery.

  5. If you want to be a cosmetic consultant, you need to have a lot of professional knowledge, such as the surgery of cosmetic surgery, what is the specific operation process, what kind of benefits and disadvantages she has, will you face some risks? You need to master, and you must also understand the customer's mentality.

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