Urgent need for a second -hand large picture copy machine

I need a second -hand large -drawing copy machine. The function: with printing, copying, scanning, the price is cheaper.

3 thoughts on “Urgent need for a second -hand large picture copy machine”

  1. Don't buy this thing on the Internet, because I have experience, and I am sad and worried about you. Not much use, of course, you can also consider if you have more business.
    Is recommended by the machine, 1. There is a copy of Osi in the pure copy. It is almost eliminated. The cost is relatively low. The new machine is 20,000, without automatic paper. 2. The two mobile phones with automatic tailoring are basically around 50,000 to 70,000 yuan. I personally feel that the old machine is maintained. It is too troublesome. If there is no business, it is okay. 3. There is a 75,000 in Osi, which can be printed, but I think that machine is split, so it is not ideal, occupying a slightly large area. 4. At present, there is a large picture machine with printed, copied, and scanning colors with a price of around 120,000. In addition to the price is ideal, because I am also looking at the big map, I have more experience. I recommend you to buy one first About 20,000, I bought the money and bought it, otherwise I bought a 70,000 to 80,000. Now the property market and engineering are not too prosperous. It is the last word to get the wallet.

  2. It is recommended that you go to OA161 to see that there are many merchants who are specializing in second -hand, some are quite powerful

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