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  1. The meaning of the representative of "lingering smoke" is: "always benefit from the masses", always benefit from the masses, and has no meaning of love. "Liqun" is an old brand of Hangzhou Cigarette Factory, which was founded in 1960.
    In the first batch of "Chinese old names" list announced by the Ministry of Commerce recently, a total of 38 companies in Zhejiang Province were on the list. The "Liqun" brand is among them, which is also the only "Chinese time -honored" brand that has been identified by the tobacco industry.

    The types
    The types of cigarette cigarette types are currently 21 types.
    respectively: Liqun (new version) Liqun (hard) Liqun (soft long mouth) Liqun (soft red long mouth) Liqun (soft blue) Liqun (leisure) Liqun (sunlight) Liqun (Old version) Liqun (Shenzhou) Liqun (long mouth) Liqun (blue sky) Liqun (long mouth AUS) Liqun (Xiaoyao) Liqun (soft).
    Liqun (festive English) Liqun (hard long mouth exit) Liqun (English) Liqun (soft sun exit) Liqun (soft Fuchun Mountain residence) Liqun (mint) Liqun (hard spring mountain residence To.

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