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  1. In the wooden door industry, a successful activity should have six major elements, namely attractiveness, association, communication, interaction, execution, and integration. A brand of wooden doors of the top ten brands of wooden door believes that successful activity marketing can integrate resources across the media and integrate logistics, exhibitions, media, operators, audiences, suppliers, etc. to form a centralized effect.
    For wooden door companies, the main marketing methods include promotional activities, sponsorship activities, self -employed activities, as well as industry summits, ordering meetings, product conferences, dealers' conferences, exhibitions, and so on. Different types of activities have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, the cost of promotional activities is low and the short -term effect is obvious, but it is not a "long -term scheme". Excessive promotional activities may damage the brand image; High and certain risks; self -run activities are conducive to the comprehensive implantation and promotion of enterprise products and brands, but it is necessary to continue to operate professional.
    At present, the activity marketing of many domestic enterprises still stays between manufacturers' exchanges and discussions and new products. There is a strong business atmosphere, giving consumers a sense of kitsch, and it is difficult to achieve the expected goals.
    The problems and misunderstandings in the marketing of corporate activities, I think we must start to break through from the following aspects: 1. The activity must be continuous to form a brand effect; 2. Strengthen the promotion of activities and advertise around the event; Business atmosphere; 4. Avoid homogeneity, the simplest activities are also highlights; 5. Make full use of new technologies and new media; 6. Strengthen consumer participation experience.
    First of all, the wooden door marketing campaign should not be tiger and snake tail, and there is no continuity.
    The consumer is not a pure group. On the contrary, they are a very unprofessional group. They need to be continuously stimulated to complete the memory of corporate activities. Only the enhanced memories can make them substantially substantial Consumption desire. Enterprises are best to formulate annual activity plans, form a linkage effect between activities, highlight the same theme, and form a unified style, so as to maximize the marketing effect of the event.
    Secondly, the promotion and promotion of wooden door activities can be divided into three stages, which are early -stage, activity publicity, and subsequent influence reports.
    Clashed by the company's influence on activity, it is necessary to cooperate with various publicity channels and different positioning involving different channels. The form of promotion of activities is mainly in the following types. Often, we must use it -press conference, special topic, roadshow, advertisement. One thing to emphasize here is that enterprises should break through the restraint of conventional advertising and take out their determination to advertise around the event. I think the marketing investment of the enterprise should be half for the event, and the other half will advertise around the event.
    The brand wooden door
    If the business color of the activity is too strong, the public will know the promotional intention of it. On the contrary, if you can plan activities that meet their psychological needs according to the psychological characteristics of the public, the public will actively participate in the entertainment color, and the activity can play a huge impact.
    In addition, the same form, creative planning, the same means of execution, the same theme of the event ... Now corporate activities marketing has entered a homogeneous dead end. Too many activities such as evening party, opening ceremony, and awards ceremony have lost their due results. In fact, there are many corporate activities that can be selected, such as public welfare themes, cultural themes, political themes, health and fashion themes, people's livelihood themes, and so on. As long as innovation and execution are in place, the simplest activities can bring unexpected marketing effects.
    At present, digital media are creating a double emerging communication tool. Technological innovation brings diversification of consumption behaviors. Consumers can apply these tools according to their needs to generate more potential consumption opportunities.
    Finally, the demand for wooden door consumption is increasingly differentiated, personalized, and diverse. Consumers not only pay attention to the value brought by the product itself, but also pay attention to obtaining a sense of experience in the product consumption process.
    Prending experience marketing refers to the use of letting goals, listening, attempts, trials, etc. to make them experience the products or services provided by the company in person.

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