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  1. You need to pay attention to the following points when you choose galvanized bridge manufacturers:
    1. Be sure to indicate the actual thickness of the board to avoid problems during the inspection and acceptance of the supervision. At present, this industry is fiercely competitive. Under the situation of micro -profit
    , in order to avoid providing unqualified products for reputation manufacturers to rush well and earn benefits, we must pay attention to the thickness of the board. According to the actual thickness of the national
    The actual thickness of the home iron plate, the error range of the country allows between -0.1mm.
    2. The supply cycle. In order to receive the order, the supply cycle promised by the manufacturer in general. In order to rush the work period, the production of fire -proof paint needs to be sprayed. Sending it to the construction site, plus the human factors at the time of delivery will cause a large area to paint. At your applied
    At the end of the work, the bridge has a full face, so it must be guaranteed to ensure the construction period under the premise of ensuring quality.
    . The price of attachments is the easiest to be ignored. In the entire contract, the proportion of attachments is also very large, but these additional materials are generally produced by manufacturers. It is a professional manufacturer sent to the manufacturer. Some manufacturers are added to customers with high profits.
    Therefore, the price of the attachment must be compared.
    The above -mentioned problems that are prone to occur in the sales session. I hope to help your purchases. In the era of almost micro -profit,
    manufacturers should rely on open source and throw Production costs, not carefully designed traps to earn benefits
    . The era of huge profits of cables has ended. Whoever understands this will be eliminated first in a new round of competition.

  2. When choosing a cable bridge, check the surface process of the cable bridge, such as the processed cable bridge, check whether the zinc layer of the cable bridge frame is dark spots, rust, the condition of zinc loss, whether the middle horizontal bar is welded steadily, the appearance cannot be available Twist, tear.

  3. Dongguan Leizheng Cable Bridge Co., Ltd.
    Address: 31, Building 31, Zhongtian International Financial Innovation Park, Songshan Lake Management Committee, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province.
    The cable bracket supports and supports the cables on the building (structural) through its own structural characteristics, or independently support the cable through the tunnel or cave, underground, air, etc., mainly used to support the cable.

    . It plays the role of a cable skeleton. The cable is connected to the cable bridge to complete the laying, because most cables are flexible structures, they cannot be paved independently, and the rigid structure is characterized by the cable bridge can be used to support support cable.
    The characteristics of the cable bridge itself, cable management is different from traditional cable buried land, walls to walls, overhead, etc., single bundles and even tens of thousands of cables can be concentrated. Essence

  4. 1 Check the quality of the product:

    In see if the bridge itself has a phenomenon of burrs, over -burning, scars, or bending
    2. Check whether the size and thickness meet the requirements:
    Check the bridge size size Whether the thickness meets the standard, (width, height, length, thickness)
    3. Check the thickness and adhesion of the anticorrosive layer:
    Check the thickness and adhesion of the anti -corrosion layer itself, because this determines the service life of the product, the service life of the product, the service life of the product, the service life of the product, the service life of the product, If the zinc layer is raised up, or the peeling phenomenon is unqualified. As for the thickness of the zinc layer, it is metaphorical to take the hot -dip galvanized bridge. Location
    This welding site is the key part of the load stress of the product of the product. The quality of the welding quality directly affects the safety of use. These technical indicators of anticorrosive coatings cannot be seen with the naked eye. How to know, don't worry, generally regular manufacturers will present the product inspection report to ensure the product. An indicator parameters such as anticorrosive coating and other indicators. Of course, you can also sample for inspection and take a third -party institution for testing.

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