5 thoughts on “Cao County, Heze, Shandong, burst out of fire. Why is Cao County coffin town famous?”

  1. I. Why is Caoxian Coffin Town very famous?
    The town relies on its unique resources-Tongmu is famous for the development of a characteristic industry. This county is famous for making coffin for the Japanese. Because the Japanese requirements for the coffin are very special, they cremated the coffin with people, which requires that the coffin material is good and can burn fast. Tongmu in this county has this special feature, so it is very popular with the Japanese.
    This in many places in this town are wooden factories. These industrial workers are very dedicated. When they make coffins, they are washed with fingernails without any dust.
    It reports that an enterprise consumes about 400 cubic meters of tung wood plates per month, which is equivalent to 650 Tongmu trees. The number of coffin sold in Japan each year is more than 30,000 sets. In addition to Heze Dehongmu Products Co., Ltd., many export -type coffin manufacturers have also been distributed in Zhuangzhai Town.
    The town is famous for making a coffin.
    . Praise the town people

    The people in this town rely on their own characteristics to create this industry and make coffin for foreigners. It is a must -have industry, but the requirements are very high. The small town workers strictly demand themselves. They use unique processing technology and special materials to make coffins, which have been well received by users.
    . They are the hard -working family. They are rich in labor, because the coffin production industry has made it a well -known and rich town, praising these hard -working families.
    I Happiness is created by hard work. Happiness is created by both hands. It is to create a beautiful life with hard -working hands. We also have to learn like them, learn their spiritual spirit, and create greater value.
    . Develop characteristic industries and benefit the people of one side

    each region has special resources. These resources should be used to engage in some characteristic industries, such as our region in this area If there are many ships, we will engage in fishery farming, and we have also opened water restaurants. Many people get rich through this industry. This is the typical typical use of resources. It is hoped that cadres and farmers will start their brains, develop characteristic industries, and drive one party to become rich.
    Stung Cao County, Heze, Shandong is famous for making coffins and unique skills.

  2. Because the coffin here is famous, not only the craftsmanship, but also the raw materials are great, exported to many countries, so it is famous.

  3. It is because many coffins produced in this place are directly sold to Japan, and these coffins are exquisite products of handmade products, so they are loved by Japanese people.

  4. It is because they are really good at making coffins in this place, and the quality of the coffin is very good. Among them, people in Japan can buy coffin here.

  5. Because there are many manufacturers in this place, they are produced in clothing, and businesses in many places will come here to buy goods, so they are so famous.

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